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As any freelance website designer may have discovered, some clients can be quite problematic. Sadly, you may have no option other than to find ways of handling them. Letting them go in pursuit of more understanding clients may not be an option for you, especially if you are in the famine season. The great news for you is that you can find ways of doing just that. All that’s required is for you to prepare a detailed website brief template. Thereafter, use the template to help you with this matter.

Website Brief Template
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Below are a few ways in which the website brief template can come to your rescue.

1. The website brief template equips you with facts

The best way of handling some of these difficult and annoying clients who seem interested in driving you up the wall is by using facts. Face these clients with facts. Have as much information with you when facing any of these freelance website customers. Where do you get the facts? The website brief template is your answer. Ask your clients to sign this brief document. Ideally, this should happen before you take the first step in designing or developing any website for freelance clients.

The brief is perfect for dealing with the freelance client’s:

  • Questions
  • Unreasonable requests
  • Issues

Avoid designing or developing websites for your clients before asking them to sign this brief. Fill the website brief template with as much plain language as possible.

2. Know what they want with your website brief template

The easiest way of ensuring that you deliver quality to your clients is to ask them what they want. Make sure you get their perspective as early as possible. Ask questions to obtain more clarifications instead of setting off only for the client to say that you’re on a different tangent. Be on the same page. That said, it’s important to remind the client that you’re the expert. Otherwise, clients could take you on never-ending charades that only lead to disappointments, conflicts, and delayed or canceled contracts.

Clients hire you because you’re the expert web design consultant. Show them they were right to hire you!

Website Brief Template Sample
Image Credits: textingofthebread.com

3. Offer a bit of education in your website brief template

Some freelance website designers hold on to whatever information they possess with their dear lives. They do this because of fear. However, clients are more likely to respond positively to you and trust you with more work if you consistently share knowledge with them. Educating them doesn’t mean that they will take off and go to your competition. After all, they probably have no idea how to bring the ideas together into one stunning design even with the information you offer them. Educate them for your own peace of mind!

Educating clients is all about telling them why you opted for specific designs or tools.

Accompany each decision you take with the relevant:

  • Facts
  • Statistics
  • Case studies
  • Evidence

4. Pacify them with consistent communication with your website brief template

It’s important for freelance web designers and developers to learn to communicate with their clients. The communication must be effective and consistent. It has to be factual too! Introverted consultants have to train themselves to communicate and share information with clients regularly. Constant communication, without necessarily going overboard, can lead to freelancer-client relationships that are built on the foundation of trust.  Clients who disappear without communication annoy you. That’s how they feel when you also go quiet!

Now that you know what’s expected of you, it would be unwise to continue serving your freelance clients without a well-written website brief template. Have one near you all the time, especially when negotiating with a new client. The old clients also need this brief to set the pace regarding the kind of professional relationship the two of you shall have moving forward. Use this brief to make your clients happy, and they will have no problem turning to you whenever they need web design and development services.

Website Brief Template

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