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As a  digital marketing contractor, you not only have to keep abreast of emerging trends entering the marketplace, but also have the best possible contract templates on hand. You must pay attention to rapidly occurring shifts within the digital marketing industry, or you will lose your cherished clients to your feisty competitors. Last but not least, you must protect yourself with a bullet-proof digital marketing contract template, or marketing contract template, or digital marketing agreement. If you're feeling confused by contracts, read our guide on best tips for how to write a contract.

For your clients to reach more of their clients, they need to become more visible. To attain this visibility, they will look up to you for services that will help them exploit emerging technology advancements

New formats are evolving daily, and video popularity is rising. As such, digital content marketing will no longer be about writing great blog posts or informative listicles. Content strategies will change due to voice search, aiming at enhanced snippet features and direct interactive tutorials spoken to online visitors while they undertake complex or commonplace tasks.

Bonsai digital marketing contract template
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Content will, therefore, be mostly about integration and interaction with new user interface features. Impersonalized ads and email blasts will disappear as the fax machine did. What will be become increasingly important will be hyper-targeting and a focus on personalization of each interaction. Attention will become a critical currency while creating a personal connection with each prospect will become an important aspect of digital marketing.

This all means that you and your clients will have to enter into binding digital marketing agreements that clearly pinpoint which services that you have on offer, the terms, conditions, and costs. That way, you will be able to offer your clients precise options for the services you have on offer and what they will have to pay for those options, leaving little chance for disagreements.

Sometimes, organizations have to outsource some business processes to focus more on their primary or core business objectives and long-term goals. Marketing is one of the most common areas that organizations often outsource to third-party firms, consultants, and freelancers. To ensure a contract is sealed between you as a freelancer or consultant with an organization, there is a need to have a well-written marketing agreement PDF in place and signed.

Your marketing task may include product/service promotion, advertising, or public relation. The agreement basically contains the list of tasks to be done, the project scope, resources needed, the project timeline, and the financial implication of the project. 

Marketing agreement seems easy to draft at face value, but depending on the nature of the deal they are meant to handle, some can be more technical and complex. We have written a guide on how to draft your professional marketing agreement PDF and the essential information it must contain. More so, we have templates in different formats you can download and customize for your use. 

An organization granting an exclusive marketing right to a freelancer, consultant, or firm enjoys product or service promotion, which also strengthens the brand. Freelancers and affiliate marketers render their marketing service to clients in exchange for profit/value.

For such a collaboration to be effective, there needs to be a binding contract written in the form of a marketing agreement PDF. Also, the document must contain essential information as outlined below to protect freelancers and their clients fully.

A digital marketing contract template or a digital marketing agreement is a crucial document that best covers such issues.

1. What is a digital marketing contract template?

The term digital marketing contract template is a standard reference to the various types of contracts through which you as the marketing services provider reaches an agreement with a client to create and distribute different types of content that markets a business held by your client. This content can take numerous forms that include audio, video, or text.

In other words, it is an agreement to generate content that shall appear online on your client’s website, distributed through press releases, and in social media, among others in order to promote your client’s business.

2. Covering your service levels in the digital marketing contract template

As alluded to above about exploiting emerging technological advancements, you will appreciate that the scope of services you offer your clients varies widely from digital marketing agreement to digital marketing agreement. This is while the level of service provision appearing in your bill to each client. A major determining factor depends on who shall supply the content needed for the marketing.

Some of your clients on a shoestring budget will attempt to cut down on expenses through creating their own content, such as writing articles themselves. They will then hand over the created content to you for distribution online with the objective of generating new clients for their businesses.

With such a budget content marketing arrangement, frequent disputes are bound to arise due to two reasons. First, your client may not have current expertise regarding how to create search engine friendly content required to convert easily into sales. Second, your client may fail to create required content on time and in a timely manner.

As a proficient content marketer, you can avoid the resulting disputes and associated lawsuits by insisting on creating this content yourself rather than relying on your client to do so. It would be prudent, however, to have an arrangement where your client signs off on the content you have created before you can upload it. This way, you ensure your client is happy with such content before their clients can access it.

3. Defining service provision scope in your marketing contract template

In order to come up with a mutual understanding of what is required between you and your client, it is important that both of you have a concisely written scope of services in the form of a content marketing agreement. A good scope will clearly outline what you must deliver to your client and specifically exclude those services that fall beyond your scope.

This way, the risks of disagreement fall drastically between you and your client while ensuring that your bill to your client professionally and precisely reflects the value you will have delivered.

To give a generic example, should you have to create and upload online four pieces of marketing content each week there are certain things that the scope of services should make clear. These include who creates the content, how long the content will be, such as one thousand words for example, and whether you can have a sub-contractor to create and distribute the content.

Other areas to cover in the scope are the manner in which content will be distributed, a blog post for example, and the platforms upon which the content will see promotion such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

4. Result measurement in a digital marketing contract template

An entrepreneur lacking in current digital marketing experience may have the mistaken notion that content marketing has a basic objective to build a famous brand such as Microsoft, Apple, or Google. For the privately held enterprise, however, the basic digital marketing objective remains to identify and converting prospects into sales.

This means that your content marketing agreement needs to focus on metrics associated with returns on investment from your marketing strategy rather than vague notions such as marketing creativity, social media awareness, and building brands.

5. Essentials to cover in a digital marketing contract template

As a freelance digital marketing service provider, you require a clearly formulated digital marketing contract template that will go a long way in protecting your rights as a freelancer. This is as it ensures that you and your client understand clearly your respective responsibilities.

As you go about formulating a template for your services that you can use repeatedly and successfully, there are certain issues that require addressing.

5.1. Change 

First is an understanding on your part that change is the only constant in this business. This means that with each new development that arises in this industry, you must be able to have this reflected in your freelance marketing contract template or digital marketing agreement fast.

5.2. Period

Second, it requires a precise reflection on how long your digital marketing engagement with your client will last. When the term starts, when it ends, its length in weeks months or years has to come out clearly.

5.3. Renewal

Third, once the term of an initial freelance marketing contract template has ended, the template needs to clearly stipulate whether another one starts automatically, whether the marketing contract can be renewed, and if so, the procedure for renewal.

5.4. Termination

Fourth, the template needs to identify the grounds for contract cancellation, either by you as the service provider or by your client. It needs to identify the procedure for contract termination and any penalties either you or your client will have to incur once either of you terminates the freelance marketing contract template.

5.5. Products and services

Fifth, your digital marketing contract must clearly stipulate the services you are offering for each digital marketing agreement. As noted earlier, there are new ways involved in digital marketing coming out every day and how these will be incorporated into a contract calls for a clear procedure.

5.6. Payment

Sixth, how your client will pay you for your services is a critical component of your digital marketing contract. You might opt for specific milestones that trigger a certain percentage of the full final payment. Another option may involve weekly, monthly, or any other periodic payment schedule.

5.7. Warranty

Warranties you will grant your clients are the seventh issue to think about. The digital marketing contract template has to identify the warranties you will disclaim, such as fitness for a certain purpose.

5.8. Copyrights and intellectual property rights

Number eight is agreeing on who owns the intellectual property for whichever marketing content you will have created on behalf of your client. Should you retain intellectual property ownership, you will need to come up with a license to grant clients who use this content. In addition, the template has to identify whether these licenses expire when the freelance marketing contract template term ends or not.

5.9. Jurisdiction

Number nine covers the jurisdiction under which the marketing contract template falls. It must identify the laws that shall come into play once a dispute arises over a digital marketing agreement. This means stipulating which state laws to apply, which country laws to apply if you and your client are from different nationalities, and whether it will be the laws of where you leave or the laws applying in your client’s headquarters to take into consideration.

5.10. How to resolve disputes

Number ten, in the event that a breach of contract dispute arises, the digital marketing contract template needs to state a resolution avenue. This may include mediation, arbitration, and heading to court. It needs to pinpoint how any of these avenues shall be selected.

5.11. Defending and indemnification of your clients

Number eleven covers how far you will be willing to go to defend and indemnify your clients against third-party suits arising from your services. At some point in rendering services, a third party may feel aggrieved that you or your service to your client has infringed on their copyright or intellectual property enough to sue your client.

In this regard, your digital marketing contract template will have provisions where you assure your clients you have adequate insurance cover against third party grievances arising from your services.

6. Caution on source for digital marketing contract templates

Before you can download, copy and paste, or borrow a digital marketing contract template from someone else, you need to be aware of the inherent dangers of doing so.

6.1. In whose interests

Picking any marketing contract template or digital marketing agreement without careful scrutiny may turn out to favor your client to your disadvantage. As a freelance digital marketing professional, it would not be in your interests if you used a design that favors your clients more than it safeguards your professional interests.

6.2. Consent

If you do not have legal consent to use a downloaded, copy and pasted, or borrowed digital marketing contract template, you would be guilty of intellectual property theft. The consequence would be a suit against you for infringement of copyright and intellectual property rights.

6.3. Borrowed consent

In the event you have borrowed a copy of a freelance marketing contract template from a friend who has given you their consent, there is still the danger that your friend may also not have legal rights to use or lend to a third party. This means that you would still be at risk of infringing intellectual property rights and copyrights.

6.4. General definitions and applications

Most forms of this nature available for download rarely cover specific laws of specific states or jurisdictions. This means they rest merely on general legal principals applicable in the United States but not specific jurisdictions. This means one may be good enough in one state but illegal in another, exposing you to legal liabilities.

6.5. Legal expert

Ultimately, this means that before you can use a downloaded, copy and pasted, or borrowed digital marketing contract template, it would be critical to consult an expert first. Such an expert could be an attorney or any other expert with wide knowledge in contract laws within an applicable jurisdiction.

In addition, such an expert must be one with proficiency in the specific intended applications of these forms.

7. How to create a simple marketing contract template

As with all businesses, contracts are part and parcel of many marketing agencies, regardless of whether its an agreement with their clients or their contractors. Even for simple marketing gigs, a contract is necessary to ensure that boundaries are observed, and trust is assured. A marketing contract agreement template is a legal bond that cements your relationship with the client.

It is the proof needed by both parties to the existence of a mutual agreement. It also guarantees that all parties understand the terms and conditions of the agreement and are aware of the roles they are expected to play. The contract also dictates the boundaries within the agreement, this details how much work you are expected to do and the role the client is to play.

The marketing agreement contract also prevents tasks from expanding and becoming more than they were agreed to be. It establishes respect and mutual understanding from both parties throughout the project. As a freelance marketer, this becomes an essential document to make certain that you are not taken advantage of. In other words, you will not find yourself bombarded with other duties that are not stipulated in the contract. It also protects the client's interest and that is the reason to have them agree to the terms of the contract from the onset.

Not all marketing agency contracts are complex documents with hundreds of pages that require lawyers. Some contracts are straightforward. Some marketing contracts are entered informally via a telephone conversation or a series of emails!

As a marketing consultant, you will enter into contracts from time to time with clients. When entering into a simple marketing contract, some cautions need to be observed if you are to have a smooth relationship with your clients. One simple marketing contract PDF can result in many others, therefore ensure that you take all precautions to have things run smoothly. A marketing contract agreement helps you establish a professional relationship with the client and one that can easily recur.

Most of these issues relate to transparency and content of the marketing contract sample instead of the firm or organization. This doesn't mean that the marketing contract shouldn't be well structured. However, even the best-structured marketing contract example can come full of vague clauses will make the future business a nightmare.

Digital Marketing Contract Template PDF
Image Credits:

7.1. Simple marketing contract do's and don'ts

The importance, potential risk, value and complexity of the project will determine how many clauses your marketing contract sample will have. And not just that, the clauses must be clear and concise. You can't afford to have loopholes because of vague clauses even as a freelancer.

First of all:

  1. Do make sure to inquire whether the person you are dealing with can bind the business you are contracting with if they are not a director. If you have to research this, ensure that you do. Entering a contract even a simple marketing agreement template has legal risks, which you should be careful about. Therefore, understanding the capacity of the individual you are contracting is a smart way to protect your interest.
  2. Do consider that some of the information discussed in the initial stages could be confidential to the client. Remember that the process of getting into a contract involves the revelation of some confidential information. Some of this information can be very sensitive to the client. It is, therefore, of great significance to clearly define what confidential information is to you and what it is to the client. Detail what happens in case any of the two parties discloses this kind of information. 
  3. Do remember to always mark non-contract documents as "not legally binding" or "subject to contract." This action is mainly during the correspondence phase, not when the simple marketing contract is being signed. 
  4. Do consider if there could be an anti-poaching clause. By offering excellent services, you run the risk of having the other business poach your staff and absorb them into their business, basically stealing your business tactics. The simple marketing contract PDF, therefore, must detail the repercussions that could come about as a result of such actions from both parties.

But at the same time:

  1. Don't mislead anyone. Make sure that you give deliberate information that will not be misconstrued by your clients later on. These comments, even in passing can then wreak havoc on the best business relationship. Don't include phrases that can have several meanings or that can hold another meaning from the one intended. Read through it as a third party and see whether there is anything that needs to be changed. Anything that doesn't look clear enough should be addressed before signing the contract. Have the client go through the contract together with you so that both parties can be on the same page. 
  2. Don't enter into a marketing contract sample by mistake. If you feel like the terms you had offered are not justifiable, make sure the client later knows of this instead of entering into a non-profitable contract. Don't agree to terms that don't favor you, thinking you can talk about it later on. A marketing contract agreement is a legal binding document that can result in legal consequences. In case of a breach in contract, a lot of damage to your agency or reputation can occur. Make certain that everything is specified from the scope of work to the payment process to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  3. Don't offer inducements, especially if you feel like the field is very competitive. Give your best terms, and hope for the best after submitting your marketing agreement template. Giving someone an incentive to select you is wrong. If indeed they take it and give you the business, they may use this single incident to take more from you than you were prepared to give. Not everyone out there is professional in the way they do things. So ensure that you don't come off as desperate enough to be taken advantage of. Some individuals can accept an incentive only so that they can use that weakness against you in the course of the project or during payment.

7.2. Digital marketing contract terms and termination

It is also essential to make sure that terms of engagement are clear. Even for a simple marketing contract, you will need to know when the agreement comes into force, and when each party can end the engagement earlier than expected. 

Please make sure that no party has the option of terminating the marketing contract just because they can. Make clear under which circumstances is termination allowed by either party.  Ensuring this clause is clear will work to protect the interest of both parties. A sensible reason that can be included as a reason for termination of marketing contract agreement can include when there is a breach in the contract like when work isn't done or when payment is not done right. Sudden termination can hurt business in serious ways. This can cause considerable losses concerning time and resources you have invested to meet that client's needs. 

Another important clause to agree on is the notice given before termination. Agree on how long it takes after the notice is issued before the contract is terminated. Important questions that this art of the marketing agreement template should answer include, how much the client will ay in case of abrupt termination. Does the client pay for work done until termination or for the full agreed amount of the whole project? Will you have to pay anything in case you are the one pulling out of the deal? And if there were any down payments done, are you expected to make refunds and what percentage?

This clause is best put in writing so that there is a reference point in case disagreements arise later on and one party wants to terminate the contract.

A marketing agreement is a contract by which a freelance marketer agrees to market another company's products. Marketing agreements will specify the parties involved, the cost of services, the scope of work among other details. An effective agreement doesn't necessarily have to be an intricately detailed report with hundreds of pages. The core value of the marketing agreement sample is to clarify the purpose of the working arrangement, strengthening the working relationship between the parties.

Business owners require a marketing agreement to manage several activities relating to marketing the business. However, such enterprises leave the subject matter to experts due to the infinite tasks that require constant attention. Freelancers, therefore, can help to create marketing plans on behalf of prospective clients. Whether you are a beginner or expert, creating a marketing document requires attention to the list of scope necessary to create a great template. Freelancers should know about advertising, promotions, and public relations to make an enormous scope when structuring a marketing agreement.

While designing a marketing agreement template, freelancers are required to define a transparent process that will improve the collaboration among various marketing staff or departments. As such, the binding agreement should involve potential aspects that will lay out the best techniques required to generate high leads in business.

Despite keeping things simple, some details should not miss from your contract, regardless of how simple you want it to be.

7.3. Legal matters when drafting a marketing agreement

Your marketing agreement sample should indicate the parties involved, and which roles they play in the business relationship. An attorney usually oversees this aspect since the contract will be legally binding for all parties involved. The details include the freelancer and the company that are forming the business relationships, their physical addresses, their chief representatives (who are usually lawyers) as well as the roles they will play.

Both parties, their representatives, and a legal attorney will sign the document making it legally binding.

7.4. Services and compensation section of the digital marketing contract

The marketing agreement example details the scope of the needs that one party is in need of, and the process the freelancer will follow to fulfill these needs. The services are explicitly specified in the contract. Also covered in the contract is the compensation that the freelance marketer will receive in return for their services. Sometimes, contracts usually exceed the proposed scope of work. The extra jobs that the Freelancer does are outlined, and thus, compensation will be specified.

This step prevents the potential of one party crying foul due to extra tasks that they were not prepared to handle while at the same time, assures the client that their needs will be met in full regardless of what direction the project takes. Sometimes, the Freelancer will require authorization from the client before any of their ideas are implemented. This issue may need additional working days just for approval. The contract must specify how such a situation can be handled without either party breaching the contract.

Also to be specified are the means of handling finances. Some firms prefer cheques while others exclusively deal with bank transfers. The due date of the payments should also be specified in the contract.

Freelancers should keep in mind that the marketing agreements are supposed to provide leads to achieving a competitive advantage in the industry. As such, freelancers must focus more on client detail rather than their information. Let clients know the best ways to handle specific needs. Remember to highlight the past marketing example that could add value to the business and compare it with the current template relevantly. Details in the model must revolve around the client requirements and be as descriptive as possible.

Digital Marketing Contract Template Example PDF
‍Image Credits:

7.5. Termination of a marketing contract template

The contract terms of termination usually specify how long the project is expected to take. Thus, there will either be a specified ending date, or proposed duration regarding weeks or months. The terms of termination also cover the details and process which a party must follow in case they wish to opt out of the project. Very often, the parties are usually expected to give a notice of termination as early as 30 days prior. This clause allows the client time to adjust as they source for a new freelancer to handle their marketing needs.

7.6. Confidentiality clauses in a digital marketing agreement

This clause ensures that the contracting company's information is secure. Marketing services involve handling a lot of information, and sometimes sensitive information needs protection. Thus, the client is at liberty to sue the freelancer if they discover that confidential information has been leaked and used without their knowledge. The same applies to intellectual property. Sometimes, the freelancer might have developed unique techniques and tools.

When working with business documents such as marketing agreements, confidentiality is required. Freelancers should address various processes to keep business information confidential. There is a need to agree on mutual rules that will protect you, especially when quoting a third party. Learn how to make references to maintain strict privacy and prevent penalties revolving around business data protection. Before performing any contract, there is a need to consult about the details like reference names and titles before establishing an effective marketing plan. As such, a freelancer can confidently describe various obligations in detail without falling victims of copyrights when quoting other business information.

These are their intellectual property, and cannot be claimed by the client. Thus, the marketing agreement sample will ensure that the competitive risk due to leaked information is mitigated. Lastly, the confidentiality clause specifies who will own what after the contract lapses. This clause mitigates the possibility of competitive risk as mentioned earlier.

7.7. When to contact your attorney

Your lawyer is involved in the process of building the marketing agreement example. The beauty of a written agreement is that it will address the issues articulated in this article, plus many more.

Lastly, when creating a marketing agreement, freelancers should dedicate their skills and experience to avoid frustrations. At the same time, freelancers should research extra tips to help create a competitive marketing agreement document to overcome the fierce competition from rival n the same niche. It would be best if you were concise and professional in addressing solid objectives and expectations in the marketing proposal. 

The aspects of the plan should also be enforceable in the current market place. The agreements should even acknowledge the terms and conditions in the business world as well as other legal bindings that revolve around business relationships in the industry.

7.8. Individual information in a marketing contract

The personal information of the participants comes first in drafting a marketing agreement PDF. It includes the names of the manufacturer (one creating product or service) and distributor or wholesaler (freelancer or marketer). Also included in the document is the contact address, email, and websites of both parties.

7.9. Project definition in a marketing agreement template

Next is the definition of key terms and the scope of work. Here, the roles of both parties are defined towards achieving the goal of the contract. If there are resources that need to be provided before the commencement of work, it has to spelled out and added as a clause to avoid the blame game.

7.10. Financial implications of a digital marketing contract

The marketing agreement PDF should lay out the financial arrangement and the obligations of each participant. It is good you reach an agreement with your client on the sales price of profit and the percentage of profit that will come to you. Besides, items such as cost per unit of product/service, labor, distribution, and the shipping cost may be specified on the document. 

7.11. Promotion rights covered by the marketing agreement

You don't want to be involved in a deal where you don't have the right to necessary intellectual property information needed to do your job. Add a clause of rights and limitations to using intellectual property in the market promotion. 

7.12. Publicity method stated in the marketing contract

A section could be added, defining the approach or strategy to be used in promoting product/service.

7.13. Ownership rights/proprietary information

This section of your marketing agreement PDF establishes the ownership rights of patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. It also states the information that both parties may not want to go public, which may be bound with time.

7.14. Dates and timelines of the marketing contract

The document must specify the start and end dates as well as other important dates for payment, the supply of material, or the achievement of a milestone.

7.15. Warranty and termination of a digital marketing agreement

The warranty section provides or defines the guarantees of the agreement and establishes the warranties of the products/service and the work of the participants. Also, in the unfortunate case of withdrawal by any party before completion, the marketing agreement PDF should specify how that should be handled.

8. How to create a marketing agreement sample

Marketers are skilled in identifying the goods and services that are of interest to consumers. They are also good at introducing new goods and services to the market on behalf of a business or company. If you are a freelance marketer, you’d have clients seek your service to promote their business.

In that case, working together would be a good idea of only there is an agreement or contract in place. A marketing agreement sample would help set up the terms and conditions in working with a client.

If you are employed as a marketer, you will assist your client in selling their goods or services by creating materials that would promote such a product or service. These materials may range from pamphlets, flyers, brochures, advertisements, websites, contents, or booths for advertising products or service at trade shows.  

Digital Marketing Agreement Template Sample
Image Credits:

A marketing agreement sample can be created by either a client or a freelance marketer. Irrespective of who creates the document, it must be customized to cover the agreement between the parties involved. The agreement, once written and signed, becomes a binding contract that guides your business relationship with a client.

As a freelancer or consultant providing marketing services, you have to tackle a number of administrative tasks, so that you can ensure your legal compliance. One of the common documents that you need to have when working with your customers is a marketing services agreement. 

This agreement covers the contractual obligations between you and the business to which you’re providing marketing services. It defines the activities you will undertake, as well as the timeframe for completion and the responsibilities of each party.

The agreement is the basic document which you can use to define scope, payment, and conditions of providing your marketing services.

A marketing agreement sample should specify the following information about the participants to guide the business relationship properly. 

8.1. Information of parties involved in the digital marketing contract

A marketing agreement should start by specifying the parties that are involved in a marketing contract-client and the marketer or two businesses. The document should include name, mailing address, contact address, website, and phone numbers of all participants.

8.2. Responsibility & deliverables covered by the marketing contract template

The marketing agreement sample should spell out your responsibility as a marketing specialist and what you are expected to deliver as an exchange of monetary reward or other forms of value. Ensure you understand the marketing requirements and what is expected from you. 

8.3. Material requirement / procurement

There should be a material requirement clause in a marketing agreement sample to avoid unnecessary delay of work. Sometimes, a client may need to provide some resources for a marketing professional to work.

8.4. Project timeline stated in the digital marketing contract

Agreements are only valid with time. Questions about start time, end date, and milestone dates should be set and specified on a marketing contract. Such will help to identify if a party is failing in his/her duty regarding the project execution.

8.5. Payment terms and conditions section of the marketing agreement

Marketers are meant to be compensated for creating value; hence, a marketing agreement should state how a consultant would be compensated. It also has to report the timeline for payment and penalties for defaulting.

8.6. Termination of a digital marketing contract template

It is wisdom to admit that some relationships may go awry, resulting in one participant opting out prematurely. A clause should be added to your marketing agreement sample to take care of such a situation. Clients who withdraw from an agreement may be required to pay a certain amount of money to a freelance marketer. Another way to deal with this s to set a non-refundable deposit upon agreement to work together.  

8.7. Ownership / rights in a marketing contract template

If an intellectual property or proprietary information would be created as an outcome of the relationship, it is good to agree beforehand on who will own the property. Also, sensitive information that are shared between parties to enhance the successful execution of the marketing plans is meant to be kept secret.

If applicable, such propriety information should be spelled out in the Non-Disclosure (NDA) part of the agreement.  

8.8. Comply with government laws when drafting your marketing contract

If applicable, services and information contained in your marketing agreement sample should comply with government regulations. In the US, Federal law may restrict clients to specific services and prevent marketers from being employed for anything illegal.

8.9. The contents of a marketing services agreement

One of the basic elements that you need to include in the agreements that you sign with clients is the nature of the freelance work you will complete for them. For example, you have to note if you’re going to create a strategic marketing plan, a marketing analysis, or branded content. Then you have to clarify the exact scope that you’ve agreed on. 

Typically, this foundational document should also contain the quality standards that you and the client establish. By benchmarking to these standards the work you’ve completed, you can finalize a piece of work and have it officially accepted by the other party. 

The agreement would also usually provide definitions for each term that you are using to describe the services you will execute. Thus, you should note what both parties understand as the main task and the scope of the agreement, among others. 

Last but not least, your marketing services agreement has to set the terms of the contract between you and the client, as well as the ways for its termination. That’s what you can use as rules for cancellation. 

8.10. Responsibilities of the parties involved in a marketing contract

The marketing services agreement should additionally contain the obligations that you take on as a consultant, as well as those of the other party. In your case, this would signify what type of work you will conduct and in what timeframe.  

The responsibilities of the client usually include that they have to provide you with the necessary information, so that you can complete your tasks. They may have to give you access to certain business documents or other types of insider knowledge. The client may also be obliged in the agreement to provide timely responses to your queries, or feedback at the different stages of completing the project. 

The client also is responsible to pay a certain remuneration for the freelance services that you will provide. The agreement should contain the amounts, as well as any expenses and fees that should be taken into account. It has to set the way that tax withholding will be handled. 

8.11. Exclusivity clause and confidentiality of a marketing agreement

In some cases, you may want to impose an exclusivity clause on the client with whom you’re working. This means that the marketing services agreement will contain a section that obliges the other party to use only your marketing services for the duration of the contract. 

As a freelancer, you will have to judge on a case-by-case basis whether you need such a clause for each project you take on. It may be difficult to negotiate exclusivity with some clients. However, if it is essential for the success of your work, you have to communicate this clearly with prospects when you start the contractual negotiations. 

Additionally, the client may require that you include a confidentiality clause in the agreement. This may be necessary in order to protect sensitive business data. You will have to keep confidential the company’s knowhow, trade secrets, or other types of information that you’re given access to. 

8.12. Limited liability clauses in a digital marketing contract

It’s good to think about your liability when providing freelance consulting services. The best way to make sure you will not be held responsible for unreasonable losses is to include a limited liability clause in the marketing services agreement. 

For example, if you are creating a marketing strategy for a client, the agreement should explicitly state that you cannot be held responsible if the strategy does not bring a specific financial result for the client. Otherwise, a disgruntled customer may sue you for losses, or similar causes. 

9. Get started with creating your marketing services agreement

Are you launching your activities as a freelancer or a marketing consultancy?

Then you should make sure that you duly settle each contractual work in a marketing services agreement. With the tips outlined above, you can make sure that you don’t miss anything important that the agreement should contain. 

In a nutshell

Digital marketing platforms and trends are undergoing regular and rapid updates and changes. In the course of this year alone, Facebook algorithms have undergone drastic changes that are causing waves within the digital marketing industry.

The implications here are that consumers are digesting advertising in new ways and changes are taking place at a rapid pace. For digital marketing freelancers, it is no longer merely enough to keep abreast of emerging trends. You must look forward and prepare for what comes next.

A simple marketing contract allows you to enter into a non-complex marketing project that doesn't require too many details except the expression of consent by the client. However, as simple as it is, the contract may save you from a headache down the road. Don't allow friendship to cloud the fact that professionalism in business is mandatory. 

No matter how simple things seem or how friendly you may be, maintain professionalism all through. One way to be professional is by signing a marketing contract to protect not only your freelance reputation but even the friendship you have. It is always safer to invest in a professionally drafted marketing agreement template for all your projects.

This means creating your digital marketing contract template in a manner that contemplates and reflects these rapid changes. Only then will you be able to give excellent service provision and satisfaction to your clients while making profits appropriate to the skills and long hours you put in.



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