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How to write a coaching business plan template for beginners

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Try Bonsai's full suite of coaching tools (task management, tax, etc), pre-made templates here.
Try Bonsai's full suite of coaching tools (task management, tax, etc), pre-made templates here.
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
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Try Bonsai's full suite of coaching tools (task management, tax, etc), pre-made templates here.
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Life coaching is a promising and lucrative industry, and many coaches are now earning a significant amount of money with their tailored coaching business plans. If you, too, can help someone with your knowledge and life experiences, then it is the right time for you to start your own coaching business.

It is a smart idea to start your own coaching business, and there are several people out there who may need your help and can benefit from your experience. This guide will help you learn how to devise a business plan and make your mark in the coaching industry. Let's get right to it!

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What is a Coaching Business Plan?

If you want to create a coaching business, the first thing you need to do is to put together a business plan. Without a plan for your coaching business, you won't know what to do and in which order.

This is why it is absolutely necessary to have a foolproof life coaching business plan for a successful coaching business. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started on the right track.

Steps To Write A Life Coaching Business Plan

Here are all the steps you can use for a successful life coaching business.

Decide Your Vision

To tell your potential customers what you believe in and what your motive is, it is important to write down a vision and what motivated you to start this business.

This will help your customers understand why you want to deliver these services. Many customers consider coaches who are not just focused on their professional goals but also care for their students.

When writing the vision you need to add details such as what is the purpose behind your business and why should others care about it.

Work On Your Mission Statement

Every traditional business plan contains a mission statement and so should yours. A mission statement outlines what your business does. It can be described as the mission of your business.

The mission statement is not just important for your career coaching but it is also essential for your personal life. However, it is very important for you to be very transparent and crystal clear with your mission statement so your potential customers don't get mislead.

It can be difficult to write the mission statement on your own so it is best if you focus on answering things such as what are you hoping to accomplish at present and the future

Outline Your Coaching Services

Your business plan should include all the details of your business coaching details. Describe all your services in detail.

The details can include several things such as who are the recipients of your services. Each service may have a different recipient so it is essential for you to list all of them down. For instance, you can mention that a particular service is for middle-class parents or so on.

Other important details to include can be the pain points you will be catering to in your services. It is best to talk about the most powerful pain point right away so you have the attention of your customer segments instantly.

Your biggest aim should be to talk about something personal your audience is worried about and present your coaching as a solution.

Next, it is wise to include key features of your service. Doing this will help you attract customer attention and they will be interested to learn the exact steps that you will take to help the customers solve the problems they face.

Narrow Down Your Target Market

Now that you are done with the basics, let's move on to the next most important step. Identify your target audience using market research.

Knowing who your audience is very important and can help you come up with a very effective marketing plan. Without knowing who actually wants your service it can be difficult to appeal to the right kind of audience.

To understand what demographic needs your coaching you can use different research methods such as surveys, use reports and more.

This will help you identify all those people who suffer from the problems you are providing a solution for.

For instance, if you are providing coaching services to battle debt then your potential audience is a group of people who are in debt and can't seem to get out.

There are many advantages of identifying your customer base. Once you know who you are speaking to, you will know how to change or modify your coaching sessions to appeal to the audience in a better way.

Furthermore, it will also help you devise an effective marketing strategy designed exclusively for the target market.

Therefore, an in depth market analysis is essential to learn where your customers live, what their ages are and even what gender they fall under. The more detail you have the better it is as that can help you come up with a targeted marketing plan and coaching services.No

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Design A Marketing Strategy

To get the attention of your audience and to market your coaching business it is important that you formulate a marketing strategy that will effectively help people notice your brand.

There are several marketing techniques you can use in your strategy but you need to make sure you choose the one that fits your coaching business the best.

Here are some of the common marketing techniques you can use to build your marketing strategy:

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Here, you can use different keywords and key phrases that will help your customers locate your website or services easily.

For instance, if you are providing coaching services for debt then you can smartly use different words in your content such as 'debt group coaching sessions' and every time a user searches for the term your content will pop up automatically.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the best place for you to talk about your coaching services. Most of us already have social media accounts and are very active on these platforms.

You do not need to go the audience to market your services, all you need to do is create a social media page and the audience will come to you.

However, you need to have an active presence there and share valuable content so your audience stays engaged. There are several social media platforms, choose the platforms where you can find most of your target audience.

For instance, if you are catering to the younger demographic then you can go for platforms such as Instagram and TikTok as these platforms have a higher population of the younger users.


If you want immediate results and go for a more direct solution then it is better if you opt for paid advertising.

If you pay for ads your services will reach your audience much quicker than they would otherwise. More importantly, paid advertising will only show the ads to the potential customers rather than random people. This means that you will have better outcomes and and can expand your growth plan.

However, paid advertising can be expensive and you may need help from experts. You can hire professionals to handle paid advertising on your behalf and make sure they do it effectively.


Blogging is one of the most common ways to create awareness in your audience. There are multiple ways you can blog about your coaching business. You can either get another blog to feature your business or you can start a blog of your own.

Blogs are a great way to deliver content to your audience and you can incorporate your coaching services in these blogs. These blogs should have valuable content that must link with your subject and help your audience in the longer run. It is a smart decision to make blogging an important part of your coaching practice.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy as any. You can build a mailing list and then send regular emails about your coaching sessions.

You can also give your audience a brief overview of your services so you can grab their attention so they are interested in coaching and sign up for more.

In the future you can also use this list to introduce more product and services to your audience. Make sure you follow up on your emails for the best results.

Include Financial Projections

Other coaches in the business may tell you how important it is to think about financial planning. The coaching business needs money to fuel it and it is essential for you to be clear on how much of it you need.

List Down Coaching Resources Needed

You may need lots of resources when providing coaching and instead of learning about them as you go, make a list of the needed resources beforehand. This will help you be a great coach and be as effective as possible.

Why Is A Coaching Business Plan Important For You?

Without a coaching business plan, it can be very difficult for you to be on the right track, and you may end up making mistakes that could have been avoided easily.

It is better to enter the field with a plan rather than just diving into it right away! With the best business coaching plan, you can get your first client in no time.

Coaching Business Plan Template

If you are having difficulty coming up with a coaching business plan on your own, then you can also use a template and fill it according to your needs and the needs of the business.

There are lots of coaching business plan templates online for you to choose from. Just make sure you fill them out properly. Templates offer you a competitive advantage so you can get more customers.

Try Bonsai's Suite Of Coaching Tools

Bonsai is the best coaching tool on the market to run your business. With our software, you could easily edit pre-made templates to send coaching contracts, proposals, intake forms, invoices, and more. Not to mention we have time tracking and task management tools you could use to better organize your day-to-day duties.

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Those who keep these tips and tricks in mind can have great coaching businesses and meet all professional goals. Just make sure you do not skip out on anything important, as that can affect your business model in the future. Good luck with your venture!

Try Bonsai's full suite of coaching tools (task management, tax, etc), pre-made templates here.
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