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Front End Developer Contract Template
Use this front end developer contract now for free

Here you are, staring at this golden opportunity to build the front end of a simple website or a robust online application. At the back of your mind, you know very well that you aren’t getting started on the project until a binding agreement is signed and sealed. As a freelancer, what are you going to do? The simple answer is, create one. But what if you’ve never formulated a front end developer contract before? How do you even start? Well, it's slightly different than a software development contract template.

For most people, the first place they’d head to is Google. Who knows, maybe you also found your way here from the search engine. We’ve got so many front end developer contract samples and templates available online, and so, even for newbies, the task should be very simple. It’s just a matter of using the right search words, and you’ll be good to go.

Anyway, that aside, let’s see how we can help you to come up with a watertight front end developer contract that secures both your interest and that of your client. Of course, you can always grab a template and modify it based on the project you’re expected to undertake. The templates have almost all the nitty-gritty a detailed front end developer contract should have. But even if you choose that path, ensure you employ the following tips.

Front End Developer Contract Template
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What should be included in a front end developer contract template?

Front-end web development remains one of the most fascinating jobs. It basically involves building the interface through which users interact with the system. Developing such an interface requires some real work for excellent user experience. To achieve this, in your front end developer contract, give an overview of the end product and outline the chunks of work that will see you get there. You’re doing this both for you and your client’s sake. 

Well, based on what the client needs to be done, they already know what they expect from you. But that’s not enough. The client also needs to know how you’ll go about the task and bring the project to completion. Again, they would also like to know the end results to get a clear picture of what your services will bring forth. So, don’t leave out such important information in your front end web developer contract even if the template you’re using lacks this.

2. Define milestones and payment schedule in the front end developer contract template

By the time you’re coming up with a web development contract template, you must have agreed with your client on the total cost of the project. If you accurately outlined the milestones in your proposal, all you’d need to do is to transfer the details to your contract. Well, the client is obliged to pay you for the services offered, but they can’t do so without clearly outlined milestones. At least they should know the amount they to be paid at every stage.

So, what entails a good project milestone? Well, as a freelancer you must be having the answer to this already, but it’s not a bad idea to be reminded. Who knows, it could be an opportunity to learn something new. As a freelancer, your project milestone should answer the following questions:

  • How long will it take to complete the portion of work?
  • What are the expected deliverables?
  • How much do you expect at each stage?

The list isn’t exhaustive. You can check out some of the project milestones done by freelance gurus to ensure your project milestone is packed with the necessary details.

Such details help to provide guidelines on personal obligations of every party to the contract. Ensure you align every milestone against the project timeline and payment schedule. This would make it easier for both of you to evaluate the project progress at every stage.

3. Define the roles of the parties to the contract in the front end developer contract template

Freelancing is quite a risky undertaking if you’re not keen on making things clear at the very onset. In fact, if you fail to put together a well detailed, concise and definitive front end developer contract, you’re likely to perform some tasks that, ideally, the client should take care of.

Having this in mind, ensure that your front end developer contract captures as much critical detail as possible about every party’s role.  

Well, both of you know what’s required for each party, but how can you affirm this without an active front end developer contract that clearly outlines the role of the parties involved? Your client needs to know what your services entail just as you’d like them to make a commitment to paying you.

Again, as a freelancer, don’t shy away from letting the client know what’s not included in your services. In this way, they won’t assign tasks that aren’t part of what you offer. However, in case you offer some extra services at a cost, make sure that’s clearly stated in your front end developer contract.

4. Approval and delivery of the final product in the front end developer contract sample

What are you going to do with the final product? Of course, you’ll deliver it to the client. The question the contract should answer, therefore, is the mode of delivery. But before that, the final product has to be approved by the client. So, what’s the approval procedure? For a seamless conclusion of the project, add an acceptable approval method.

Because modifications are at times expected at the tail-end of the project, outline the ones that are accepted as part of the agreement and which ones aren’t. Don’t leave anything open-ended. 

If you’ve been in the freelance market for quite some time, you should already know how to go about this. However, if you’re a newbie in the freelance world, you may need to do a little bit of research. Better still, you can get ideas from some of the gurus to get things right. Again, make sure you work closely with your client on this. As much as it’s your responsibility to state how you’d like to deliver the work and get it approved, they may have an input on this.

Front End Developer Contract Template Sample
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How to create a front end developer contract?

Intellectual property rights form a very delicate element of any given contract. Whether you're building a website, mobile app, or Abstract APIs, it's best to protect the intellectual property. Therefore, a calculated freelancer wouldn’t sign a contract that doesn’t address it. Before putting in work, it’s vital to make everything clear as to who owns what rights relating to the project.

In most cases, the freelancer hands over all rights to the client at the delivery of the project and on condition that the client has met all his contractual obligations. Make sure your front end developer contract contains this vital information; otherwise the agreement won’t be functional.

Again, work closely with your client to know what they expect in this section. Remember, it’s an agreement between the two of you. So, it shouldn’t lean on one side.

6. Use the front end developer contract template for iterations to the project specifications

Your front end developer contract should cater for modifications to the specifications already etched in the contract. This happens. Maybe after further consultations with his team, the client wants you to make a change that would significantly alter the terms of the agreement.

An ideal front end developer contract should answer the following questions:

  • How do you handle a modification requested before you implement a milestone and one that comes after?
  • What happens in a case where the client wants you to make some alterations to the project specifications?
  • At what point are you going to charge separate fees for such alterations?
  • Are there reasonable tweaks you can do without charging extra fees?

In all these scenarios, a good relationship with the client would make it easier for the two of you to agree on any desired changes. You should, however, never allow the client to request so many alterations that would stagnate your progress with the work.

As much as you’d like your client to make your client happy, don’t be unfair to yourself. Let them know your limits to make it sound more professional. You should state clearly in the contract that all requests for modifications must be done in writing and could delay the delivery of the project.

In this way, you won’t struggle to meet tight deadlines that resulted from the alterations that the client requested for after the project milestone.

Other notable elements to capture in the contract are warranties, confidentiality, indemnification, and terms of payment. With all that included, your front end developer contract should be complete.

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Why do you need a front end developer contract?

To safeguard your work as a front-end developer, you would need a contract. Good news is, you don't need to sit with a lawyer to make one. Bonsai has eay to use front-end developer contract template ready for you to download.

Can I use your freelance front end developer contract sample?

In this digital age, where almost everything is done online, front-end developers are highly in-demand. This statement is solidified by the 4,000 to 7,000 job postings per country in recruitment sites.

Are front-end developers in-demand?

In this digital age, where almost everything is done online, front-end developers are highly in-demand. This statement is solidified by the 4,000 to 7,000 job postings per country in recruitment sites.