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35+ sites to find your next freelance marketing job

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Secure your next gig with customizable proposal templates from Bonsai.
Secure your next gig with customizable proposal templates from Bonsai.
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Updated on:
December 12, 2022
December 12, 2022
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Secure your next gig with customizable proposal templates from Bonsai.
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There are hundreds of sites and search tools available online to help you find a gig worthy of submitting a proposal template, but not all are tailored for the freelancer looking to find remote work. If you’re determined to have a full client roster for your freelance marketing career, however, it’s wise to become familiar with all of your options, and regularly look at several different job sites to stay on top of new listings. That’s why we have assembled this list of more than 35 resources to help you find your next client to sign a simple marketing contract with and start getting paid!

To get the best results from this list, you should remember a few tips:

  • Use words like “remote,” “virtual,” “telecommute,” and “home-based” in search fields to find opportunities you can do remotely. Add the term “freelance” or “freelancer” to ensure that it’s a contractor position and not an offer of employment.
  • Not all jobs will include accurate information, so if you are in doubt as to whether a job is truly a freelance, remote opportunity, call and ask.
  • For independent contractor jobs that require bidding, you may need to set up and complete a profile first. Having an active and complete LinkedIn profile may be useful to use as a model, and many sites can use your LinkedIn info to prefill their profiles.
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Here are 35 places to start looking for your next client. Each one is unique in its offerings, but all have the potential to connect you with a project. Remember, freelance marketing experts can earn between $20 - $250 an hour! Is your next job on this list?

  1. Indeed – This is one of the most popular job search engines around, pulling in data from hundreds of sites. It also includes a good selection of sponsored placements that are sometimes freelance.
  2. Problogger – Aimed at bloggers, this site usually lists a handful of marketing opportunities listed here each week. Be sure to look for positions with the words “growth,” “promotional,” or “business development” to find opportunities in this niche.
  3. Remote.ok – While this site focuses on tech careers, such as designers and developers, they also feature tech companies who are in need of marketing help. Use the search tool at the top to look for your specific skill set, or click the “marketing” icon to filter those specific jobs.
  4. Upwork – This is the most popular freelance marketplace sites today – and perhaps the largest. Create a profile and start bidding on jobs right away!
  5. Freelancer.com – The name says it all. This freelancer-focused site works much in the same way as UpWork and lets you bid on thousands of jobs in your field at one time.
  6. FlexJobs – While you are required to be a paid subscriber to view the jobs listed here, all opportunities are fully remote and vetted by staff. They have a very comprehensive remote job listing at all times, and their newsletter is full of new opps, too!
  7. PowertoFly.com – This site is open for women looking to build on their careers. It has a good number of marketing jobs available, many for freelancers!
  8. Guru – Another reputable freelance marketplace, the number of marketing opportunities grows every day. Find hundreds of fix-priced and hourly jobs from around the world.
  9. PeoplePerHour – Find your next freelance client with this site that lets you set an hourly price and have businesses contact you. Pay ranges from $10 – 40 an hour for experienced freelancers.
  10. LinkedIn – Not only is this site perfect for connecting with potential freelance clients; many companies post jobs directly to the site. Use the search feature to find a job in your niche or sign up for newsletters to have matches emailed to you daily. By spending the time to create a complete profile, you’ll look better to prospects.
  11. LinkedIn ProFinder – Another service of LinkedIn, this is offered to select, established professionals. It imports information directly from your profile to create a landing page for your services. Clients can search to find you or send out a call for you to bid on available projects. New jobs close after a specific time period, as well as when enough professionals have expressed interest.
  12. Thumbtack – You need to buy “credits” to use this site. These credits are what you’ll use to pay for bids on current projects. You don’t get your credits back – even if you don’t get the job – but it’s designed just to take a few bids, and competition is very low on this site.
  13. WeWorkRemotely – With over 300,000 users a month, this remote-only job search tool has new marketing jobs listed each week. Sign up for new job alerts to your email inbox!
  14. Fiverr – As the name implies, your first job can only be for $5, but once you’ve established yourself as a Fiverr 1099 freelancer on the site, you can build in add-ons to create marketing packages worth much more!
  15. MediaBistro – With many very good-paying jobs for the journalism and marketing niche, you’ll find that many opportunities are remote and quite a few more are for contractors. This is perfect if you happen to be located near media hubs!
  16. LinkUp - This search tool aggregates job listings that are found directly on company’s websites, meaning the results will be more up-to-date and less likely to be fishy than other options. They also offer international searches with their Canada and UK search engines.
  17. Dice – While mainly aimed at tech careers, this job search tool includes some marketing opportunities in tech companies.
  18. AngelList – Startups advertise for jobs on this site, offering opportunities for great pay, revenue sharing, and more. Not all jobs are freelance (or remote), but because many of these companies are in the tech fields, they are more likely to be open to a contract arrangement.

Here are some more job search engines, marketplace sites, and general career boards, which you can use (with the terms mentioned above) to find a few freelance opportunities here and there:

  1. SimplyHired
  2. Monster
  3. CareerBuilder
  4. GlassDoor
  5. Google Jobs
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. Craigslist (look under “gigs” or “jobs”)
  8. eFinancialCareers.com
  9. GoodFoodJobs
  10. SalesGravy
  11. JobIsJob
  12. Freelanced
  13. YunoJuno (limited to New York and London at this time)
  14. Virtual Vocations
  15. Remote.Co
  16. LocalSolo
  17. Skip the Drive

Remember that sites are always changing, and a site you might love today may not even exist tomorrow. Keep a list of your favorite places to find work, subscribe to their email alerts, and learn about new jobs before everyone else! Most companies only look at the first of so many applications, so your biggest advantage is to apply early.

It's also helpful to have a complete resume on hand, highlighting any experience that can be an asset when doing work as a freelance marketing professional. A link to your website, including a portfolio with samples of work, is recommended, as well. (Need help creating the perfect portfolio? See our tips, which include ideas for how to feature a complete portfolio – even with few past clients to showcase.)

Jobs in the marketing field are expected to grow in the next few years, as agencies and businesses struggle to add digital marketing and social media verticals to their budget and marketing campaigns. Be prepared to take on more work, and if there's ever too much on your hands, you can consider starting a digital marketing agency.

This is the perfect time to polish your skills and put your work out there for potential clients to view. Wondering the best way to apply for these jobs and secure new work? Learn how to make a business proposal that's persuasive and clear.

Be sure that you make yourself available for questions via phone or email, providing a way for interested prospects to contact you! Many of the best partnerships come when a business seeks you out specifically for your unique background, skills, and talent! Make sure to follow our guide on how to write a marketing contract when you land your first client. Good luck, and if you ever need a freelancer suite you can personalize, give Bonsai a try by signing up for a free trial.

Secure your next gig with customizable proposal templates from Bonsai.
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