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You just finalized a contract arrangement with your client to be their attorney or perform any legal service for them; payment is expected when you successfully rendered the service and sent your legal invoice template. However, you will need to communicate in clear terms to the clients employing your legal services the exact fee you charge.

To do this professionally, you will need to prepare a legal invoice. It is a document that explains your legal service charge provided for a duration, and the total fees due. Depending on your arrangement with the client, and nature of the case, fees could be paid in advance or when you complete the project. 

Getting this document ready and in the right format could pose a challenge even as an attorney if you haven’t done such before. To guide you come up with this document, a Legal invoice template in different formats could help. But then, you may find out that most of those templates online are outdated, while some are simply not up to standard. We shall work you through a professional way of getting your template ready and on time

Legal Invoice Template
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What should you include in your legal invoice template?

Your legal invoice is simply a record of services rendered, and a professional means of requesting your payment. Hence, there are basic details that should be contained in the document, as you have probably noticed in some Legal invoice template online. This information includes:

1. Include a detailed list of services in your legal invoice template

Be detailed as much as possible, but don’t be wordy. It can be written as: civil case, legal consulting, contract review, etc. as long as your clients understand

2. Mention your pricing in the legal invoice template

Depending on you, the charge can either be a flat one or charged on hourly bases. If you are using an hourly rate, ensure you include the number of hours and the total fee.

3. Mention the total on your legal invoice template

This is a summation of all various service charges (where more than one), including taxes. Not all the Legal invoice templates have provision for taxes, so be sure of the template you are working with.

4. Specify the due date for payment in any legal invoice template

Here you write the date you will be sending the invoice and the date you expect your client to make the payment. You also indicate here the payment method you prefer, cheque, or direct deposit. 

You could see from the legal invoice template that other details, such as your full names, addresses, and phone numbers, should also be contained in your attorney invoice. There should be provisioned for your client’s complete contact information too.

Legal Invoice Template Sample
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When should the legal invoice be sent?

Submitting your invoice to your client is solely on an individual basis. You will have to agree with your client on a suitable day for them to receive the invoice. Your client may prefer you send the document at the end of the month, or even after the entire contract has been finalized.

When your legal voice has been given to your client, the next thing is to expect your payment. The payment day and method of payment will depend largely on what you specified on the Legal invoice template you sent across. 

However, you must bear in mind some clients may not meet up with the payment date you specified. In such cases, first, confirm the receipt of your invoice and then probe the reason for the delay. A couple of factors can cause a delay in payment.

If the client in question has a long-term relationship with you and is facing a financial crisis at the moment, you could consider being patient with him/her. But for a one time client, who has no genuine reason for payment delay, you may have to devise a strategy to get your fee paid. Just remember to stay civil and professional in doing that. 



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