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How well do you know your consultancy’s clients? You’re probably like many freelancing firms that are only interested in clients’ money and nothing more! Many consultancies struggle to strike the right balance between the need for learning as much as possible about the clients and only showing interest in what they bring. As you will learn below, the benefits of knowing your clients fully well can be the difference between running a highly successful consultancy and failure. The assumption here is you would like to succeed rather than fail.

PR Brief Template
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The PR brief template can help you to find and separate the best clients for your consultancy.

1. Consider ego maniacs when drafting a PR brief template

Yes, some PR clients are full of themselves. They bring in plenty of work and are ready to pay what you charge but at a massive cost to your freelancing business. You will identify them based on the information they provide on the brief and answers to the questions you ask. Often, they claim to be capable of doing a much better job compared to what you deliver. They say the only thing holding them back is the lack of time. It’s impossible to make such clients happy. It could be wise to count the cost and let them go, instead!

2. Keep busy clients in mind when creating a PR brief template

As many PR consultants discover, some clients appear too busy but are never willing to show up and put up the shift required to set the project rolling. Again, you can identify such clients through the PR brief template. Such clients would be nowhere to be found every time you need clarification with some issues regarding goals and objectives. You would struggle to convince them to show up for a vital meeting too. Therefore, make a conscious effort to hire clients who display the following qualities:

  • Willingness to return your calls
  • Respond to emails fast
  • Provide accurate and timely information

3. Don't forget about impressionable executives when preparing a PR brief template

This category refers to the types of PR clients who only seek validation from freelance agencies regarding their levels of smartness. They have probably learned everything about the PR brief template hence feel smart enough to impress you. Such types of customers are more interested in the fame that comes from taking advantage of your services and expertise. They are not ready to go through the process that transforms them into reputable and authoritative brands. They are only interested in short-term gains. Identify and avoid them!

PR Brief Template Sample
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4. PR brief template summary

In PR, consultants interact with clients who come with all manner of proposals. Each client has specific goals, objectives, and targets. However, some of them are only interested in increasing sales. The last thing a PR consultant should be is the client’s public retailer. Any consultant who takes this path has a higher likelihood of running the agency to the ground. How will you serve your clients with an agency that’s on its deathbed? Therefore, learn to use the PR brief template to identify the best clients for your consultancy.

Help such clients to understand that your PR services are primarily for:

  • Creating a favorable brand image
  • Building trust between brands and the public
  • Maintaining rather than driving sales

Therefore, look at your PR brief template once more. Examine it with surgical precision since it holds the key to understanding the types of clients you attract to your consultancy. The caliber of clients you serve could be the difference between running a successful PR consultancy and utter failure. Go through the answers your prospective clients provide on this document keenly. Therein, you will learn more about your clients thus placing you in a better position to determine whether they are worth persevering with and serving.

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