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Painting Proposal TemplatePainting Proposal TemplatePainting Proposal Template

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Rendering an excellent customer service is one of the biggest parts of a successful business. What your clients want from your freelancing painting business is the required experience to get their jobs done. This expectation is well demonstrated through the freelancing service you render to them or from what they read from your painting proposal samples.

In your services as a freelancer, you must reflect in your painting proposal sample (PDF) how you care to render the best, cleanest, and quickest painting service. Images of your previous clients' painting jobs should be included. With such a proposal the recipient of the proposal would have a good feeling about you. Therefore, you need to take note of the following guidelines in your proposal.

1. Describe your freelancing company in the painting proposal sample

In this paragraph, the name of your freelancing company, address, the period your company has been in business and formation about your painting contractor's license should be included.  

The area of your specialty should be listed and any other things that make you different from every other person. Pictures of jobs that have been completed should be included. If your freelancing business is well established, then you can present letters of recommendation from your customers.

2. Include information about the job in the painting proposal

Your client has to give you information on the number of rooms and cabinets, the walls dimensions, those kinds of woodwork that requires paint and the walls needing special treatment. 

Put into consideration noise pollution that may be a kind of problem for a nearby neighbor, also consider if the working environment has a pet.  The proposal must explain how the requirement of the building would be followed. If you don’t know how to explain, then you should download painting proposal sample (PDF). 

3. Mention a timeline in the painting proposal sample

Show the timeline for your painting job on the proposal. This must include the time you would arrive each day, lunch break for each day and the time your freelancing workers would close for the day. The equipment that would be used for the job should be listed and the parking needs. 

To show professionalism in the job and how much you care for your customer, you must describe the drop cloths and tape that will be used to protect the woodwork and windows. Also, include the cleaning of the environment when the job is completed and where the trash would be deposited.

4. Describe materials in the painting proposal template

The various supplies that are needed from the beginning of the job until the completion of the job should be listed. The full description of the kind of paint that would be used, the various colors of paint that would be used and the number of paint cans (in numbers) must be included in the list. Any additional supplies for the treatment of a special wall must be included in the list.

5. Mention projected date of completion in your painting proposal

The estimation of the period it would take to complete the job and the price for the length of time should be included in the proposal. You should generously estimate the length of time required to complete the job. This should be done professionally. This is because it is better for you to pleasantly surprise your client than to have limited time to do a job that their client would constantly complain while the job is in progress.

6. Include additional information in your painting proposal

A section to recommend additional services you offer as a freelancer should be included in the proposal. Also, time and price information should not be excluded. Include pictures and samples of treatment of special in the proposal. This possibly would up-sell the job.


A good painting proposal sample would attract more clients. It should be written in a clear voice and anyone should find it easy to read the language. In summary, all the necessary information needed should be included in the painting proposal sample (PDF).


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Free Painting Proposal Sample (PDF)

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