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About This Ebook

This is the guide we wish we had when we started freelancing.

It's a collaboration between InVision, the world's leading design platform, and Bonsai, the world's leading freelance management platform.

It's for freelancers of all kinds: new or experienced, moonlighter or full time, designer, developer, photographer, writer, marketer, you name it.

It's packed full of tips on establishing your business, finding clients, negotiating your price, creating and signing online contracts, managing your finances, getting paid on time, and more.

What to expect

Chapter 1

The Hunt: How and
Where to Find Clients

Chapter 2

The Brand of You:
How to Market Yourself

Chapter 3

(Radical) Ways to
Rethink Your Pricing

Chapter 4

How to Actually
Get Paid on Time

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Secrets to Effective
Client Communication

Chapter 7

Your Piggy Bank: Managing Finances

Chapter 8

25 Hours in a Day:
Being Productive as a Freelancer

Chapter 9

The Next Step:
Growing as a Freelancer

Bonsai is everything you need to run your business

Our all-in-one software suite makes it easy to manage your paperwork, keep track of your finances, be prepared for tax season, and more. With smart automation and deeply integrated product components, Bonsai can give you peace of mind to focus on your craft.

Use Bonsai's clean and intuitive UI to create winning proposal templates and get notified when the client replies. Draft bullet-proof contract templates in minutes and easily send them for e-signature. Get paid on time whenever you create and send professional invoice templates using Bonsai.

Are you ready to discover how Bonsai can help? Sign up for a 14-day free trial to see for yourself!