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How to make an invoice on iPhone

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August 10, 2023
August 10, 2023
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  • Numbers app is Apple's native Excel with many templates, making it an ideal choice for iPhone users.
  • Numbers app has limited features and includes an invoice template that requires quite a bit of manual editing to make it professional.
  • Manual invoice editing often leads to errors and is time consuming, so choosing an alternative way of invoicing clients is better.
  • Bonsai invoicing app has a simple interface that has powerful features that can help you automate your invoicing process.

Creating an invoice, but without a computer or laptop? Challenge accepted.

Your iPhone alone is enough for drafting an adequate invoice. Apple phone comprises third-party apps such as Numbers, where you can create an invoice.

Read this article till the end to learn more about how to make an invoice on iPhone with the iPhone invoice app in a few simple steps. You'll also learn about a few easier ways to streamline your invoice generation process, getting you paid faster and on time.

5 Steps to create an invoice on iPhone

'Numbers app' is Apple's native Excel or Google Spreadsheets, with a good number of templates, which makes it an ideal choice for iPhone users to create invoices for their business.

Without further do, here's how to make an invoice on your iPhone using Numbers.

Step 01: Open the Numbers app

Unlock your iPhone and go to the home screen. Swipe left, past all of your home screen pages, to open the App Library. Search 'Numbers' on the search bar and open the Numbers app.

Step 02: Tap on '+'

Now, when you open the Numbers app, it'll direct you to your recent projects (if you have any). But we aren't looking for that, so tap the '+' icon on the right side of your top screen.

Step 03: Search the invoice template

Tapping on the plus icon directs you to a templates page, where you can either select a blank spreadsheet to work with or get yourself a pre-outlined template. However, since doing things from scratch requires time and skills, let's search the template.

You can find an invoice template under the business section. Tap on the invoice template to open the document.

Step 04: Customize your invoice

Once you've successfully opened the invoice template, it's time to start customizing. Double-tap on the section you want to edit.

An ideal invoice comprises certain significant and essential elements. Even though the template will include sample information for better guidance, just to be extra sure, tick off the following elements and add anything missing.

  • Document identification: Add "Invoice" as the header of the document.
  • Branding: Since the invoice represents your business in a way, personalize it to reflect your business. You can add your logo and include the color theme and fonts using the tools on the toolbar at the top of your screen. This will also make you appear more professional.
  • Legal information: Add your business and client's name, address, and contact information in the provided respective spaces.
  • An itemized list of products and services: Having an itemized list with descriptions and quantities will clarify doubts and help you avoid customer queries.
  • Price: List accurate prices, discounts, and taxes, with an accurate total amount to get compensated properly.
  • Payment terms and conditions: Mention your preferred modes of payment, the number of days until when you'll want your payment to be made, any late fee charges, etc.

Step 05: Send it off to get paid

Once you are done customizing the invoices, it's time to send the invoice and get paid. To send your invoice,

  • Tap on the three on the top right side of your screen.
  • Select "Send Copy."
  • Choose the format you want to send (PDF format is much recommended).
  • And lastly, send your invoice by tapping on the platform's icon you want to send it through.

Limitations of the "Numbers" invoicing app on iPhone

Although the Numbers app is good and free to use, it still doesn't tackle all the important invoicing needs.

  • Numbers app has just one type of invoice template, and if that one template doesn't quench your needs, then you'll either have to make the invoice from scratch or look for a better alternative.
  • Numbers app has only basic features; you can't track the status of invoices or even follow up with the clients.
  • You'll have to customize and edit every invoice before sending it, increasing the risk of errors and making you look unprofessional.
  • Sending an invoice involves some steps. This equals wasting unnecessary time and late payments.

With the above limitations, we say it's better to look for an alternative that eases your workload of not just creating but also managing, sending, and tracking your invoices.

Bonsai – A mobile-first invoice app

Introducing Bonsai – your best alternative! The only mobile-first invoice app you'll need in your pocket.

The Bonsai app is hands down the best invoicing app you'll find in the market. And it is definitely everything you need for your online business. It has a simple and approachable interface comprising helpful features that'll ease your managing system.

With Bonsai, you can generate invoices or use 100+ templates to customize the one reflecting your business image. It also lets you send and track invoices, schedule recurring invoices, and more. The cloud storage feature reduces any future hassle of managing business by automatically storing and saving your data in the cloud server.

It aids in secured and simple transactions, which helps in consistent and quick payments. What's more, the integrated payment system lets you get paid faster and accept global payments from across the world.


Invoicing is time consuming. However, thanks to new digital technologies, you can manage your business in the background while working on what matters most!

Bonsai, an invoicing app, is a real life-saver, and Bonsai can perfectly integrate within your workflow. You can manage everything invoicing with this app, from invoice generation, tracking, scheduling invoice submission, and more. So what's holding you back?

Sign up for Bonsai and set your finances on auto-pilot.

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