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A development contract is a binding agreement that involves the developer company and the client company. It binds them to adhere to the contract requirement. In a nutshell, the developer and the client each has a role to play for a successful business contract as stated in the signed agreement. The client engages with the developer, and the developer agree to the terms laid on the contract. The developer must follow strictly to the development contract details or terms which also includes the time specification agreed upon. As for the time frame the developer after handing in the final work, is expected to offer support and answer any question freely to the client after the user testing has been performed on the working App or software developed. Any assistance after that time frame is chargeable and the client is liable to pay for any further assistance.

The client has the powers to terminate the development contract if there is any breach of contract. If the need or issue is raised and the developer fails to solve the issue within a given time frame, the client has the authority to terminate the contract or ask for compensation. The developer is expected to provide the client a time frame to train the client on how the application operates after it�s been delivered.

The software or app developed is expected to work correctly to the client�s specifications. If the software does not work in accordance with the provided specifications, one can write a formal letter informing the developer by which the developer is expected to respond by correcting the mistakes within a given time frame. If he fails to do so, the client has the right to walk out of the contract honoring the breach contract act.

When making the final payment, the client is expected to pay the developer on an hourly basis and the developer is to provide an invoice that all the money shall be paid in accordance to the total fees agreed upon. Every invoice shall be submitted to the client the moment the work is finished, and he is fully satisfied with the work. When everything is done, and both parties are pleased with the work done, the developer must have it in mind that the client now holds the full rights of the product. The developer must agree that he no longer owns the copyrights to the product. Selling that work to another client is considered an infringement of the copyright law that is highly punishable by the court of laws.