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How to build your reputation as a freelancer

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Create proposals, contracts, invoices, and more in seconds with Bonsai.
Create proposals, contracts, invoices, and more in seconds with Bonsai.
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
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Create proposals, contracts, invoices, and more in seconds with Bonsai.
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In today’s digital world, reputation is everything, especially when you submit a proposal template for that new gig that seems like a perfect fit your skills. Take any business, from software to restaurants - reputation plays a decisive role. Fancy advertisements will only take you so far if your product’s ratings and reviews are pathetic. You might taste success initially, but it'll be short-lived.

You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do - Henry Ford

Freelancers aren't immune to this either, especially with freelancing websites becoming more popular than ever. Having client testimonials next to your profile, or even using it to build a freelance portfolio website, can go a long way in removing that uncertainty from the minds of the potential client and nudge the decision in your favor.

Get ready to build your freelance reputation and to become successful with the following tips.

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Get Published in Top Websites in Your Niche

Getting published is an excellent way to get noticed and establish your expertise in your niche. The key here is to ensure that you pick the right websites - their reader base should overlap with your target segment.

There are two ways you can do this, either you can submit articles through their content submission page, or you could get in touch personally with the relevant editor or content manager. Start building the relationship on social media first - Twitter would be ideal. After a few interactions, take it to email.

Once you've managed to succeed, ensure that you take full advantage of it. Flaunt it on your website, LinkedIn profile and freelance marketplace profiles. This can do a lot to both your credibility and visibility.

Build your freelance writer reputation
Establish yourself as a trusted expert in your domain by writing about it.

Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Once a project is over, you aren't obliged to keep in touch with the client. But, if you want to build a good reputation, you better!

Here are a few ways you can keep in touch with your clients post wrap-up.

  • Arrange follow-up meetings to ensure that whatever you worked on is functioning satisfactorily.
  • Send them satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, or just ask for testimonials.
  • Send them festive greetings.
  • Say congrats, convey best wishes on their recent achievements.
  • Recommend their business to your network.
  • Offer them advice, suggestions.
  • Share relevant, helpful resources and products.

Doing all this will help you gain more referrals, repeat business and foster top of mind recall. More than that, it shows that you are diligent, trustworthy and helpful.

Start Small

When you're starting out as a freelancer, take up smaller and simpler projects which can be finished quickly. Once it's wrapped up, ensure you receive some kind of testimonials from your client.

The idea is to build up a profile and show that you can finish off tasks on time and satisfactorily. Having the right productivity and email management tools in your kitty can do more than you can ever imagine. Clients would trust you more when you’re quick to respond to their emails and meet deadlines.

Quick tip: always use email reminders; most of us would, more often than not, fail to stick to the to-do lists (they’ve never worked for me!)

Connect With Influencers

Connecting with influencers from your niche is a great way to build your credibility. Merely sending connection requests on LinkedIn or following people on Twitter won't do you much good. You need to engage in meaningful conversations with them.

One way to do it would be to engage with them about their content. If the influencer published an article recently, write an informed comment or tweet to them (don’t forget to tag their handle). You have to be a little persistent here - it could take a while before you get your first reply.

Once you’ve built a connection, get down to business- tell them more about yourself and the services you offer, leverage the relationship. Here are few things you could do:

  • Request them for recommendation and referrals.
  • Write a guest post for their website.
  • Request them to share one of your articles on their social networks.
  • Offer helpful resources, suggestions, and ask them for mention in their articles, podcasts or webinars.

The end result - people will begin to recognize you ,and you'll be able to establish yourself as a knowledgeable, reliable person.

Build your freelance reputation
Find influencers on Social Media and engage with them.

Complete a Certification Program, Attend Workshops and Classes

Completing certification programs or attending workshops and classes by subject experts aren't merely about learning new things, it authenticates your knowledge and skills. It shows that you are serious, committed and that you're up-to-date. It'll also help stand out among the ever-growing community of freelancers.

The key here is to ensure whatever course you're attending is relevant and valuable to your business.

Go above and beyond Your Client's Expectations

With a little extra effort and some common sense, you'll be able to surpass client expectations. Things such as doing minor and supplementary tasks free of cost, submitting your project on time, and doing your tasks without being asked to, will go a long way towards impressing your client.

Put yourself in their shoes, find out those small things which you could do bring value. Do this consistently, and your client will consider you as a trusted partner. Plus, it could also help you develop a unique identity in your niche.

Wrapping up

As a freelancer, a good reputation is only the beginning of it: it will get you a steady stream of projects, but eventually - it really boils down to how good your work it.

You need to keep your eyes open all the time for opportunities; keep learning, adopt new approaches, and widen your network.

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Create proposals, contracts, invoices, and more in seconds with Bonsai.
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