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A potential client has just asked for a quotation, and you are at a loss. What is a quotation? A quote gives your client a summary of how much it will cost to hire you with the work done for the price stated. While this definition is explanatory in its rights, you will need more than that to understand your client’s request. What you need is a sample quotation template. 

A sample template will outline the format you can follow to create your quotation. All you will have to do is edit your information in the right places, and you can send your client a formal quotation within minutes. Putting a quote together can be quite straightforward when you have a good sample quotation template. However, you might be wondering why it is essential to have one at all or why your customer will want one.

Why do you need a sample quotation template?

The reason is simple. Let us explain. Your services go at a price because you are not freelancing for free. There are also other freelancers offering the same services that you do. A quotation lets your customer know the estimated price of your services, which helps him decide which freelancer to hire.

However, more than your clients’ benefits, a sample quotation template can also be incredibly useful to you in your freelancing. Here are some of the uses of a sample template for quotations:

  1. It helps you estimate the net price that your client will have to pay for your services. Your customer will also know how much of a bill he can expect when he uses a particular service.
  2. You get to detail all the services you offer. You might not have had the time to tell your potential client about one or two extra things that you do, but you can add them to your quotation with the prices.
  3. A quotation gives you room to state what your services include for a specific price and what is excluded. So, your client knows what he is getting when he pays a certain amount.
  4. There is a possibility that you have not been able to give this potential client much of your business details. You can put all that information in the quotation, especially how the client can contact you. You can gain a long term client this way.
  5. If you have specific terms and conditions that guide your task, the template will help you know how to spell it out to your client before you go too far in your discussions.

How do you create a good quotation?

There are two ways that you can go about the creation of a quotation. You can study templates and create one from scratch, or you fill out the outline of a template and create a personalized quote. Whether you choose the first route or the second, you will need an excellent sample quotation template.    

A good quotation is all about having the right components in a professional layout. You probably thought that a quote was simple the first time you heard of it. Well, it can be easy to draw out if you have a professional sample quotation template. The template can be in portrait or landscape format. 

Once you find a template that works for your niche, all you have to do is edit it with your business details and send in PDF or Excel Sheet form to your client. Your client will go through the quote. If he accepts your prices, he will sign at the bottom and send it back to you for confirmation. You should also give room for the negotiation of prices by your customers. When your client hires you, don’t forget to send a thank-you note.

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