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Table of content

A well-written business coaching agreement is in your best interest as a professional coach because it offers legal protection and aids in setting the parameters for a perfect client intake process. This legal document protects both you and your clients by establishing boundaries for the coach-client relationship and describing acceptable conduct, the duration of the services, as well as the payment procedure.

Having a pre-written business coaching contract template on hand is a terrific method to guarantee that every time you establish a contract for a new client, all the crucial information is addressed. By focusing only on filling out the client-specific information, you will save a ton of time and have a polished business coaching agreement in no time. To help you figure out the structure of your template, we'll go over some of the most crucial components you must be sure to include.

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Essential Elements of a Business Coaching Agreement Template

When creating your business coaching agreement contract template, remember this is a legally binding document, so pay special attention to every element as any errors or omissions can quickly result in disputes and even legal repercussions. You must set proper expectations for the coach-client relationships and make sure both parties agree to the coaching services negotiated.

These are the key components you need to cover.

Contact Information

Begin your contract template with a section to provide your contact information as well as your client's. Include the basic information like full names, phone numbers, address, and email address. You may also add your coaching business' name if it's different from yours.

Description of Coaching

It's possible that many clients are unaware of what a business coaching program actually includes. Therefore, it's crucial to specify the type and aim of the services you will offer in your coaching contracts. Explain that your products and services are intended to inspire your customers to realize their full potential on a professional level. How will your program help them to clarify their business vision and how it fits their personal goals. This is a fantastic method to provide the customer clarity before you begin a coaching relationship.

Responsibilities and Expectations

A crucial part of your business coaching agreement is outlining the client responsibility and expectations. You must clarify that any actions or inactions on their part, as well as the direct or indirect results of any services rendered, are not your responsibility as their coach. Make sure your client has clear expectations regarding what they will accomplish with your program and they understand it is completely they need to be held accountable by doing their part to make it a success.

Coaching Services

The next section of your coaching template is to outline the services offered as part of your program as well as the precise manner in which they will be delivered. Describe the way in which meetings and calls will be held (in-person, online, over the phone, etc...), what your availability will be in between meetings and the process the client should follow in case they require more time or additional services.

Outline the specific business-related areas where your client needs help and what your approach will be to assist them. Finally, define whether you will be able to perform additional tasks (outside of the coaching sessions), such as evaluating documents, producing reports, etc., as well as the cost of such extra services.

Confidentiality Clause

As a business coach, you must guarantee the client's confidential information will be kept private. Add a clause to ensure all conversations remain undisclosed and you will never voluntarily reveal the coaching connection you have with clients without getting their permission, unless you're required to do so by law.

On the other hand, it's also important to make sure your client agrees to maintain the confidentiality of your coaching methods and trade secrets. They shouldn't divulge information about their coaching program to anyone else because doing so could mislead potential customers about the quality of your services.

Service Schedule

It's critical that your business coaching agreement outlines the duration of the services you plan to offer, including the number of sessions and length of each meeting or call. You must specify how the times and dates of the meetings will be chosen, who will be in charge of making any planned calls, and the allowed time before the meeting is deemed "missed." Include a rescheduling and to specify the steps to be taken if a client is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, as well as any fees for doing so.

Intellectual Property Rights

During your business coaching process, you will very likely provide your clients with a ton of valuable materials you invested time and hard work to create. Make sure you protect it all by adding a clause to specify how your client may use this material, and that you always get credit in case they do. Whether these are free tools on your website, worksheets, journals, handouts, etc., set clear ground rules specifying these materials will always remain your sole property.

You certainly don't want them to use your content for commercial gain, so by including this clause in your contract, you will have the ability to sue if your work is unfairly used.

Termination of Services

Several unanticipated situations might occur during the coaching process, and the contract should clearly state the procedure to follow in case any party chooses or needs to terminate the program. Indicate how far in advance a written notification of cancellation will be required, as well as how any outstanding balance for the coaching services must be paid (or refunded if applicable).

Payment Terms

Having explicit payment terms is the best protection against losing money or even being ghosted. You must indicate the total cost of the course or the cost per session, the due dates for each payment, and the acceptable payment methods (online transactions like PayPal or Stripe, transfers, credit/debit cards, etc.). Additionally, go through your refund policies and what happens if a payment is missed (are there any late fees).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do you structure a coaching contract?

Include a description of the services you'll be providing, define the client-coach relationship, breakdown the schedule and fees. You may also include a cancellation policy and procedcures.

Is a coaching agreement a legal document?

Begin by customizing Bonsai's free template. Just sign up, and edit the coaching agreement based on your specific terms. Since our templates are legally reviewed, they will help you establish a coaching agreement with maximum protection.

How do I start a coaching agreement?

Begin by customizing Bonsai's free template. Just sign up, and edit the coaching agreement based on your specific terms. Since our templates are legally reviewed, they will help you establish a coaching agreement with maximum protection.