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Designers are well aware about what significance an invoice holds in their business enterprises. Paper invoices assists in receiving payments for services rendered and products offered. However, few designers have awareness regarding the nature of damage paper invoices do to our environment. Yet they remain big culprits or contributors as freelancers and corporate America.

A recent survey conducted by oDesk shows that there are about seventy thousand contractors based in the United States. Thirty-two percent of them have chosen the freelance option after losing their day jobs. Independent contractor designers have numerous job opportunities on the internet. These opportunities arise from every corner of the world.

These opportunities also arise for independent contractor writers. This is because businesses today seek unique content for their blogs, websites and reviews, and twitter accounts among others. A report on Strategies of Management has it that independent contractors grossed over 4 billion USD. This report further reports that by the end of the last decade, design freelancers had risen from seventy four thousand to eighty seven  thousand.

The largest fifty graphic design enterprises compose less than one percent of the number of such establishments. They however gross over sixteen percent or one billion USD of the invoice totals, a large figure indeed. This gives you a basic idea about how much paper goes to waste for invoicing alone.

In addition, the amount of paper-based invoices corporate America generates is alarming. Over thirteen billion invoices come into use annually in the United States alone. This implies about twenty five billion pieces of invoice papers see usage in offices each year.

This means about ten percent of all trees cut worldwide go into generating invoices. In addition, electricity generated to create paper invoices equals that consumed by twenty million households. Time has come to learn lessons from what is happening in the European Union.

Since January 1, 2004, there has been in operation a legal obligation for enterprises operating within the European Union to work with electronic invoices. In addition, a study reveals that changing to paperless invoices cuts invoicing costs by seventy percent.

A mere fifty percent switch to electronic invoicing from currently prevalent paper invoices would save three hundred tons of paper each year. That is about one million trees saved each year. Apart from the monetary benefits arising from this, a major interest is our environment. As such, it would be in everyone's interest to switch to invoicing online.

A designer invoice template free download is a good place to start.

Thanks to cloud based invoicing and billing software, businesses can send and track invoices easily. This is while business owners are at home, on a bus or even out in the field. In addition, templates available come with attractive and robust solutions for billing.

Good invoicing software rests on native mobile app. They help to ease challenges billing clients creates without putting up expensive finance departments. Versions of these invoice template apps are downloaded and installed free. Other versions have free trials with additional features that have monthly subscriptions.

According to Nick Mead, Xero takes top position in accounting software. Its accounting and invoices feature has an iPhone app that allows invoicing on the hope. It has features that enable creation, approval, and delivery of invoices from an iOS device. Xero works from a slick interface too.

This invoice template enables further functionality besides invoicing and billing. These include viewing of all your bank accounts, and enables checking outstanding invoices status, reports, and contacts. It handles synchronization of accounts and sends you notifications of updates on bank transactions.

According to this article, Billing Pro has an elegant invoicing app whose templates are popular with iPhone, iPad and Mac owners. Its proficiency lies in having its native app storing appropriate information on your device. This information is additionally synchronized over the internet. It feels and looks like an Apple application, something its users love.

Billing Pro features Apple Watch allowing seamless mobile invoice solutions. It comes free for a single statement, an estimate, and an invoice each month. For additional statements, estimates and invoices, a fee is payable.

Zoho Invoice has templates for businesses that prefer using several transfer options to receive payments. This allows independent contractors on iPhones to access their payments faster. This is because it supports payment options such as checkout,, and PayPal. It also allows clients to make partial payments.

If you have five clients or less, this is a free service. You will require paying a monthly fee for additional clients, users, projects, invoices and estimates.

Work Flow Mas works as a powerful internet invoicing solution. It brings together project management and invoicing. It has an app template on iPhone that allows tracking hours worked, dates worked, tasks, job selection and enables accurate record maintenance for accurate invoices.

Additional features include managing project scheduling, tracking time, sending invoices and generation of leads. This template app has a monthly fee charged for operating according to this article.