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A lot people today, including freelancers, once misunderstood what freelancing entails. Many have believed that freelancing is a smooth ride adventure, even though that claim is valid, there are challenges that a typical freelancer has to overcome regularly in business.

Though freelancing comes with its advantage over the usual work systems, it takes dedication, good health, and proper time management to be a freelancer. One of the civic responsibilities of freelancer is tax filing and estimation.

Freelance Tax 1040 Form
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Of course, correct tax estimation would require accurate income tracking, and that is a tasking job for any regular freelancer. An excellent option to estimate and file taxes to a good approximation is the use of a freelance tax app.

As long as you are not in the tax season yet, there is still hope for you to save yourself from the mess that consumes your time during the tax period. The freelance tax app is especially useful for consultants, individual contractors, and freelancing.

Since these individuals are solely responsible for their income, which may be from different sources and rates, there is a need to track and record incomes to correctly estimate tax for a particular tax season. These tax applications help you simplify your paperwork and save you from headaches that come from tax interest and penalties.

1. Notable features of a freelance tax app

Not all freelance tax apps have these listed features below, but a majority of them have similar functions or close approximations. However, anyone you will choose should offer the following features for it to be considered a good fit for you as a freelancer.

1.1. Top-tier technical support with the freelance tax app

Most freelance tax apps have a great technical support system. You can always get answers to the question that arises in the course of using the application. This is a great tool that any freelance tax app offers you.

1.2. Imports data from third-party apps with the freelance tax app

The way these programs work is that it provides you the option to import data from other tax applications associated with your income. This is most useful when you want tax deductions to be made automatically. All you do is input digits and leave it to your application to make a perfect deduction.

1.3. Speed with the freelance tax app

Compared to filing your freelance taxes manually, using a freelance tax app is faster. They are very reliable too, as you will not make any mistakes if they are put to use.

2. How the freelance tax app works

Some of them start by walking you through a set of conversational questions preprogrammed in them. These questions have been reviewed and refined by a real CPA, and they can be expanded to get further explanations. This is if you are interested in knowing why you were asked.

Aside from an audit and 100% accuracy guarantee that you get, you also get your deductions and business credit calculated to guarantee a refund.

During the process, the importation of data from popular applications relating to your business can be done. For example, you can upload the tax information of your designs work directly and import expenses from Stride. Technical support as regards usage of the platform can be gotten through application tips, calls, chats, and online forms.

3. Types of freelance tax apps

Two versions exist for every kind of tax application that you see online.

  • Free versions: These are tax apps that file for all levels of your taxes for free. These apps perform reasonably well, even though they are not paid applications.
  • Paid versions: These are apps that file for your local, state, and federal taxes. They are reliable for tracking and estimating taxes quarterly, and annually.

With a freelance tax app, you would be at peace when others are unsettled about how to file their taxes at the heat of the tax season. Tax estimation at the of the day is dependent on the features and vastness of the application you find suitable.

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