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Some video projects require that you send an invoice to get paid while others do not. But if you do film making or videography on a contract basis as a freelancer, you are likely to send an invoice after completing a project since you are not a fixed monthly salary earner.

You will need a videography invoice template for billing your clients to avoid rush work whenever there’s a need for invoicing. However, discussing with your client will let you know if an invoice is needed and the necessary details about the client the document should include.

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Why use a videography invoice template

As a videographer, you’d probably have a lot on your table when it comes to filmmaking and shooting videos for clients and managing your business at the same time. The best thing for you is to go home with money in your pocket after putting the hours and hard work to satisfy your client. It would be best if you invoiced a client by creating an invoice or editing a videography invoice template to avoid wasting much time.

Getting a template makes your work easy and also informs your client about all they need to pay you. More so, invoicing using a template help keep a good record of your finances and the services offered to your clients. Besides, you can organize payment, simplify booking, and also calculate your monthly and annual income. Freelancers who invoice can easily create a log of outstanding debts from their record, and also avoid headache when it comes to tax filing since they have needed files.

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Best practices for creating a videography invoice template

In a perfect world, a freelancer receives a stack of cold hard cash on completing a project plus perhaps a handful of a gift from a happy client. But in the real world, that may be far from reality. More often than not, the onus falls on the videographer freelancer to send an invoice to the client at the most appropriate time.

Sending an invoice may not always be at the end of a project; sometimes, some project completion dates are not close by. What then is the best practice for creating your videography invoice template? See the guide below.

1. Search and download the ideal sample

You can draft your invoice from scratch by simply typing on a word processor and branding it by adding your logos and all if you have some design skills. But for others with less design orientation, you can download a videography invoice template online in any format and edit for your business.

2. Define the scope of the project

Ensure you define project scope on your contract or agreement before starting the project. But restate the scope on your invoice, what you've agreed upon, project expectations, and deliverables.  

3. Services vs. charges

Your videography invoice template should accommodate line item pricing and its breakdown if you carry out different services. 

4. Completion date and payment due date

Include the project completion date plus that of sending the voice. If you complete the project in phases, state the time for each for clarity purpose. The payment due date should also be included, like 30 days net or 15 days, depending on your payment terms.

5. Include W9

If you do professional video work in the US that has a turn over of $600 and above in a calendar year, you need to fill the W-9 tax form. It is required to file your taxes as well as that of your employer. Thus, when sending your videography invoice to clients, fill and attach the W-9 form to it was not provided by your client.