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Table of contents

What is an Influencer Collaboration Agreement?

An influencer collaboration agreement sets the boundaries of the professional relationship for all parties involved. It also outlines the details of the marketing campaign and content that is to be created for it. Typically, an influencer agreement will:

  • Explain responsibilities of the brand and the influencer
  • Provide an overview of the influencer marketing campaign
  • Define ownership and rights for the content created for the campaign
  • Detail all deliverables, deadlines, timelines and the duration of the agreement
  • Lay out the content review process for all campaign content before it goes live
  • Protect the rights and privileges for each side of the business partnership

An influencer contract protects both the influencer and brand ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of the project right from the beginning.

What to Include in the Influencer Collaboration Agreement

Influencer marketing has become a 5 - 10 billion dollar industry with ROI considered to be better or comparable to other marketing channels. As influencer marketing continues to grow, more businesses are becoming interested in founding an influencer relationship to help sell their services and products.

When a marketing team reaches out to engage you as an influencer for their campaign, it’s best to be prepared with an influencer collaboration agreement template. This means you’ll have a resource that includes all basic sections to cover you and any other parties involved.

An influencer contract template also provides you with pointers of things to ask the client when they reach out. This can make it easier to write your proposal and get a contract in place for their campaign. You’ll be able to respond with confidence for any influencer campaign, adapting the contract template as needed, and get to work faster.

Agreement Introduction

The influencer agreement should always open with an introductory section. The date for the contract’s agreement is included first, however, the start date for the influencers work and end date are included as part of the collaboration description.

The introduction will detail the names of both parties involved. Your influencer name (if different) along with your full name and mailing address is noted first. The organization will often include the name of the brand’s Director or CEO, then the name of the company, followed by their address.

Subsequent sections of the agreement can refer to each party as ‘Brand Name’ and ‘Influencer’, making it easier for you to create your template.

Influencer Agreement Purpose

The top section of your influencer contract template should provide room for the details of the influencer marketing campaign you’re being engaged for. A few simple lines stating the brand, the influencer, and the name of the marketing campaign, or campaigns, if there is more than one, should be enough.

If you intend the contract to cover several influencer marketing campaigns make this clear and provide further information in the next segment of the agreement.

Collaboration Description

Here you need to get into the nitty-gritty of what you can deliver as an influencer. All of your services, the social media platforms you engage your following on, any promotional content like shout-outs, video, texts, blogs, and graphics you can create need to be included in the collaboration description.

Specific information about the requirements for the sponsored content needs to be spelled out explicitly to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary re-works. Which brand mentions are acceptable and which aren’t, the length of the content you are expected to create, images you should use or avoid - all of this needs to be detailed.

The more detailed the collaboration description is, the less room there is for your client contract to go wrong. An influencer collaboration agreement template should also include timelines for how often your posts or blogs will be published and on which social media platform.

If your influencer work is only through social media, the social media influencer agreement template is worth taking a look at.

Particular Conditions for the Agreement

Review and approval processes for all influencer content requirements are detailed in this section. Chatting with the marketing team running the influencer campaign should give you an idea of what they will be comfortable with.

Including a requirement for written consent or approval of your content creates a record for you throughout the life of the campaign. This is handy to have should the agreement sour and legal documents be required.

Your agreement should also note how and when the metrics and insights for sponsored content will be delivered along with any rights you wish to agree to if the business wants to republish your content on other channels.

Payment Terms

Influencer agreements should include all the payment terms for the campaign. Provide information about any upfront payments, a schedule for the distribution of pay throughout the campaign, and any bonuses you’d like paid for a high-performing post.

Information about your obligations for returning payment if your content does not meet expectations, you are unable to create the agreed content, or if some payment is being forfeited for free products is also detailed in this section.

It’s helpful to note any payment terms for your invoices too. This avoids misunderstanding and ensures you receive your payments on time. Using a standard influencer invoice template makes end-of-campaign or end-of-month invoice runs a simpler task. 

Legal Obligations

Your influencer contract template should include a standard section that addresses the governing law. This stipulates where any disputes and legal issues related to the contract will be heard and resolved.

Addressing FTC requirements, or if you are in Europe the GDPR guidance, for noting affiliate or marketing content from which you can earn from needs to be covered in your contract. The brand will usually have a preference for #ad, #sponsoredpost, or other similar tag denoting the content as an influencer promotion.

Breach of contract needs to outline what will happen if the agreement needs to be terminated before the end date of the campaign. Reasons for terminating may include:

  • Sharing personal information about the company
  • Failure to deliver exclusivity if this has been agreed
  • Inability to deliver the agreed work and the period of written notice that should be given to the brand.

Terms and Conditions

This section takes care of all the standard details for your influencer marketing, each influencer will have different terms that remain largely the same across contracts. These can include things like:

  • Brand exclusivity whereby you work as an influencer for just one brand at a time
  • You note your preferred method for adhering to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements 
  • Who owns the intellectual property for your influencer posts
  • The preferred method for client contact - email, phone, etc

How to Write a Proposal that leads to an Influencer Collaboration Agreement

To win an influencer contract, you need to impress the brand’s marketing team with your proposal first. When your proposal wins you the campaign, you can use it to complete the collaboration description and particular conditions section of your influencer agreement template.

Show the Client Exactly What You Can Do

Start your proposal with a direct and memorable line that lets the client know you understand their brand and are aligned with their audience. From here it should be easier to move into the ideas you have for their marketing campaign.

Consider how you would use the product you’re proposing to advocate for and give some detail around the ideas you have to sell your audience on it too.

Highlight What Sets You Apart 

It’s not all about how big your following is. You might have access to a niche market due to a specialization or interest in a particular industry or method. The types of content you create - social media posts, videos, or blogs - can also be a differentiator. Make a fuss about what sets you apart from your competition.

One of the key metrics from the brands’ point of view is audience engagement. The higher the levels of engagement the better it is for the messages you put out to advertise their product or service. Point this out if your audience engagement is higher than your competing influencers.

Include Your Portfolio

Including at least one example of your influencer work is a must! You should choose an example that is similar to the brand, influencer marketing campaign, or product you’re hoping to promote. If you keep an online portfolio or have a website, include the link to this.

A great influencer proposal makes customizing your influencer collaboration agreement template much easier. When the client gets back to you to discuss your proposal, the influencer collaboration agreement can also serve as a reminder of points to bring up in the discussion about their promotional campaign.

Writing proposals is easier when working from a place of familiarity with an influencer contract template too. Not only do you have your influencer services clearly defined, but you also have a clear idea of where you are leading the client to. When you know where you’re headed, it’s easier to get there.

Creating an Influencer Collaboration Agreement is Simple With Bonsai 

Writing new influencer agreements for each campaign you win is tedious and risky. It’s easy to forget sections or miss key information. New agreements may also require additional legal advice which can get costly. Bonsai’s influencer contract templates have been checked by top lawyers so you can be sure you’re getting a legally binding contract that protects you properly.

Sign up with Bonsai for free for an influencer contract template that meets applicable laws, has all the relevant information, and is a free download that you can customize quickly.

Bonsai’s influencer contract templates make it simple to adapt for new campaigns, saving you time while still giving you peace of mind. What’s more, an easy to sign online influencer contract means you can quickly clinch a deal when the client is eager to move ahead.

Influencer collaboration agreement FAQs

Which brands use influencers?

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity with businesses to become a regularly accepted form of marketing. It delivers a comparable ROI to other forms of marketing and can build credibility for brands with the influencer’s following. This is because a recommendation - even from known top influencers - carries more weight than other kinds of advertising.

Pepsi, Dior, Adidas, and even smaller local brands are using influencers to advocate for their products. Not all influencers need to have followings of tens of thousands to be in demand. The rates charged by influencers depend on a variety of factors, not least of all whether they are a nano-influencer or one of the world’s top influences such as A-list celebrities. 

What can be claimed as a tax write-off by influencers?

Influencers can claim similar tax expenses to the other freelancers and businesses. These include:

  • Home office expenses
  • Travel
  • Work-related courses and education
  • Website costs
  • Banking fees

Health and beauty influencers may also be able to claim workout clothing, lingerie, beauty products, and tools as tax-write-offs. Keeping a record of all influencer expenses is the best way to ensure you don’t overpay your tax bill.

What is the best platform for influencer marketing?

One of the hardest things about influencer marketing is finding top influencers for your brand. Or finding brands to work with. Influencer marketing platforms can help marketers run campaigns and find influencers that gel with their brand. allows influencers to showcase their skills in a portfolio and negotiate with brands on their platform. Make sure you have a contract template ready to go when you land a new client!

Upfluence helps marketers find influencers, brand ambassadors, and affiliates for their companies as well as run their campaigns from one smooth interface.

While in-person networking is always valuable for influencers to find brands to work with, it also pays to learn about the places marketers look to find you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

Why do you need an Influencer collaboration agreement?

Having an influencer collaboration agreement protects both the influencer and the brand. It sets proper expectation as to what the collaboration entails.

How much does an Influencer make?

The money an influencer makes depends on various factors. The number of followers, the conversion they make and their engagement rate are some of the factors. Their rate would range from $40,000 to $100,000 per year.

Are Influencers in-demand?

Influencer marketing has grown drastically over the years. A potential customer is more inclined to buy when there are positive reviews to a certain product, much more when it comes from a public figure that they idolize. This is also why most brands utilize influencer marketing.