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Web Design Invoice TemplateWeb Design Invoice TemplateWeb Design Invoice Template

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An important aspect of website design invoice template is the way it is presented. Web design business owners may not have much space to develop their own web design invoice examples. But there are ready-made templates one can use. It involves a lot of creativity, passion and excellent visual interpretation of a genius to develop good templates. It takes lots of effort to develop marketable templates but boosts the professional image of a freelancer web designer.

Most web design invoice templates offer a variety of options for your style of invoice. These templates will benefit your image and also save you the stress of designing your own. An invoice that's exciting, unique, and smart in appearance will stand out in their minds. This can help clients to recall your statement and push them to pay punctually.

Below we share a list of factors that make a good web design invoice template:

1. A web design invoice template eliminate errors

Website design invoice templates with errors tell tales of unprofessionalism. Some minor mistake might be tolerated by kind, considerate clients but other errors might be very costly for your business. You have to adopt strategies that reduce oversights and so they don’t ruin your firm. You just must to be very keen on details to prevent these errors.

Common invoicing errors include wrong invoice totals, wrong address, vague payments dates and failure to stipulate what is being compensated for. Invoices without your company logo and delayed delivery of invoices can be expensive for the business.

With a web design invoice template and effort to proofread before hitting the send button for the invoice, you should ensure the necessary information is well indicated and accurate before you transmit the invoice. The model already displays the necessary conditions thus reducing the likelihood of failing to include the most important ones. Furthermore, it simplifies and fast-track the speed of preparing and sending the web design invoice example.

Web Design Invoice Template
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2. The website design invoice follows business guidelines

Policies are terrific for business and freelancers should stick to them. Clients dislike the element of surprise in invoices unless it’s a discount. Freelancers should set policies and try as much as possible to play within the rules. Issues like initial deposits, interests on overdue payments, incomplete or full payments policy prompts should be well set preferably in the form of bullets.

Adhering to policies will eradicate the element of surprise since clients already know the expectations on them. They understand the consequences of not following the policies. It is a good idea to make your company policies known in the first agreement you enter with the client. Besides, if you enforce policies in the first website design invoice template, it will still surprise the clients it’s better to enact them in the original agreement. Furthermore, if the guidelines change happens along the way, make sure to inform the clients promptly.

A good web design invoice template will capture all the rules and promptly informs your clients of your company policies.

3. A webdesign invoice template helps you bill correctly

A professional web design invoice template will include all the services and their respective prices. The client can clearly see and comprehend all the details and pay on time. It does actually ensure a freelancer is paid on time. Also helps not to overcharge or undercharge your clients. Make your fees close to what's prevalent in the marketplace right at that moment. Quoting low simply to attract additional clients to your company is wrong. If you persist undercharging, you will only have yourself to blame when your firm appears capable of only getting cheap clients, and some may not even pay you.

4. Ensure quick payment with a web design invoice template

Try sending a new web design invoice example within a couple of minutes and get a notice when the client opens it. Clients see your speed in invoicing and view payment as more serious than they might if you send the bill days later. Since a freelancer wants to devote more of their time providing quality services and products, invoice template will save a lot of time. This will leave time for administrative and creative duties for your company and clients don't have to wait long for invoices. The margin of error is greatly reduced, and the process of automating the process is enhanced.

5. List acceptable methods of payment on your website design invoice template

Website design invoice templates ensure that you and the clients acknowledge the same payment methods even when you are in different countries. It helps customize what will work for both of you and portrays professionalism. You should endeavor to integrate invoices directly with the popular payment systems to ensure you are on the same page with your clients. Let them be spoilt for choice. You can considerably hasten how quickly you get compensated by accepting multiple payment options. Go digital, accept PayPal, money orders, debit cards (ensure you specify type) and other methods applicable to your situation. A good web invoicing template will help customize payment to your business needs. By using more payment options, you are making it easier to get paid and less demanding for your clients to pay.

The web invoice template guarantee that the buyer only uses the system you agree to channel payments. The clients can't feign an error because the appropriate payment modes are evidently shown.

6. Terms and conditions of a web design invoice template

Invoice templates offer a function that enables uploading of documents to be attached to all invoices. Clients must acknowledge the terms and condition on web design invoice examples so that your business is in a strong position when going to demand overdue payments. If the conditions differ according to service or products you are invoicing, you adjust the documents uploaded to suit the specific clients and bills.

Things such as return policy on goods, discounts on products or services and any other additional fees are captured n terms and conditions.

7. Specify a suitable pay date on the website design invoice

A suitable invoice template must have a part where you show when the payments are outstanding. The client must never get confused. If not, clients might keep the invoice longer before paying the debt owed merely because you didn’t indicate clearly when payment is supposed to be made. Every invoice should always include a due date.

8. Tax returns when using web design invoice templates

An invoice app allows you to classify all your tax decisions for all the website design invoice templates. You just select the option you need and add more items as needed. With an inbuilt system, you can easily handle your taxes as required for annual returns. The app will help in showing your taxes on the invoices correctly.

9. Ensure consistency using the web design invoice

The template makes it easier to create and uphold consistency in the custom of your brand and identity and image. It’s a visual representation of your company and a way of setting you apart from the competition. Clear, simple corporate designs will help you to achieve the intended impression depending on services on offer. Incorporate critical elements to evoke a confident feeling while maintaining some level of sophistication. Treat each client the same way. If one client incurs a late charge after seven days of delay; the same fine should apply every one of them. A good web design invoice template should help you achieve this and avoid complains.

10. Be flexible with your web design invoice template

A web design invoice template will give you the ability to arrange tax rates, payment terms and also account notes to suit the needs of your business. It will clearly show the client a leeway to negotiate so you both can reach agreeable terms. You can easily extend or reduce payment dates to suit the specific situations, and you can write a summary of all the documents issues at a given duration.

It should also allow for minor adjustments and customization to improve its appearance. You want your clients to recognize your business and pick you from many other service providers. Minor details like color, font, and margin sizes should be changed with ease whenever necessary.

The web design invoice template helps you organize clients in different groups such as those awaiting supply of products, the trusted ones that pay on time, and those having due invoices. It should also be flexible enough to facilitate movement from small business scenario to big business opportunities. It should be able to continually advance to accommodate bigger features of a large enterprise.

It should also include a space to appreciate your client for doing business with you.

Web Design Invoice Template Sample
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11. Set payment reminders after sending a web design invoice

Money is the life support machine of your business. Maximize ways of ensuring it constantly flowing in as you continue to offer services. You cannot grow if clients are holding your income. Web invoice template assists in setting cues so you can remind your clients when payments are due. It can set automatic updates which jog your memory to alert them on a regular basis.

12. Be transparent in your web design invoice

Your client needs to know where their money is going, don’t conceal or be too broad with line items on your web design invoice examples, and be ready to show records. Otherwise, they’ll be suspicious of your pricing. Be very specific.

13. Track your time every step of the way

Time is money; follow it like your life depends on it because it actually does. It will also facilitate learning the duration it will require to complete similar potential projects. This will ease a better work calendar so you can embark on more jobs. Precise tracking of time will increase more transparency to your payment system and will make clients know what to expect when they engage your services for similar tasks later.

The app will help to keep evidence of earning and spending in your business. This way you are able to follow when an item was sold and the profit it produced in the market.

In order to get an even better grasp of what makes a good web design invoice template, we must also go over the basic of an invoice:

13.1. Invoice number

It’s also known as invoice entity identifier. Every invoice must have a special number and the jobs related to it. You must never duplicate this number. The numbers can be made in a sequence which can also include letters but most important is that has to be unique. FreeLancer should liaise with the client to see if there are other details they need to be included in purchase order number or billing code.

13.2. Name / contact details

Information regarding their company including legal names, phone numbers, address and fax if appropriate. This will assist in knowing the payer and the receiver. It should be simple outstanding and clear, and preferably in bold letters. The same details of the payee should be captured to ensure it gets to the right recipient. Be keen to differentiate payer and payee details on the top and bottom of the invoice.

13.3. Billing details

It’s critical to be upfront and clear with clients on what they are paying for. It’s a good way to show your clients you value and appreciate them. Breaking the costs down into detached items helps your clients to see what they spent and how.

Included here is the work done, hours worked, and hourly charges for the tasks. A clear narrative of what you are invoicing for. A good way is using a row by row list of goods/services provided with costs of each. The list should be easy to comprehend, and costs should be well enumerated.

Late payment charges if applicable should also form part of the billing details. A penalty establishes you as a serious business person and serves to discourage repeat behavior. Total amounts due should be prominent (in bold if possible) on the invoice including any discount you agreed on with the client.

Actual dates of the transaction are important and should be a major character on the invoice. This help to simplify the process of classification when goods were sold and services provided. This will clear the issues of when the things were sold. Due dates help keep the process and invoice report well ordered.

Fees and taxes as well as the method of payment including the period by which the client should have paid, bank account details should also feature in the voucher.

Web Design Invoice Template Example
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14. How to create a website design invoice sample

The freelancing world has blossomed a great deal recently and its growth shows no signs of slowing down. With a variety of opportunities available, people from every line of work can find jobs in the freelance sector. Some of the well-paid jobs in freelancing include writing, graphic and web designing, programming and photography, which attract a number of individuals.

But one thing that the people coming in the freelance fold don't notice is that there are some big hurdles in here too, which can affect their daily routine, their financial stability and even their health. One such problem is encountered in the form of payment delays from the clients. Workers often complain about not getting paid on time, or not getting paid at all, and while many solutions have been proposed by experienced freelancers, there isn't a definite way out of this problem.

Part-timers might not get too affected by this, but the more creative, hard working lot whose only source of income is freelance work, like web designers, programmers, etc. would surely want this problem sorted. One way to kill this issue before it even arises is by sending an invoice of you payment demands to the client. With each job requiring a different type of invoice, Bonsai's special web designer invoices will definitely help in solving the payment problem for the web designers out there.

Sending an invoice containing the billing details validates your demands and assures your client that he is not being over-charged. It provides a perfect finishing touch to your work by presenting a more professional image of yours to the client. This bounds the client to show professionalism in return and the payment is made a quick as possible.

An invoice generally contains features like a unique invoice number for tracking purposes, names and credentials of the worker and the client for identification purposes and billing details, which include the number of hours worked, hourly charges, late charges, and total charges.

There also are some job-specific features in an invoice. For web designers, there can be fields like number of web pages designed, charges per web page designed, etc. Bonsai's invoices designed specifically for web designers have all these features which will add a sense of fulfillment to your task in the eyes of the client, so if you are the part of the right-brained community working tirelessly to make the websites look pleasing and user-friendly, and want your efforts to be repaid accordingly by the clients, our web designer invoices are the perfect solution for you.

Besides laying out the payment demands to the client, invoices can help you keep a record of your freelance work to give you a fair view of where you stand, and help you get paid in time. It is of utmost importance for a freelancer to design their invoices the right way, as the invoice may fail to serve its purpose if it goes wrong.

To make sure that the invoice would be convenient to read for the client, a freelancer must have a proper understanding of how an invoice is designed and how its features are organized in a suitable way. The salient features of an invoice are:

14.1. Invoice ID

This is a number assigned to an invoice when multiple invoices are to be sent, in order to track each invoice individually.

14.2. Name and contact details

Every invoice should have your name, address, email-id and contact number as well as those of the client for proper identification.

14.3. Billing details

The most important part of an invoice. How well your charges are mentioned in an invoice determines the overall quality of it. The billing details contain fields like hourly charges/charges per one particular aspect of the job, number of hours worked/aspects covered, and total charges.

14.4. Payment method

To make sure the payment process is convenient for you, it is necessary to mention how you would want to be paid.

Apart from these features, any additions or modifications depend on the type of job you are doing. Web designers are a huge part of the creative fraternity in the freelance industry. If the invoice of a web designer is dull, colorless, and simple, it wouldn't suit their creative image. To make sure that web designers create their invoices in accordance with their line of work, we have a special web design invoice sample to give an idea about how the touch of creativity can be deployed in an invoice.

An invoice sample is an already completed invoice which gives a clear perception of how different fields are ordered up to make a perfect invoice for your job. Bonsai's web designer invoice sample will definitely give you an insight on how you can design your own invoices and will also shed light on the invoices that we offer for your job. If you feel that your job does not free up much time to design invoices on your own, this sample will definitely convince you about the quality of our invoices. So if you are a web designer looking for invoice designs, this sample will definitely be help you out.

As a business owner, one of your goals must be to hire new employees, especially once the company begins growing. Growth always  requires new workers. According to US  News, lack of skilled workers is a huge threat to economic growth. Knowing when to hire a new employee is something that all business owners should learn. Fortunately, the figures you notice on your web designing invoice format should help you make this decision.

So, how can the invoice format help you know it's time to hire more workers?

First, the figures show you how much work your business is currently undertaking. It shows you when the workload is too much. It shows you that the current team is probably doing too much than it should. Failure to bring in fresh faces could lead to burnout. The last thing a web design firm needs is employees who don't have the gumption for more work. According to an article on the respected Forbes, overworking kills creativity, which is terrible news in web design.

The figures will provide more information once you present them to your current team. This is because you will hear the team telling you whether they are capable of handling more work or not. If the figures have dropped, you will learn the reasons for this new development from your team. If the figures have improved significantly, this information will help you know whether it's time to employ new workers or not.

Once you use the web design invoice format to prepare the actual invoice, you will discover whether your products and services are experiencing a positive or negative growth curve. Some business owners employ new workers when the growth curve is negative to inject some fresh ideas. Other owners prefer employing new staff to handle the increased workload associated with positive growth curves, which are great at predicting future sales, according to Investopedia.

The invoice is a great and reliable tool to use when you want to learn more about the revenues your business is currently making. It's time to employ new workers when the revenues are above your projected targets. Alternatively, employ new workers when you discover that the revenues are on target. The next step you should take upon noticing an increase in revenue is to bring in new workers to the web design business.

Therefore, study the web design invoice format closely to check if it's time to hire new workers.

How do you increase inventory in your business? According to, it's common for small businesses to minimize inventories as a way of reducing carrying costs. A bigger inventory means increasing the types of stuff that your business is able to carry. A bigger inventory is great for attracting and serving more customers while reducing the risk of being unable to meet demands. Today, you can increase inventory through website design invoice breakdown. How can you do that? Continue reading below to learn.

An increase in inventory means more money and space. It also needs an increase in creative strategies. Traditionally, any business owner who wanted to increase inventory only had to purchase or lease more space. Additional space has always been a requirement for holding the additional goods that a business invested in. The type and extent of space leased or purchased depended on whether you want warehouse or retail-oriented. However, the situation has changed as you will see below.

Now, more business owners are realizing the importance of inventory financing, and this is where the web design invoice breakdown comes in. Today, it's possible for you to increase inventory without having to spend your money. What you need in such situations is inventory financing. You also have the option of buying inventory but paying for it using a line of credit. Therefore, this allows you to continue invoicing your clients for work done without worrying about the destination of the monies you raise.

You can't ignore the importance of increasing inventory. Proper management of inventory is crucial for a business that wants to improve its retail cash flow. It's a fact that small businesses struggle with cash flow more than any other issue, according to Lendified. The other issues are government compliance and bookkeeping. Therefore, all small businesses have to find ways of using inventory to give their cash flow a kick on the backside. The lifeblood of all small businesses is cash flow. Without cash flow a business collapses.

A web design business needs money to survive. He also needs plenty of skills such as:

  1. Familiarity with the design process
  2. In-depth knowledge of HTML
  3. A deep understanding of how to create a killer copy
  4. Commitment to never stop learning
  5. Developing business acumen
  6. Mastering the art of listening
  7. Reaching the web design zenith

Making money in web design isn't an easy thing. You need to work hard to raise enough funds to keep the business on its feet. You can be successful while having fun and doing some great work as you run the web design business. None of these would be possible without money. It's rewarding to design websites for clients. The main tools you need to run such a business is a computer, stable Internet and plenty of time. Clients are your bosses; hence, the need to learn how to use your time well and bill them on time using tools such as an invoice.

To make money in web design, you have to do great work that brings in more customers. You can't make money without offering premium services to your customers. Some of the inventory you need for this include the right software and hardware. You will also need a phone to communicate with your clients. Occasionally, meeting with some of the clients would be a great idea, according to Udemy. A contract is also mandatory when dealing with clients; some of whom might be a bit slippery. Most importantly, continue learning to design better websites.

Therefore, use a web design invoice breakdown to help you increase inventory for your business.

15. How to create a web design invoice template PDF

Invoicing is considered to be a very beneficial practice in freelancing. It not only makes the billing process understandable to the client but also proves to be a useful means of getting paid in time. Besides, it also eliminates any trust issues between the worker and the client by adding a touch of authenticity to the payment demands.

For web design freelancers, the most important thing besides getting paid on time is that their area of specialization reflects in every aspect of their dealing with the client, not just in the task. This helps create a better impression of the present as well as the potential clients about how the workers stand out in their job. It will also help secure more clients with retainer agreement. For web designers, it is essential that their website design invoice templates PDF also have a stroke of creativity, which reflects their line of work, and differentiates them from other freelancers, to make their overall image better.

When it comes to the fields that must be included, there must be the names and contact details of the worker and the client included, along with the billing details and a suitable payment method. Billing details depend on how the worker likes to charge the client. It may depend on the number of hours worked or, for web designers, the number of pages designed. The total charges are then determined by the hourly charges or charges per webpage designed.

As far as the type of file is concerned, the most common types are word, excel, and PDF. An invoice sent in PDF format ensures that the invoice will not be in a distorted form upon reaching the client. Invoices designed in other formats can result in incompatibility issues and might appear in a disorganized way to the client, causing inconvenience and failing to serve their purpose. Unlike word or excel, PDF invoices remain intact as they cannot be edited so there is no such risk associated with them.

As far as the type of file is concerned, the most common types are word, excel, and PDF. An invoice sent in PDF format ensures that the invoice will not be in a distorted form upon reaching the client. Invoices designed in other formats can result in incompatibility issues and might appear in a disorganized way to the client, causing inconvenience and failing to serve their purpose. Unlike word or excel, PDF invoices remain intact as they cannot be edited so there is no such risk associated with them.

Web Design Invoice Template PDF
Image credits:

15.1. Why use a web design invoice template PDF?

You may be wondering why you need to switch from a custom invoice to using an invoicing template. Can’t you just design an invoice from scratch and get going? Well, if you like saving time, you’ll find a website design invoice template PDF useful. Besides that, a web design invoice template PDF ensures you get paid on time.

As web designers earn a respectable amount of money in the freelance industry, they must concentrate primarily on their job and on enhancing their skills further. It’s not easy to design a web design invoice PDF. It can take you hours to come up with one, and that only works against your business as a web design freelancer. That's why templates can save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on designing an invoice. Templates offer a variety of different designs. Once the worker enters information in the template of their choice, the template is processed and saved with the information written in the required fields, in PDF format.

Whether you’re new in the freelance business, or you’re one of the gurus in the freelance world, you’ll find a web design invoice template PDF useful. While it may not contain everything you’re looking for, it makes deigning an invoice fast and seamless. When choosing a web design invoice template PDF, ensure you get easily customizable one. There are some features you wouldn’t want to miss from your invoice, and that’s where customization comes in.

So to ensure maximum earnings from the amount of work put in, try Bonsai's invoice templates for web designers in PDF format.

15.2. What to look for in a website design invoice PDF

We have several web design templates out there, it’s not easy to choose one. If you’re not careful, you might choose a web design invoice PDF that leaves out the most critical information. Therefore, check all that’s available and before settling on one. 

So, what makes a good web design invoice PDF? Let’s see. 

15.2.1. Includes all aspects of an invoice

A good web design invoice PDF should contain all aspects of an invoice. This includes, but not limited to seller information, client information, the date, the terms, project information, quantities, and prices. Some templates may contain more than this, but don’t settle for something below what’s given in the list. You can’t do with an invoice that lacks any of these properties. So, check your template properly before designing an invoice.

15.2.2. Easy to customize

While a web design invoice template PDF contains all it takes to design a good invoice, you may need to give it a few tweaks to highlight your brand and include some extra information. That’s why you need a template that’s easy to customize. This allows you to modify the template effortlessly to meet your business needs. A good web design invoice template PDF should allow you to customize it to match your theme color, add your logo, and use the desired font for your freelance business.

15.2.3. Compatible with your industry

Did you know that we need different types of invoice templates for different industries? Therefore, you can’t just use any template to design an invoice for your freelance business. Depending on the type of freelance work you do, you can choose an invoice template that matches your industry needs. In this case, you need to get a template specifically for web designers. If you’re using a software to design an invoice, choose a website design invoice template PDF from the drop-down menu and get started. Avoid using an invoice template that’s not relevant to your industry.

15.2.4. Mobile

As a freelance web designer, you’ll be working with different clients, and that means you’re going to be busy for the better part of the day. For this reason, you may want to design a web design invoice template anytime anywhere at the comfort of your phone. Not all invoice templates are mobile compatible, and so, when choosing a web design invoice template for your business, you need to consider this. Go for an invoice template that’s compatible with your android or iOS device. In that way, you don’t need to get to your desktop or laptop to send an invoice to your client.

15.2.5. Payment options

A good web design invoice template PDF is one that allows you to add a payment option. Look for invoice templates that integrate with top payment platforms that allow your clients to pay right from the invoice with just a click. As a web designer, you’d like your client to pay you as soon as you complete the project. That’s why you need to work with a template that simplifies the payment process. Therefore, an invoice template that offers payment options is the best pick. Of course, not many offer this, and so, take your time to choose.

Even if you’re good at creating custom invoices, it’s important to make use of a website design invoice template PDF. It not only saves time but also ensures you get paid on time.

16. How to create a web design invoice template Doc

Freelance work can look like it has no stability from the first glance. However, those freelancers who have mastered the secrets to ensuring payment is done on time and workflow is not interrupted enjoy stability. The feeling that comes when you receive payment for the work you have completed as a freelancer is incomparable. And when this happens in good time, then your business can see steady growth over time.

Freelancers need to have a lesser burden on them as possible. Freelancing can be quite frustrating at times due to the several problems workers face, such as handling web design invoice Doc and if not given enough consideration, they can culminate into a vicious circle and make the job impossible to handle for the workers. This, therefore, calls in the need to have significant documents such as Web design invoice template doc as part of your working relationship with the client.

Striving hard to complete every task amidst these problems, the last thing a freelancer would want is not getting paid on time. This question asked by a web designer is proof of how big payment delays are a problem for freelancers.  Delays interrupt the smooth running of a project and put the working relationship at a risk. Even though sometimes negotiating with the client about the payment solves the issue, most workers find it embarrassing to repeatedly remind the client as it involves them crossing the boundaries of their self-esteem.

This problem has an easy solution - a web design invoice Doc. An invoice is a document sent by the worker to the client which contains the payment details of the job done.  A web design invoice Doc helps you to get aid in good time and to avoid frictions with the client. It features details of the services you have offered the client and the agreed amount to be paid. But it doesn't end there; it also details the due date for the payment and any additional charges that may be incurred in case of delay.  

Where all other ideas fail, invoices mostly get the job done, and are considered an effective method to make the client pay on time. A web design invoice template Doc contains several features like an Invoice Number for reference, the names, contact details and addresses, of the sender and receiver on the top to make sure it reaches the right person. 

The central portion of the invoice usually contains the billing details. These include the details of the tasks done, hours worked, hourly charges, total charges and also the late charges to notify the client about the additional amount to be paid in case the payment is delayed. It also contains the payment method, whichever is more suitable for the worker. This is the area in which you have to be as detailed and thorough as possible. The due date should be in bold and very visible so that the client cannot claim ignorance. 

And in case of any legal proceedings, you want to ensure that your invoices are having no loopholes that can be used against you. Make it easier for the client too, by ensuring all information they may need is well stipulated. Let them be able to see the work they are paying for in the invoice. So that in case there is more work in progress, they may not claim to have aid for it all. In as much as most of the details will have been agreed upon with the client before the project began, it is of great benefit to include all this information in the web design invoice Doc for security.

The invoice has numerous benefits for you as a freelancer, one of which includes protecting your cash flow. But it also helps you keep or maintain proper records that can come in handy in case of references or tax obligations. The web design invoice Doc makes it easy to professionally remind the client of the payment date. Remember that in situations where upfront payment is not required, an invoice comes in handy. It not only prompts the client to pay, but it also reminds the client of the services you offer and they cannot do without.

Another major aspect involved in invoicing is creating the web design invoice template Docs. Some jobs mostly don't free up much time for the workers to try a hand at designing their own invoices. Web designing is one of these jobs. This problem can be solved by using already designed Templates. 

Besides, the invoices of web designers need to be different from others as their work is not run of the mill and involves a lot of creativity. You have to be careful because the client has entrusted you with their brand. The look the website will have will either bring in traffic or it can cause things to take a whole different turn. 

Web design includes graphic design, webpage layout, and more creativity. So if the web designers' invoices are dull-shaped, it won't be favorable for their professional image. Essentially this means, web design is about creativity and everything about you must showcase that. Even when sending an invoice, you are actually still selling your expertise. What the client sees is a picture of you and the skills you bring to the project. If the draft is done recklessly and unprofessionally, then you will lose the trust of that client. And the last thing you want as a freelancer is to receive the payment and have the contract terminated.

It doesn't matter whether you focus on websites alone or you also work on applications, a good web design invoice Doc is essential. This invoice will be a smart way to ensure that you focus on what you love doing without worrying about payment. 

There are several disadvantages of poor cash flow in any business. And for your business as a freelancer to be propelled forward, you must have in place a professional way of asking for payment without coming out as disparate or nudging. Your reputation still remains a priority even while asking for payment.

Bonsai's web design invoice templates offer you a variety of choices for your type of web design invoice Doc. These templates will not only be beneficial for your image but will also save you from the headache of designing the invoices on your own.  These templates are designed by experts who understand that your image is a priority in this field of work and that every document you send can either bring in a loss or a win. The Bonsai team has several professional-looking templates that are carefully tailored to your specific needs. All you have to do is enter the information in the web design invoice template Doc and your invoice will be ready to be sent to the client.

A professional web design invoice Doc must look polished, with a company logo, use of professional language and details of the work completed. Efficient invoice process should be done with consistency. In other words, make sure that you send the invoice the same time every time. This will show the client how professional you are in your dealings and make them follow suit. It becomes easier to demand charges in case of delays in payment when you are known to keep time and work according to expectations. 

It's called leading by example!

17. How to create a web design invoice template Excel

Rating each freelance job according to its difficulty level, there is no denying that web designing is one of the tougher ones. Using your creative prowess to design unique web pages can sometimes be very time consuming and mentally exhausting. Such work definitely asks for some sort of relief from other responsibilities attached to the web design job. Considering that timely payments are a concern for everyone, and that you should be invoicing your client for that, you'd definitely want to get the invoice designing out of the way. That's where templates can be of good use to you. Invoice templates are already designed invoices in which you just have to enter your details in order to complete them. Once you do that and save the web design invoice template file, the invoice is ready to be sent to the client. 

Example of an excel web design template
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17.1. Ensure consistent professionalism with your web design invoice

One of the few things that ensure a freelancer's survival in the industry is the consistency of their professional image in every aspect of their work. For web designers, it is vital that their invoices, like their designed web pages, are creatively distinct, colorful, and reader-friendly. This aspect can be easily covered by using the excel templates. One of the many features of spreadsheet software is that each cell can be filled with any color according to the information contained in it to differentiate it from other cells. This can be used to a great effect in the web design invoices. 

When invoicing your client, it is of utmost importance that there are no mistakes made. If the billing details are even slightly incorrect, the invoice loses its purpose and causes further inconvenience. No matter how hard you proofread your calculations, it is always possible that you might miss out on a mistake somewhere. What if this is no longer a problem? What if the calculations are done in real time according to the information you provide? 

Mistakes in any invoice you wish to send to your clients can damage the image of professionalism you have worked so hard to create. To err is human, so you have heard. However, errors, where money is concerned, cannot be entertained. In the eyes of the client, you have not made a mistake but are only trying to get money that you haven’t worked for. In such cases, your reputation as a detailed-oriented web designer will suffer. The problem is, it is harder to create the right image but easier to destroy it. 

Customers hate all mistakes. However, a few stand out from the rest in terms of the degree of hate they receive from clients. Invoicing or entering the wrong amounts is up there as one of the most hated mistakes. Failing to set up or indicate the payment date – which shows when they should settle their pending payment – is also something your clients are likely to abhor to the high heavens. The last thing you cannot afford to do is not to indicate or describe the services you offered the clients clearly. 

Preparing an error-free invoice is one of the ways to be paid on time

Can you be quick to pay for something you know nothing about? If the answer is no, then what makes you believe your clients will have no problem paying the amount you indicated? Clients need reassurance that they are only paying for services rendered. Therefore, itemize each service rendered, so clients have no doubt regarding what they are paying for. This way, they learn to trust you even more. As you will see with the web design invoice template, it’ll help you fulfill all the requirements needed to win your client’s trust.  

17.2. The web design invoice is a reflection of your values

The web design invoice template should reflect values you hold dear, which include: 

  1. Being organized
  2. Being specific
  3. Offering reassurances
  4. Practicing flexibility
  5. Demonstrating transparency
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A web designer must demonstrate a higher level of organization. In this industry, there is no room for disorganization. You cannot win your clients’ trust by being a disorganized web designer. How organized you are, shows clearly on the invoice you create and send to clients. Good organization is proof of adequate preparation. An organized web designer is a highly efficient professional. At no point in the course of your work should you appear disorganized, unless you care nothing about impressing clients or winning their trust. 

Specificity always wins clients over. It shows to your clients that you are a web designer they can trust and work with long-term, as long as you do not lower your standards. The invoice should be specific to the project you undertook. In fact, as you will see with the web design invoice template, no two invoices should be the same. Each invoice should focus on the details of the project you are currently working on or just finished. Specificity means being equipped with the right information to provide the elaborations that your clients need. 

Clients need plenty of assurances and reassurances. The kind of reassurances you need to extend through your web design invoice is that all the charges are for services rendered. More so, use the invoice to reassure clients that your charges – that is, all the amounts indicated – are accurate and without errors. Additionally, clients need reassurances that all services you offer will help their businesses. After all, clients are already investing time and money on you, so the least you can do is to offer them reassurances regarding the value of your services. 

Flexibility is an equally important issue. Flexibility helps build trust between clients and web designers. Flexibility in terms of contract negotiations. Flexibility also extends to the types of services offered. It touches on the price the web designer will charge for each service rendered. Flexibility, in terms of invoicing, has to do with giving clients a leeway regarding the payment due. You have the choice of insisting on payments on a specific date or after a number of days. You also have the option of extending some grace period to the customers. 

Lastly, the invoice sent should demonstrate the fact you are a transparent web designer. In this industry, transparency goes a long way. It helps you win and strengthen the level of trust existing between you and the clients. Transparency is all about being upfront and honest with your clients. Additionally, transparency requires telling your clients every service you have offered to them while developing or designing a website. Transparency in the invoice is a highly recommended move if you hope to come out as a trustworthy web design to your clients. 

Do not worry too much about making mistakes, though. A solution to this problem already exists. The solution is in the form of a web design invoice template. A template is a tried and tested tool. It directs your steps. It reduces – and in some cases eliminates – the likelihood of creating and sending error-strewn invoices to clients. For this reason, you are better off working with such a template. Use it as the tool that will enable you to finally get rid of the many mistakes you made in the past with your web design invoices. 

Fortunately, Excel templates offer this option. Spreadsheet software has a variety of formulae stored which use basic arithmetic operations to do calculations. All that has to be done is the entering of variables like number of hours worked and hourly charges. The software will then calculate the values like total charges based on the formula in each individual cell. Here are some major advantages of using excel templates for your web design invoices. 

17.3. Web design invoice template come in editable formats 

It’s worth pointing out that the web design invoice template often comes in RTF format. RTF stands for Rich Text Format. In this format, you can alter any aspect of the template to suit the kind of invoice you wish to send. RTF is one of the most editable formats you can ever use. 

However, you cannot merely use the invoice because it is in an editable format. In its original state, you cannot generate the right kind of invoice you want to use. Instead, you have to fill in the appropriate details, which in this case is client’s information, before the template generates your invoice. You also have to enter the right and accurate amounts in the appropriate table. Thereafter, you can proceed to save the invoice. To do this successfully, save your invoice as a Word Template. Confirm that the invoice has a .doc file extension before closing it. 

It will only take you a few seconds to create the invoice. It is not as if you will spend the entire day scratching your head wondering how you will hack this task. The web design invoice template is freely available. You simply download and install it on your machine to use whenever you are ready to send invoices to your clients. It only takes a few minutes to create or generate and send an invoice to any of your clients whose jobs you have finished. The template also helps you with many other tasks, which include: 

  • Selecting clients
  • Scrutinizing various products
  • Defining taxes
  • Distinguishing discounts
  • Itemizing payment terms

17.4. The web design invoice template is a perfect solution when tired

Beginner web designers and developers who find it extremely tiresome to create invoices, are better off using the web design invoice template. The web design invoice template acts as one of their most effective billing software. Selecting the right billing software can be quite troublesome. To select one, you have to consider the number of users, billing options, cost and commitment, invoice details, notifications, and reporting. It also has to be a web-based tool that offers excellent support. 

The web design invoice template is highly customized. In addition, some are based on Microsoft Excel. As you may be aware, Microsoft Excel comes with several benefits. For example, you can use it to build exceptional charts. It can also help you in capturing and identifying some trends. What is more, Microsoft Excel is the sort of program you should use for conditional formatting. It helps in bringing data together. Additionally, Microsoft Excel is easy to access online too. With all these benefits, it is easier to see why you should not hesitate using this invoice template. 

Web Design Invoice Template Example PDF
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17.5. Guidelines to follow when using web design invoice templates

It is crucial for you to know a few guidelines regarding the use of web design invoice template. These guidelines are similar with the ones freelance writers use. All freelancers have to be good at preparing invoices. They have to know what to include or leave out. An example of stuff they should include in the invoices are name, emailing/mailing address, logo for branding, date, payment instructions, and invoice number. Furthermore, the invoice should be itemized to give the client an easier time understanding what it contains. 

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Excel are some of the programs that come with invoice templates. A web designer who is familiar with any of these programs should use the templates they already contain. It is a good idea to use what you are most comfortable with, especially if it does not involve a learning curve. All web designers and developers are already familiar with some or all of these Microsoft programs. Therefore, use them to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of making mistakes. 

Another guideline worth adhering to is the need for branding the invoice. The web design invoice template may or may not be branded. Nevertheless, the fact it may not be branded does not give you the permission not to brand yours. Brand it using your logo, address, name, and any other piece of information that is crucial in identifying your web design business. Always check that all details on the invoice are in order before sending it to your clients. Otherwise, you will have a lot of explaining to do and may even suffer a loss of reputation. 

All calculated totals should be in bold. They should be as clear as daylight to clients. You never know if your failure to bold the totals is what makes the client’s accounting department to delay with your payment. Proofread the invoice as many times as possible before hitting the “send” button. Take your time. You would rather be late but be sure instead of rushing only to discover your totals were incorrect. The invoice should be just as flawless as the website you just designed or developed for your client. 

Use the invoice to cite your terms too. The assumption here is you already sat down or met with the client and spoke in detail about the most important issues, which include terms. Discuss all terms ahead of time before you begin designing or developing the website. Citing the terms on the invoice does not mean the client forgot about them. It is just a polite way of reminding the client that the terms that the two of you agreed on are still in force. Citing terms shows the client that nothing has changed and that you meant what you said. 

17.6. Create your own web design invoice template

All along, the assumption made here is you obtained the web design invoice template freely from other sources. However, it is worth stating that you can also make your own template. You are free to create your own if the pre-made versions do not row your boat. Do not forget to include the basics – and any other piece of helpful information – in the template. It should feature information on the buyer or client, description of the service you offered, the amount the client owes you, the date you created the invoice, and the date the payment is due. 

Feel free to include details that are specific to the industry or project you handled. For example, state the number of hours you spent working on the project. Borrow ideas from other web designers or developers. The name of your company, your contact information, and company logo are all mandatory features of the invoice. As a designer, you should know what is more important on the invoice. Highlight the most important feature on the invoice, so the client has an easy time locating it. 

It takes a lot of time to prepare an invoice from scratch every time you need it. The pre-defined structure of the web design invoice template makes it an ideal choice for web designers and developers who are not ready to waste too much time. The template highlights your professionalism to the whole world. Just make sure it helps you to create an invoice that includes everything you did to give the client a website that not only looks good, but also functions properly. Confirm that the template has all the videos, images, and instructional tutorials needed for creating a great customized invoices. 

So, if you are a web designer, using Bonsai's Web Design Invoice Excel Templates will not only reduce your burden, but will also give your invoices a more beautiful look, which justifies your line of work. As the information above points out, you now have valid reasons to not only download but also install a web design invoice template and begin using it for your clients.


Creating and sending invoices to customers can be time-consuming but is it inevitable. It's a legal proof that your products or services were delivered. It also serves to portray freelancer’s right to be paid and should clearly state client’s responsibility after getting the invoice. The client ought to know your choices in the event he doesn't pay the invoice on time. An invoice template offers the legal protection in the face of tax audit and substation of income.

From the stage of quoting through the collection of work dues, the procedure of invoice management is significantly reduced by a web design invoice template. Knowing how to efficiently handle the invoicing process can heavily impact the dependability and reputation of the business.

It also assists the business owner to track employee performance in marketing the products of the business. The app clearly demonstrates how much an employee is contributing to the cash flow since all the sales can be shown. Payments date also show how long projects are taking to complete and help you in streamlining the personnel

With the correct templates, invoicing can be a good experience and can turn into more of a business achievement to formulate comfortably and perhaps excel in. Having an expert looking invoice among other measures is a significant move to increase the chances of receiving payment for your effort much faster in freelancing. Nevertheless, there are more tactics too, that you ought to know so that you increase chances of the invoices receiving payment on time, as well as making subsequent follow-ups. Always use the web invoice templates, plans, and methods that enhance your payment rates.

Bonsai's Web Design Invoice Templates offer you a variety of choices for your type of invoice. These templates will not only be beneficial for your image but will also save you from the headache of designing the invoices on your own. All you have to do is enter the information in the word template and your invoice will be ready to be sent to the client.



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