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Generate coaching clients with case studies

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Updated on:
January 30, 2023
January 31, 2023
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How To Market Yourself With Coaching Case Studies

It takes a fair amount of work to put together a decent case study. Once you've invested time and energy into writing one, you want to make sure it reaches the right people.

Leverage Social Media

Case studies are marketable across pretty much every platform. You could write a LinkedIn teaser with a photo of the client and a quote, and then link to the full case study.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all of these work well for case studies too. Post images with a quote or two from the client, and include a link in your bio so people can read more if they're interested.

Facebook groups are a particularly powerful way to reach potential clients. You can look for groups specifically designed for coaches, or join ones related to your client's industry. Share tidbits from the case study and encourage people to read more.

Email and Newsletters

Email marketing gets incredible results. Some estimates have found that, for every $1 invested into email marketing, returns can be as high as $40.

Case studies are great for email campaigns and newsletters – but don't just link to the article and leave it at that. You want to encourage clicks, so write a strong introduction or teaser around the case study first; explain why people should read it. Story telling goes a long way to generate buzz around your case study. It can even help close potential customers who are on the fence about using your sevices.

You might also consider creating a series of emails based on the case study, such as one about the client's before-and-after results, and another with tips on how to apply the same strategies.

Generate Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth is your most valuable asset as a coach. Case studies are great for generating referrals and building relationships with potential clients.

Share the case study on social media, but don't forget to tell people in person. Bring it up when networking or talking to friends and family – it could open doors you never knew existed.

If you have an existing client base, use the case study to reach out and thank them for their loyalty. You could even offer a discount code or free month of coaching if they refer someone who signs up.

Podcast Plugs

Do you frequently, or even occasionally take part in podcasts as a guest? If so, guests are often asked open-ended questions that lend themselves very well to case study stories. Just make sure you anonymize your client as much as possible so as to ensure confidentiality and to ensure you maintain trust with your coaching client.

If you don't already do podcast interviews, many podcasts have an open pitch policy. You don't need to spend a ton of time pitching, the work is already done for you! Use the case study you've already developed to create a compelling reason for the podcast host to call you up.

Finally, don't waste an opportunity. Podcasts are built on commissions/ad structures. Make sure a 30-second spot is a condition of you speaking on the podcast as guest and create a referral link for interested prospects to go to learn more about your porcess.

Wrap Up: Handling New Business

With the right approach to case study marketing, you'll have new clients pouring in left and right. What's the best strategy for managing that influx?

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform can help you keep track of leads, communications, and payment information. Our tool, Bonsai, covers all bases from client profiles to proposals and more.

However you handle onboarding new clients, make case study building part of the process. That means:

  • Interviewing clients thoroughly at the beginning and end of your coaching relationship
  • Asking for testimonials and photos to use in the case study
  • Including contact information in the case study, so potential clients can reach out

This will make sure your hard work with each client pays off. You never know when a single case study could turn into a lifetime of new business!

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