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Freelance designers need as many clients as they can get. A good mix of old and new clients keeps the consultancy running along nicely. You have to provide topnotch services for clients to continue giving you more projects to work on. More importantly, you have to learn how to close deals. Without this skill, you would be a struggling consultant. The ability to close deals keeps your lights on, ensures that you always have food on your table and clothes behind your back. That is where the design brief generator comes in!

Design Brief Generator
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What can the design brief generator do to help you close more deals?

1. The designer brief generator answers why clients should buy from you

The design brief generator offers you a small window of opportunity that you can grab to hook clients. It allows you to convince clients why they have to buy the services they need from you. Remember, the industry is replete with tons of talents. You need to stand out in terms of pricing, quality of the designs, or after-sales services. You need unique key selling points. You will struggle closing deals if you can’t convince clients how they will benefit from buying from you. Give the new prospective clients 1-2 solid reasons for buying from you!

You can convince clients to buy from you by:

  • Solving problems
  • Creating urgencies

2. The design brief generator provides answers to objections

You will discover that some clients are too outspoken thus always seem to have an opinion about anything. It’s important for consultants to learn how to close deals with such types of customers. A good starting point would be to find out the main issue behind the objections the clients keep issuing or raising. Discover each client’s hidden objection. What’s making the client unhappy with the design you created? Find out from the clients. Do not assume that they have an issue with the price.

The objections could be the result of the following:

  • Lack of trust in your ability to do the work exceptionally well
  • Lack of authority to make final decisions
  • No real need for your services
  • Lack of time to support you right through the project

3. Make a sales pitch with the design brief generator

Now, the design brief generator is different from any sales-related document. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of it to make a sales pitch to your clients. Remember, the goal of using the generator and relying on it in your negotiations with clients is to convince them that you’re the right freelancer for the work. That cannot happen if you hold back. Let nothing hold you back or prevent you from asking for a sale.

Design Brief Generator Example
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You can ask for sale and close deals in several ways.

4. Make follow-ups with the design brief generator

The fact that a client has given you permission to embark on the design project doesn’t mean consultants have finished their work. No! If anything, that’s just the start. The best freelance designs understand the importance of making follow-ups. Include the provision for follow-ups on the design brief generator. Contact all clients whose projects you have handled relatively well. Here, consultants should remember to follow up:

  • Clients who bought services
  • Clients who failed to buy services
  • Former clients
  • New prospects

Lastly, consultants should know how and when to walk away. If nothing seems to be working, you could always do all the closing through the designer brief generator. You have several tools and options for going about this task. Close deals professionally so that your consultancy never runs out of clients to serve. Start practicing some of the lessons you learned here so that they become second nature to you!


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