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Architects work as freelancers or consultants too. They perform numerous functions. They meet clients, prepare scaled drawings, provide preliminary estimates regarding cost and time spent constructing buildings, and managing construction contracts among other responsibilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a 4 percent growth in the employment of new architects by 2026. With such impressive additions, it’s important for these freelance architects to know how to attract new clients.

That’s where the architecture design brief example comes in, as you will see below.

Architecture Design Brief Template
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1. Identifying ideal projects with the architecture design brief example

Are all freelance architectural projects worth the hassle? Some are, but some aren’t. It’s good to learn to differentiate between those worth spending time on and the ones you should just let go. The design brief can offer you a ray of hope in this. The ideal project is one that suits your needs, goals, and objectives as a consultant. How does it contribute to the growth of your consultancy? You should have the bigger picture at the back of your mind before making your way backward based on the information you see on the brief.

Choosing your projects well demonstrates that you know your value, and worth!

2. Making the design portable, shareable, and exportable with the architecture design brief example

For years, architects have always preferred preparing samples as portfolios that they can carry and show to clients in face-to-face meetings. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. However, times have changed a bit, as any contemporary freelance architect would tell you. For this reason, it’s better to prepare designs that are not only portable, but also shareable and exportable. This way, you never have to carry huge files with you wherever you go. Make this the philosophy by which everybody at your consultancy works.

3. Prioritizing follow-ups with the architecture design brief example

Never leave any of your freelance clients hanging in the air by denying them the attention they need during and after each architectural project. Let the architecture design brief capture the fact that you will be making regular follow-ups with them regarding any milestone on the project. Prepare and grow an email list consisting of the names of all your clients – past and present! Stay in touch with these clients via periodic, personal emails. Don’t hold back from emailing them occasional updates too.

Architecture Design Brief Template Sample
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4. Branding your consultancy with the architecture design brief example

It’s not enough to run a consultancy that provides architectural design services. The next goal is to grow and transform it into a brand. Architectural design has many fields. Specialization can be quite helpful here. Capture the fact that you’re a specialist or expert in a specific field of architectural design through the architecture design brief example.  What expertise do you – or your entire team – have? What sort of architectural design projects would you like your consultancy – and brand – to be renowned for specializing in or providing?

A few examples to guide you here include:

  • Urban design
  • Environmental design
  • Master plans
  • Residential designs
  • Cultural designs
  • Civic designs

5. Build your presence online, too with the architecture design brief example

All architectures prefer dealing with tangible stuff. They prefer paper, brick, and mortar. They would rather be seen working on physical 3D models too. However, that doesn’t mean that they can afford to ignore the online world. The architecture design brief example should feature some social media proof that shows the consultant has an active online presence.

An online presence gives you access to massive audiences. It allows you to grab the attention of tons of prospective clients who you can then hook with a well-written brief. Therefore, the architecture design brief example serves a bigger purpose than what you realize. With it, you could attract more freelance clients to help grow your architectural consultancy.


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