Track 1099 expenses & keep peace of mind
at tax time

Bonsai Tax is built exclusively for self-employed workers to track expenses, maximize tax write-offs, and estimate quarterly taxes.

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Save an average of $5,600 per year and avoid surprise bills
at tax time

Track expenses

Auto-imports expense from bank and credit cards, then classify and track them on web and mobile apps

Identify write-offs

Bonsai Tax automatically identifies expenses that are deductible to save you extra money at tax time.

Estimate quarterly taxes

Never get caught by a surprise tax bill again. Bonsai Tax analyzes your spending to estimate taxes due.

Automate expenses

Connect your bank and credit / debit card accounts to automatically import and organize tax receipts.

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Maximize write-offs

Bonsai Tax is designed to identify and categorize receipts for taxes. So, our app can help you maximize your tax savings at the end of the year.

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Estimate quarterly tax

Our tax software for freelancers uses your tracked income, expenses, and deductions to give you live estimates of the taxes you will owe.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Bonsai help maximize my tax return?

You bet. With Bonsai Tax, you can connect your bank account and easily allow your transactions to be scanned for potential tax write-offs that you may have missed. With a few clicks your estimated quarterly taxes are ready to be filed to help you stay compliant and efficient.