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Architect Invoice TemplateArchitect Invoice TemplateArchitect Invoice Template

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You know your worth as an architect, whether it is creating winning designs for stand-alone homes or tall skyscrapers. Your services as a freelance architect are in great demand, and you know you have the potential to increase your revenues multiple times, but what is stopping you from expanding your business is a foolproof architect invoice. 

While you are not expected to know how to generate a professional invoice as a consultant architect, it is not as complicated as you might think. There are online resources that could be used as a reference just like any other subject you search using Google.

Architect Invoice Template
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However, we want you to avoid any invoicing mistakes, and so we share the essential tips you need to follow as a freelancer. Follow these tips and you will get paid on time!

Tips for creating an architect invoice template

As a freelancing architect, you need to create an architect invoice which will ensure that the client makes your payment on a priority basis. 

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

1. Add the services you provided to your architect invoice template

You need to be specific regarding the services to be provided in your architect invoice. When you provide details like the hours spent by you and the rates charged per hour as a freelancer, it is more likely that the client will accept you as a professional. So make sure that a short description of every service that you are providing as a freelance architect is mentioned. 

2. Simple architect invoice template design

A complicated design for your architect invoice is likely to delay your payments, so keep the design simple. Use fonts that can be read easily, keeping the size at least 12. Ensure that your freelance invoice is not cluttered with information. The presentation should be neat, mentioning the date, services being offered and your rates. Do be sure that there is enough space for margins because important information might be lost when your invoice is photocopied and sent to the accounts department.

Architect Invoice Template Sample
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3. Breaking up large projects with your architect invoice template

As a consultant, when you have large projects, you should bill the client multiple times according to the stage of progress. So there will be an architect invoice for every part of the project completed, and each invoice will show the balance pending for the whole project. This will help both the client and you to keep track of payments. 

4. Provide multiple payment options with your architect invoice template

Every client might have their preferred mode of payment which could be wire transfer or Paypal. Giving them multiple options will ensure that your architect invoice gets paid on time. 

5. Provide bank details in your architect invoice template

Another major reason why your architect invoice might not ensure timely payment is because it might not be providing the right bank details. Your bank account number must be given legibly in your freelancer invoice. If the client is making payments by cheque, your communication address must be legibly entered. You should also mention that "cheques should be made in favour of."

6. Add penalty for payment details in your architect invoice template

As a freelancing architect, ensure that your invoice mentions the due date for payment and the penalty for delays. This should be included in the terms and conditions section of the invoice. You can get a legal opinion regarding how this section should be framed. 

7. Avoid delays in sending your architect invoice template

Make sure that you send your freelancing invoice on time to get paid faster

Ensure faster payments with Bonsai's winning architect invoice template

Your freelancing business should not suffer due to lack of a professional invoice. Comprehensive templates from Bonsai will ensure that your architect invoice gets paid on time. Watch your architecture dream grow with the right invoice!



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