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Freelance Public Relations Contract Template

All formal business relationships start with contracts, and freelance public relations services are no different. Working without one as may just put your freelance career at stake. You don’t want to deal with unpaid projects or doing much more than what you’re paid to do. So, let the contract come first before you begin the work. 

Well, designing a public relations contract isn’t easy, but with a freelance public relations contract template, you can do it within a few minutes. The template guides you on what to include and what not to include in the contract.

A Public relations contract can be quite a simple document, or it is detailed to the bone. This factor depends on the scope of the PR contract and the entities signing the agreement. However, for freelancers starting out in the PR business, a freelance public relations contract template is considered a saving grace.

However, as you progress in your freelance PR business, you may not have to rely on the freelance public relations contract template. Things tend to become better with time as you get to learn a few tricks here and there. But even then, you can still stick to a template even after advancing in your freelance business.

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There are numerous contract templates offered all over the internet; some are free while others are not. Therefore, you can always get a freelance public relations contract template online to get you started. Most of them are up to standard, and they should just help you design a perfect contract for your freelance PR business.

However, there are important segments and clauses that should not miss out from the document. Make sure the freelance public relations contract template you pick contains the following segments before you get down to business.

1. Cover letter

The cover letter is an opportunity for you to summarize your strengths and scope of public relations experience. As a freelancer, you may have written several cover letters before, but it’s not always easy to put all things together in this simple document. Its formality sometimes makes it a bit complex. However, with a freelance public relations contract template, the job is halfway done. 

Some contract templates have an outline of how the cover letter is drafted. The model saves you the time and energy of getting the formal language correctly. All you need to do is to fill in the necessary details, which in this case, are your your strengths and skills as a public relations freelancer. But that doesn’t mean you just add the details and leave it at that. Keep track of the flow to make sure your cover letter makes sense. 

To make it even simpler for you, some contract templates have an actual cover letter written, whereby you only need to insert specific details like respective companies' names, dates and other specific data. If you’re the kind who wants to get this done within a few seconds, such a freelance public relations contract template may be the best for you.

2. Executive summary

An excellent freelance public relations contract template will help lay out the specific reasons why your client needs your PR services, and thus defines the scope of work. These services include event coverage, general social media PR needs, extensive media coverage among other PR services.

Most of this is covered in the executive summary of the contract. Most templates will cover this, but it’s always important to confirm whether the freelance public relations contract template you’ve chosen contains this part before you settle for it. In case it doesn’t have this, you can opt for another template or simply fix it somewhere in the one you have.

However, don’t put a lot of texts here. You’re writing down your scope of work and letting your client know how relevant your PR services are to their business. So, keep it brief as much will be covered in the body of the contract.

As you highlight your skills and strengths, make sure you let your client know your limits to avoid over expectation from them. As a freelancer, your scope is limited to your capacity thus it is prudent that the client knows how far you are willing to provide PR services and for how long. So, be very clear on this.

3. Proposal

This segment of the freelance public relations contract template assists you in outlining the precise nature of the campaign. For example, you will have to specify who the PR campaign is for, what goals are met and how long it will take to achieve these goals. For example, you will outline whom the PR strategy and execution will serve and for which reason (for example, social media coverage).

Such outlined details in the public relations contract template assist you in defining the campaign without the risk of having crucial information missing from the final document. Of course, you don’t want to deal with missing details at this point, and you can best achieve this using a template. Thankfully the templates also come drafted in formal but straightforward language, saving you tons of time that could be spent writing and editing the document to fit the formal business environment. As you know, the contents of the contract have to be formal throughout the document, and every section must adhere to this. 

However, you should note that different PR job roles have varying requirements. Therefore, as you fill this part of your freelance public relations contract template, be sure to customize it according to the job requirements. That means you have to go through the PR project before you fill out the template. To make it even easier for you, you can download a PR freelance proposal sample and have a look at it. It will give you an idea of how to write the proposal in your freelance public relations contract template.

4. Timeline definition

In the freelance world, time is of the essence. Therefore, your freelance public relations contract template should have a section for timeline definition. The timeline definition segment is meant to address the issue of the duration your company is expected to achieve the goals the client needs to be met. The timelines are divided into achievable milestones that you will encounter at different stages as you progress.

As a freelancer, you have to analyze the tasks you’re required to carry out and let the client know how long it will take you to complete them. Don’t be too ambitious when filling out this part in your freelance public relations contract template. Remember, to maintain a good relationship with your client you must be able to deliver on time. Therefore, only set milestones that both you and your team can achieve.

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Thankfully, most freelance public relations contract templates come with these milestones already broken down, that is; the duration, the type of service rendered during the period, the media types used as well as success metrics for each milestone. Some of them may have a table for this section so that it’s just easy for you to fill the table with the necessary details.

For example, a press campaign template would define for you the pre-announcement, announcement and post-announcement milestones, with different parameters that govern these milestones also being outlined. So, it’s quite simple to do this.

5. About us

For most online freelance public relations contract template, this segment is usually outlined, leaving you the only tasks of editing the specific details. The model is a saving grace, considering that most freelancers are swamped undertaking every other job that ensures the business stays afloat. However, it would be prudent to tweak out the section a bit so that it doesn't sound like the run-off-the-mill cliché "about us" segment found on every other website. Include your experience regarding the time you have practiced as a freelance PR company, as well as the success metrics for your previous clients. Feel free to use flowery language but don't go over the top when attributing yourself the success.

Here, you don’t need to put in a lot of texts. Most of the things have been covered in the other segments of the contract, and, therefore, you don’t need to say much. But even then, just make sure anyone going through this section can get a grasp of what your company does. This is part of marketing your brand. So, make it as appealing as you can. Well, your freelance public relations contract template has already done it for you, but it would be better to customize it to your brand.

6. Our team

As a PR freelancer, you must be having a team of experts behind you. It’s important to let your client know this, and that’s why your freelance public relations contract template shouldn’t miss out on this section. This segment outlines the different talents that comprise your company. To successfully work on your client’s project, it’s necessary to put different skills and talents at work. This instills some confidence in your client as they’re sure you’ll do the job well. 

Even so, don't shy away if yours is a one-person show – most freelancers start solo and work their way around to getting more hands on their teams as time goes. Some of the big freelancing companies you know of started here, and now they’re doing well. The good thing is that clients don’t mind hiring individual freelancers provided they’ve got the skills they need. Only be sure to outline your roles if you’re going solo, or their roles if you’re working with a team, depending on which projects you are currently working on.

Ready to start your PR freelance business? Get a freelance public relations contract template to start you off.

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