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In the world of Public Relations (PR), everything that you send to your clients, which includes your business proposal, is a pointer to who you are and what you stand for. That is why you need a well-written PR scope of work template. It might be a little bit difficult to create, but it will help reflect on your professionalism and how well you can help your clients maintain their relations with the public.

What is the PR scope of work template?

The PR scope of work template is the area of a contract where the public relations to be carried out by you is described. The scope of work template contains any deliverables, reports, milestones, and end products that the clients should be expecting to be provided by you. It also includes the timeline for all the deliverables for the project.

The scope of work clearly defines the responsibilities, liabilities, and work agreements between you and the client in the project. It can also act as a check for the fulfillment of the conditions of the contract. The PR scope of work template should not be ambiguous. It should adequately explain what you are going to deliver to your clients. The scope of work should paint the picture of what you are going to achieve, when and how, keeping in mind any special requirements.

What should be included in your PR scope of work template?

The scope of work remains one of the essential elements of a contract life cycle. The scope of work template is useful because it assists you in reflecting your professionalism as a freelancer to your clients. Your scope of work template should contain some certain information which includes;

1. Background of the project

This section of the scope of work is a broad introduction to the project. Before you get to the specifying, describe the project you’re carrying out and identify all those involved.

2. Overview of the project

After properly explaining the background of the project, then you can narrow down to the primary goals of the project and ensure that you state the goals you are hoping or going to achieve.

3. Project deliverables

In this section, you can simplify the deliverables (that is what the client should be expecting you to deliver at the end of the project) into small, understandable, and actionable steps.

4. Project schedule

It would be best if you used this section to create a delivery time for each of the deliverables. You need to explain to the clients when and how the deliverables would be delivered.

5. Expected outcomes

This section should explain to your client what you would achieve during and at the end of the project.

6. Acceptability criteria

This section of the PR scope of work template is vital. If you determine the acceptability criteria of the deliverable, then it would help both you and your client to remain on the same page throughout the time the project is being executed.

7. Out of scope

This section should be placed explicitly in your scope of work template to save you if your client starts trying to push for extra work that is not part of your agreements. You should make use of this section to specify the tasks that you won’t provide at the end of the project.

Advantages of using a PR scope of work template

There are a lot of benefits to using a PR scope of work template. Some of which are:

  • They help reduce stress and free up time for other crucial freelancing projects.
  • The scope of work template helps you express your brand image. You can use the template to reflect whatever picture of you that you want to be perceived by the clients.
  • You don’t have to make the mistake of missing out on filling any vital information. As long as it is in the scope of work template, all you have to do is to fill it in.
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Are there free PR scope of work templates?

Sign up at Bonsai and download their free scope of work templates. It's a simple template to customize, download and costs nothing.

What are the deliverables for PR?

The most common deliverables are press releases, marketing materials, case studies, business profiles, interviews, expert opinions, etc.

How do you write PR proposal?

A PR proposal could be written with a discovery call, PR game plan, social proof, and price/cost estimates. Try Bonsai's free scope of work templates to quickly outline what you will do for a client.