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Do you and your client agree that a specific price is enough to complete a project? For this type of task, a fixed price contract works perfectly. If you are wondering about the importance of signing a freelance agreement, you should know that the precise expectations in a contract can protect both you and your client. A fixed contract template will help you have a proper agreement in place in no time. 

As a freelancer or consultant, you should understand that there are two basic ways of charging your clients. You could use fixed prices or hourly rates. While it might seem so simple to use fixed pricing, there is a lot more. Choosing to bill your clients a fixed price has its benefits and risks. Though, an adequately constructed fixed price contract template can protect you from most of the risks. 

Fixed Price Contract Template
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The benefits of fixed price contract template for freelancers

Fixed price contracts involve determining the total cost of a project based on the variable used in your particular line of service. It could be an estimate of the hours a project will take or the regular price for that type of service in your industry. Once you and your client agree on a price, you can have an agreement drawn up from a fixed price contract template. 

As a freelancer, a fixed price contract has specific benefits for you. Some of them are:

  1. Budgeting: With fixed-price contracts, you can budget your earnings, making it easier to plan how to spend. Many clients also prefer fixed-price contracts for the same reason as they can budget their spending better. 
  2. Certainty of Price: When you use a fixed-price contract, you can rest assured of the amount you will receive for the work done. It is not often the case with tasks that use an hourly rate. 
  3. Unaffected by Market Changes: Fixed price contracts ensure you are unaffected by any changes in your industry. It is usually an advantage with retained clients as you begin to spend less time and resources fulfilling their requests. This benefit is a two-edged sword, though, as you will see in the risks.
Fixed Price Contract Template Sample
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The risks of using a fixed price contract template

Several things can do wrong for a freelancer with a fixed price contract. It is left for you to determine if the disadvantages of a fixed price contract are worth it. If you have a well-worded fixed price contract template and do your research well, you can mitigate some of these risks. Some of the disadvantages you might encounter when you use a fixed-price contract for a task includes:

  • The possibility of making wrong estimates is a risk that you take when you sign a fixed contract. If you end up making a cost estimate that falls short of what you eventually spend while carrying out the project, you end up running at a loss. It is the primary reason why lots of freelancers prefer hourly rates. You can avoid making this mistake by checking out the suggested standard prices on your freelancing platform.
  • Even with standard prices, fixed-price contracts can still be a risk because the market can change. The cost of a service you use for your project could increase, which would mean your fixed price might not be reasonable. Your client might be unable to pay the new price. If your fixed price contract does not make the right provision, you will end up stuck in an unprofitable transaction.

The right fixed price contract template can help you mitigate these risks with a risk premium that makes provision for contingencies and uncertainties. It would also contain terms that will cover any surprises that come up while the project is ongoing. You should also ensure that you deliver the correct estimates to your clients.



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