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Whether you are a mobile app or website designer, if you are working on your own you may be interested in a freelance design contract template. Now that the internet usage concerns around 40% of the world population, it is important that you get the most out of your skills.

Over the last few years, working as a mobile app or website designer has become particularly rewarding. The growing number of users on the internet led any type of business to redefine their strategy, not only to reach a worldwide audience for its good and services, but also to strengthen their status and brand awareness. Many companies and organizations rely on external professionals for their website or mobile app design: don't miss this opportunity, and get a freelance design contract template that you and your client will draw up before starting to work.

In the agreement, you have to clearly define the scope of your work and the deadline. Include a clause specifying that you will charge any additional work. Also, do not forget to fix the right amount due and the payment method. Finally, you have to agree upon the intellectual property of the app or website design once your work is done and paid.