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How to Generate a Name for Your Agency

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February 18, 2024
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When starting a new agency, there are so many things to consider. One of the most important factors is your agency name. Generating a name for a new agency is a key component of starting a successful business.

Furthermore, a good name needs to be strong, on-brand, easy to remember, and easy to spell. The name also needs to be durable and allow the agency space for future growth. Just as importantly, it shouldn’t clash with an existing trademark, and concisely represent what the agency does and be relevant to the products or services it provides.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider before the agency has even got off the ground. To help make the process of choosing a name easier, online agency name generators can do the heavy lifting for you.

What Are Agency Name Generators?

Agency name generators are handy tools which create names for agencies. Many do so by using related keywords. They take the keywords provided to the generator and turn them into catchy, unique brand names. Some go further and show the available domain names and even facilitate the purchase of domains. Others work on an entirely random basis, generating names which could be appropriate for agencies and businesses in virtually any field.

They generate thousands of names for every search, allowing agencies to filter the results to find a suitable name. For example, a search on Brandroot for keyword “agency” brings up over 26,000 results. These can be filtered by length, type, position (of the keyword in the name), and by various related topics. By applying filters relevant to your agency, the list of suggested names becomes far more manageable.

Top 10 Agency Name Generators

There are countless business name generators available online today. Fortunately, many of them are free and relatively simple to use. As such, it’s often worth using more than one generator during the search for a name.

To make it easier to find suitable options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 agency name generators.

1. Shopify

Shopify is a free, easy to use name generator. Their AI-based tools pick out the best new agency names based on a brief statement about your agency. It also offers the opportunity to browse frequently searched options, with generic keywords relating to the agency’s sector. Simply write a short description of the products and services provided, and it will list the best suggestions. Shopify is particularly useful for agencies planning to engage in online retail activities.

2. Brandroot

Brandroot is unique in that it suggests business names based on what .com domain names are available. This free generator allows you to set a budget and only recommends names that your agency can afford. When displaying name suggestions, Brandroot shows the best matching domain name available and provides a link to purchase it. If a name suggested by Brandroot is purchased, agencies are offered an included logo design service. Using Bonsai’s white label facility, agencies can increase their logo’s exposure, so choosing a strong tool is key.

3. Looka

Looka generates names for agencies using as little as one keyword. It also allows searches by industry type. When displaying results, Looka categorizes them by the style of the name. Options given include traditional, compound names, multi-word names and ‘invented’ names which use a play on words to create innovative agency names.

4. Ahrefs

Specifically geared towards agencies, Ahrefs is an AI-based name generator tool. Enter a description of the main features of the agency, or just some keywords, and select the desired style. Ahrefs allows agencies to select the tone of their name, to reflect the nature and style of the business. There are 16 preset tones to choose from, covering everything from formal to casual, and simplified to academic. If none of these presets is suitable, it’s also possible to set a custom tone.

5. Namify

AI-powered Namify generates thousands of results from a short description of the agency’s activities. It offers a range of prompts to choose from to describe some of the most popular agency fields. Below the generator it gives a helpful list of the top 25 agency names. This list only includes those with appropriate domains available, saving the need for a separate search. Namify also provides some useful tips on what makes a good name, and can generate names for any agency, no matter the niche.

6. Ionis

Internet provider and webhost Ionis also offer a name generator service. This simple, easy-to-use tool works by generating potential names from provided keywords. Having selected a name, you can set the specific sector the agency operates in. This allows the generator to provide the most relevant names possible. It then lets agencies check the domain availability. What’s more, Ionis provide a free logo generator which creates logos to complement the chosen name.

7. BNG

BNG is another easy-to-use name generator. Especially handy for agencies, it has separate generators for distinct types of business. Agencies can use the dedicated agency name generator. Having entered an initial keyword, BNG then asks some more detailed questions, including a description of the business, preferred language, and how long the domain name should be (between five and 15 characters). When displaying results, it provides links to register at GoDaddy or make an offer on your chosen domain name. Once a website has been created, tools like Bonsai allow a client portal to be set up. This enables clients to view and track their projects through a fully branded extension. BNG also offers help and advice on how to choose a name and comes with a branding guide.

8. WebHostingGeeks

Another free, user-friendly name generator, WebHostingGeeks allows agencies to generate names with a keyword search. For every result, it shows the domain name and X (formerly Twitter) account availability to match. It also shows which domain names matching the name generated are already taken, making it quicker and easier to assess the competition. Furthermore, WebHostingGeeks displays the cost of relevant domain names, comparing the prices on various hosting platforms. GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google and Ionis’ prices are displayed whenever they have the domains available to purchase.

9. OneClickName

This free to use service generates names by keyword search or by industry. Whether performing a search, the top premium domain names for that niche are displayed, along with pre-designed logos. One Click Name only shows names with relevant domains available, which can be purchased through the generator. The prices are clearly shown and include the accompanying logo. The homepage has several top suggestions pre-listed, featuring some of the most sought-after agency names across a wide range of product and service areas.

10. Naming.net

Naming.net provide a free agency name generator with suggestions based on five simple questions. It even has an option for how many names it suggests on each results page. A minimum of 24 and a maximum of 816 names can be generated per page of search results. Naming.net also allows naming combinations to be set. The tool can be set to Greek or Latin prefixes and suffixes or have rhyming word pairs in a choice of position.

Five Important Factors to Consider When Naming an Agency

Agency name generators are an invaluable tool when looking for a name for a new agency. However, there are still several factors which need to be considered before settling on a name. These tools provide thousands of results for every search, so careful thought still needs to be given to selecting the best name. The chosen name needs not only to be unique and catchy, but relevant to the agency.

Read on to discover five of the most important aspects to consider before naming your agency.

1. The Type of Agency

With so many different kinds of agency, it’s important to remember that not every name generated will be relevant. A name which suits a digital marketing agency may not be appropriate for a public relations agency.

A strong name is related to an agency’s specific field. This will help customers easily identify that agency with the product or service it provides. Better still, it gives the agency a strong brand image.

To maintain this brand image, new agencies need to work hard to constantly remind prospective customers of their existence. One effective way of doing so is through white labeling.

White label software allows agencies to use existing software with their own branding. When sending direct communications, invoices, or through online store fronts, clients will see the agency’s name. Bonsai offer white label services for agencies as part of their business management packages.

Bonsai’s white labelling software allows agencies to have full control over what clients see. Agencies can add their name and logo to Bonsai’s software and remove any mention of the company. This acts as a continuous reminder to clients, keeping the agency front of mind. Remember, having a strong brand image is essential to success.

2. The Target Audience

To effectively generate a name for an agency, it’s necessary to identify the prospective customer. If your target market is a younger generation, a trendy, on-key name will help make the agency more appealing. For older generations, a more traditional name is likely more appropriate.

The more included customers feel, the more likely they are to further research the agency. This is an effective way of increasing interest and attracting potential clients.

Once an agency has attracted clients, it’s vital to keep hold of them. However, advertising is traditionally an expensive and time-consuming challenge.

Enter Client Relationship Management (CRM) technology.

Bonsai provides agencies with a comprehensive CRM solution. Their package offers CRM services for an unlimited number of clients and projects. Bonsai’s software can manage and automate everything from the initial advertising to time-tracking once the project is underway. It also includes financial management software which can handle invoicing and accept payments.

One of the biggest advantages of using CRM for agencies is the ability to generate and store new leads. Every client is given a dedicated client profile, storing the details in one convenient place so nothing is lost. Targeted marketing can be sent to clients based on their history and profiles. By targeting marketing directly at clients, neither your time nor the agency’s is wasted in sending irrelevant communications.

By combining Bonsai’s CRM software with their white labelling facility, all client communication is branded for the agency. This allows you to market your brand whilst strengthening your image.

3. SEO Compatibility

In this technology-driven era, prospective clients are most likely to come across an agency via an internet search. When generating a name for a new agency, it’s worth considering how well it will be picked up by search engines.

Most searches are general and broad ranging. A potential client looking for a digital marketing agency is likely to just type those words into a search engine. With thousands of such agencies, making your new agency stand out is essential to generating new business.

Forbes suggest choosing a short, unique name. Another issue to consider, is how similar the name is to other agency’s names. Indeed, it’s even worth considering businesses in wholly unrelated fields with similar names. Tools like SEMrush can be used to assist you. They check the top matches for keyword and domain name searches across multiple search engines. As a result, there’s no risk that search engine leads will be lost to similarly named competitors.

4. Domain Availability

A relevant, simple domain name is another essential aspect of creating a successful agency. Having a web domain that doesn’t reflect what the agency does could lead to lost business. Likewise, a long or difficult to spell domain name can be off-putting to clients. There’s also a risk that they could misspell the domain and miss the agency’s website completely.

It’s quick, easy, and free to search for domain names online, simply by entering the desired name into a web browser. Domain hosting sites, such as Ionis, will also show which domains are available. These are particularly useful, as they show which variation of the desired domain are available and suggest similar alternatives.

Once an agency has generated a name, and purchased a suitable domain, it’s important to create a high-quality website. Ideally, agencies require a website which handles everything in one place, with the need for just one subscription. A professional, branded website that can accept payments and offer a client portal is a great bonus.

By opting for a Bonsai CRM package, agencies benefit from all these features. The software accepts payment from clients through a secure payment portal. Agencies can send invoices to customers using a range of premade invoice templates. When the customer receives the invoice, a read receipt is automatically sent to the sender. If the client is late paying, Bonsai’s software can be set to automatically add late fees and send reminders.

Once the customer is ready to pay, they click on a link on the invoice and make payment online. Bonsai supports payment by credit card, PayPal, and Stripe, and can accept payment in over 100 different currencies.

5. Will the Name Remain Relevant?

With technology developing at an impressive rate, agencies need names which will still be relevant in years to come.

For that reason, it’s worth considering how the demographics of the agency’s target audience will alter over time, too. Nick Powills of No Limit Agency, suggests that a good name not only reflects the service an agency providers, but the culture it promotes.

Every new agency sets out with the goal to grow, choosing a name with longevity will help make this possible. As the brand grows and business increases, the demands on the agency also increase. There is a greater need for efficient back-office processes to cope with the increased demand.

Agencies who use Bonsai for their business management software benefit from support that is designed to grow with the agency. Bonsai offers agencies an all-in-one management service. They have three price tiers to suit the needs of agencies big and small. There are no lengthy contracts, and agencies have the flexibility to switch between the three packages.

New agencies need to maximize profits by keeping initial start up costs as low as possible. Therefore, Bonsai’s Starter package offers excellent value, with a range of included features. Agencies immediately benefit from the ability to create an unlimited number of client portals, send invoices, and receive payments. The most-basic package includes full CRM and time-tracking.

As your agency grows and develops, you may want upgrade to the Professional package. This offers additional features such as white labelling and integration with accounting software such as QuickBooks, Calendly, and Zapier.

Bonsai’s premium package, Business, offers all these features with the bonus of being able to add subcontractors. This means that freelancers and subcontractors can collaborate on new and existing projects. Agencies who aim to diversify, or grow to the point of requiring additional staff, can use this facility to facilitate that growth.

The Importance of Choosing a Strong Name

When starting an agency, choosing a strong, relevant name is key to success. It’s important to ensure the chosen name associates with the agency’s product or services. It should be easy to remember, have a suitable domain name and be SEO-friendly.

With a strong name chosen, your new agency can focus on developing and promoting its brand. Using Bonsai’s services can help. By selecting Bonsai for their business management software, agencies will benefit from effective CRM to ensure good client relations. The availability of white labelling software allows agencies to promote a professional brand image.

Agencies will be able to make use of handy-tools such as invoicing and payment facilities, time-tracking, and project management assistance. Clients will also reap the benefits, with a dedicated and branded client portal, and an easy, secure payment portal.

Bonsai’s three packages represent excellent value for money, with the option to select the package to suit your needs. There are no lengthy contracts, no change fees, and no cancellation fees.

All new users are offered a seven-day free trial. Better still, agencies can try out Bonsai’s free-of-charge to see how they can help provide business management solutions.

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