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Top project portfolio management (PPM) tools to watch in 2024

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Try Bonsai - Best Project Management Software
Try Bonsai - Best Project Management Software
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Updated on:
June 13, 2024
June 14, 2024
Try Bonsai - Best Project Management Software
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PPM tools? They’re leveling up big time. You’ve got features now that’ll make managing enterprise projects, resources, and requests a breeze. Keep an eye on the big dogs like Workfront, Wrike, and Clarizen come 2024. They’re all about those slick portfolio dashboards, beefing up resource capacity, and nailing down project plans.

Introduction to project portfolio management (PPM) tools

In the realm of project portfolio management, modern PPM tools play a pivotal role in helping managers understand their schedule variances and make necessary adjustments.

So, PPM tools are pretty much a must-have when you’re juggling business projects. They’re the ace up your sleeve for maxing out resource use and keeping tabs on how your projects are rolling. Typically, these bad boys mesh together project management software, workflows you can tweak, and dashboards that keep things smooth.

They’re packing features like data-insights, project requests, and plans that let bosses keep an eagle eye on everything. With a solid reporting engine, you’re looking at crystal-clear resource optimization and some smart moves on the strategy board. Bottom line: PPM tools are here to make projects a walk in the park.

Understanding the role of PPM tools in agencies

Agencies are getting a major leg-up with PPM tools. We’re talking about a full-on enterprise project management toolkit. It’s all about making resource optimization a no-brainer and lining up project requests and plans like ducks in a row. Plus, those portfolio dashboards? They’re like a window into your project’s soul, showing off all the data-insights and progress.

Hooking up PPM tools means your business processes and resource use get a major tune-up, thanks to customizable workflows. It’s all about giving the higher-ups the 411 so they know every project is on track and looking good.

Key features to look for in PPM tools

On the hunt for enterprise project management software? Resource optimization is your golden ticket. It’s all about squeezing every drop of potential out of your resources for each project. And don’t forget a reporting engine that’s all about the data insights and keeping you in the loop on project progress.

You’ll want PPM tools that can bend and flex with your unique project vibes and business flow. And those portfolio dashboards? They’re key for painting the big picture of your project plans and making sure the boss is in the know.


Bonsai: comprehensive business management software

Bonsai is a robust business management software designed to streamline operations for agencies, consulting firms, and professional services. It consolidates projects, clients, and teams into one integrated platform, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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Key features of Bonsai

Bonsai is a robust business management software designed to streamline operations for agencies, consulting firms, and professional services. It consolidates projects, clients, and teams into one integrated platform, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

•  Client Management: Bonsai simplifies client workflows with a complete CRM system, automating processes from lead management to contract signing.

•  Project Management: The software offers tools for organizing and monitoring project delivery, including task assignment, time tracking, and budget management.

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•  Financial Management: With Bonsai, tracking revenue and managing billing becomes effortless. It supports invoicing, payments, and financial forecasting.

•  Team Collaboration: A user-friendly dashboard and over 1000 free customizable templates facilitate team collaboration and document management.

•  Automation and Integration: Bonsai saves time with automated workflows and connects seamlessly with other tools to maintain a unified work environment.

Bonsai's comprehensive suite of features is trusted by thousands of businesses to manage their operations effectively, making it a top choice for those looking to optimize their business processes and project delivery.

Benefits for agencies using Bonsai

Agencies using Bonsai can experience a multitude of benefits that streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. Bonsai's integrated features, such as a powerful CRM, proposal templates, and easy-sign contracts, provide a centralized platform for project management. It simplifies client management with an integrated client portal, task management, and time tracking.

Financial management tools ensure timely payments and a clear view of the business's financial health. By automating administrative tasks and consolidating project information, Bonsai helps agencies reduce overhead, focus on client delivery, and grow their business with efficiency and ease.

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Microsoft project: a comprehensive PPM solution

Microsoft Project? It’s the whole package for managing your enterprise projects. Think of it as your go-to for squeezing the most out of your resources and keeping your project portfolios in check. It’s got all the bells and whistles—customizable workflows, dashboards, you name it—to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Key features of Microsoft Project

Talking about Microsoft Project, it’s not just any project management software. It’s the big leagues for enterprise project management. Teams can map out their game plan, stay on top of progress, and handle project requests with ease. It’s all about streamlining your business flow.

It’s decked out with dashboards and a reporting engine that’s nothing short of genius, giving you the lowdown on resource use and making sure you’re always calling the right shots. Plus, you can tweak it to fit whatever project you’ve got cooking.

Benefits for agencies using Microsoft Project

Agencies rolling with Microsoft Project are in for a treat. This software is like a Swiss Army knife for project portfolio management. It lays out all the data you need on dashboards, so you can make those big decisions without breaking a sweat. And with customizable workflows, you’re in total control from start to finish.

Workfront: Streamlining project management

In this fast-paced world, selecting the right project management skills is key to effectively utilizing PPM tools. Understanding your team's needs and capabilities, coupled with a robust tool, can streamline operations. Hence, a savvy combination of management skills and tools will accelerate your project delivery process.

Workfront is the powerhouse you need to get your project management on point. It’s got all the tools to make sure your business processes are slick and your resources are used just right. With Workfront, you’re always in the driver’s seat, thanks to its top-notch dashboards and reporting engine.

Workfront’s unique features

Workfront stands out from the crowd with its focus on optimizing resource use and handling complex business stuff without a hitch. Its reporting engine is like having a crystal ball, giving you real-time updates that keep you ahead of the game. And with features for planning out your resource capacity, it’s a no-brainer for managing your projects like a pro.

How agencies can benefit from Workfront

Agencies, listen up! Workfront is your golden ticket to better business processes and keeping a sharp eye on everything. It’s loaded with features that help you manage your projects and make smart decisions. And with dashboards that show you everything you need to know, you’re always in the know.

Wrike: Enhancing collaboration and efficiency

Wrike is the tool you need to kick your business processes up a notch and get your team working like a well-oiled machine. It’s all about managing your projects and making sure everyone’s on the same page. And with its top-tier reporting engine, you’re never in the dark.

Exploring Wrike’s key features

Wrike’s got a toolbox that’s a dream for any business looking to get their projects on track. With its customizable workflows, you can tailor everything to fit your needs. And its reporting engine? It’s like having a secret weapon for optimizing your resources and keeping tabs on everything.

Advantages for agencies using Wrike

Agencies, get ready to level up with Wrike. It’s the project management software that’s all about making your life easier. With features that help you manage your projects and resources like a boss, you’re set for success. And with Wrike, you’ve got the flexibility to make the platform work just for you.

Planview: for strategic portfolio management

Planview ain’t just another tool; it’s the big cheese of project portfolio management, giving you the whole nine yards on project requests, development progress, and resource capacity. It’s got this nifty feature for squeezing every bit of juice out of your resources across all your project plans and portfolios. 

And let me tell you, it’s got customizable workflows that’ll make your complex business processes smooth as silk.

This software’s got a reporting engine that’s nothing short of a powerhouse, turning all that dry data into juicy insights you can actually use, all laid out on dashboards that are a breeze to use. It’s like having a crystal ball for your projects, helping you make those big-league decisions and getting your resources lined up just right, which is why Plainview's a must-have for any business looking to hit the growth spurt.

Exploring Plainview's unique features

Plainview's got the goods with features like project portfolio management, resource optimization, and workflows you can tweak to your heart’s content. These aren’t just bells and whistles; they’re the meat and potatoes of their enterprise project management software. With dashboards that give you the lowdown in real-time, you’ll have the scoop on development progress, resource capacity, and project requests.

The software’s reporting engine is like having a secret weapon for your business processes. It’s all about managing your project plans with the finesse of a maestro, making sure you’re using your resources to the max. Plus, with metrics that give you the inside track, management oversight a walk in the park.

How agencies can benefit from Planview

Agencies can hit the jackpot with Plainview's toolkit, which is chock-full of project portfolio management, enterprise project management, and resource optimization goodies. The project management software’s got everything from project requests to resource capacity and custom project plans that’ll make your business processes slicker than a whistle. 

You’ll get dashboards that serve up data-insights, reporting engine outputs, and development progress that are worth their weight in gold for resource utilization and management oversight. And with workflows you can customize till the cows come home, Plainview's a game-changer for agency management and operations.


Servicenow IT business management: for IT-centric agencies

ServiceNow’s IT Business Management tool is the bee’s knees for IT-centric agencies, packing enterprise project management, project portfolio management, and customizable workflows that’ll make your business processes hum. The reporting engine’s a dynamo, dishing out data-insights on project plans, development progress, project requests, and resource capacity in real-time. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck with resource utilization and optimization, thanks to those snazzy portfolio dashboards.

This project management software is a gem, giving IT-centric agencies the full money with management oversight, processes that are slicker than a greased pig, and efficiency that’s through the roof. It’s the ace up your sleeve for simplifying the tough stuff and letting you zero in on what matters most, all while keeping your resources in tip-top shape.

Key features of Servicenow IT business management

ServiceNow IT Business Management’s got the whole kit and caboodle for managing your IT resources and projects, with project portfolio management and enterprise project management that cover all the bases. It’s got a project management software that’s tough as nails, with features that’ll streamline your project plans and handle project requests like a pro. You’ll be making the most of your resources and running your projects like a well-oiled machine.

The software’s a powerhouse for getting data-insights that’ll give your business processes and management oversight a leg up. And with portfolio dashboards that spill the beans on project progress and resource capacity, plus workflows you can tailor to a T, resource optimization a breeze for your enterprise.

Advantages for agencies using Servicenow IT business management

ServiceNow IT Business Management’s a godsend for agencies, with enterprise project management and project portfolio management tools that’ll take your project planning and execution to the next level. These features are your ticket to a bird’s-eye view of all project requests, keeping a finger on the pulse of development progress, and keeping your resource utilization on point.

ServiceNow IT Business Management’s also got a reporting engine that’s worth its salt, offering data-insights that’ll help agencies make heads or tails of their business processes and get them shipshape. And with customizable workflows, resource capacity planning tools, and portfolio dashboards that give you the lowdown, agencies will have management oversight that’s second to none for more efficient operations.

Oracle Primavera: for large-scale project management

Oracle Primavera’s the big gun for enterprise project management software, tailor-made for handling the heavy lifting of large-scale project management. It’s got project portfolio management, resource optimization, and customizable workflows that’ll make sure your project plans are tight and your resource utilization on the money. Primavera’s all about giving your business processes a boost with data-insights from its top-shelf reporting engine.

This solution’s the central hub for project requests, giving you management oversight with portfolio dashboards and handling resource capacity like a champ. With a comprehensive view of development progress, companies can streamline their operations and make them as smooth as a gravy sandwich.


Exploring Oracle Primavera’s key features

Oracle Primavera’s a heavyweight in enterprise project management software, built to help businesses big and small manage their project portfolio. Primavera’s project management chops include snazzy portfolio dashboards that show off resource utilization and development progress, giving you a full rundown for effective management oversight.

Primavera’s resource optimization is nothing to sneeze at, making sure your project requests are in lockstep with resource capacity. With a reporting engine that dishes out data-insights to keep an eye on your business processes and tweak your project plans, you’re in good hands.

And let’s not forget the software’s customizable workflows. This feature is the cherry on top, ensuring every part of the platform fits your organization’s style and project needs like a glove.

Benefits for agencies using Oracle Primavera

Agencies using Oracle Primavera get the royal treatment with enterprise project management capabilities that amp up project portfolio management and management oversight. The software’s ready to take on project requests, making business processes and development progress smooth sailing. It’s got resource optimization features that’ll help you make the most of your resource capacity and boost resource utilization.

The project management software also comes with customizable workflows and portfolio dashboards that serve up data-insights on a silver platter. Thanks to its robust reporting engine, turning project plans into actionable insights for strategic decision-making is a piece of cake.

Conclusion: choosing the right PPM tool for your agency

To streamline your project portfolio management activities, choosing the right PPM tools is crucial. However, promoting and elevating your digital presence requires a different set of software. For this, you should consider adopting robust SEO agency software to enhance your online visibility and drive more organic traffic to your business.

Choosing the right project portfolio management tool for your agency involves considering aspects like resource optimization, customizable workflows, and enterprise project management capabilities. A comprehensive solution includes functionalities such as portfolio dashboards for management oversight, a robust reporting engine to provide key data-insights, and effective tools for controlling project requests, ensuring resource capacity and monitoring development progress. 

Aligning these elements with your agency's project plans and business processes is critical. Make an informed choice to ensure optimal resource utilization and a positive impact on your portfolio's success.

Try Bonsai - Best Project Management Software
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