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Why Symmetric Design switched from ClickUp to Bonsai to streamline project management

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Updated on:
April 23, 2024
April 24, 2024
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Company name: Symmetric Design
Web Design and SEO
Tulsa, Oklahoma
10 - 50

Symmetric Design is a full-service digital web design agency. They work with their clients on website design, all the way through to development and traffic generation with SEO and Google Ads.

We spoke with Johnny Digges, founder of Symmetric Design, about why they switched from ClickUp to Bonsai to keep their team aligned on tasks and projects across clients.

From Monday to ClickUp to Bonsai

As Symmetric Design started to grow their team and getting more projects, they needed to centralize information to work more effectively. So they started to search for the right tool.

Johnny walked us through their experience.

Both Monday and ClickUp have a lot of features they needed but they aren’t designed for agencies. As a result, they spent hours building custom workflows. As work got busier and the team bigger, it became harder for everyone to find key information.

As Johnny said, “we could tell pretty quickly we needed to find another solution”

“Bonsai is the most intuitive”

Johnny told us he tried at least ten different solutions before landing on Bonsai — from Asana, to Copper. Bonsai hit the right balance between ability to set up clients and projects the right away and ease of use.

“Now the team is on the same page throughout the whole client lifecycle”

While Monday and ClickUp are built for any business, Bonsai is designed exactly for agencies like Symmetric Design. The client lifecycle is organized from onboarding in the CRM, to tracking tasks and time in projects, to billing.

From the sales team to project managers, everyone knows which stage the project is in. As their team grows, roles and permissions make it easy to onboard everyone on the team without compromising confidential information.

“In the end, Bonsai replaces four tools for us”

Thanks to the built-in Scheduling, Contracts, Forms and Invoicing, Symmetric Design also started to cancel subscriptions to services like Pandadoc, Google Forms and Calendly.

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