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Translation Invoice TemplateTranslation Invoice TemplateTranslation Invoice Template

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If you carry out translation services for clients as a freelancer, you’d probably need to send an invoice to your employer for payment after project completion. For freelancers and consultants with a large client base, there every likelihood of sending invoices every now and then to get paid. To save time and avoid the repetitive task of crafting a new invoice after completing a translation service, downloading a translation invoice template and customizing afterward might be a way out.

A freelance translation invoice is vital in notifying a client of due payment and also helps freelancers and individual consultants keep track of their cash inflow for record & tax purposes. Besides, your freelance invoice as a translator also speaks volumes to clients since it is the last contact clients have with your business. 

sample translation invoice template
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The need for a custom translation invoice

Freelance services are unique and hence the need for a custom invoice for different freelancers. As fa translators, you should select a translation invoice template that has basic features or meet your service requirements. Also, you may customize the document to meet your service charge types like hourly, flat rate, or upfront payment. If you charge per word, you may need to include that in your invoice for clarity purposes.

A custom invoice represents your business properly before a client and also aids understanding. Once a client understands your invoice, that can fast track payment all things being equal. 

Must add to your translation invoice template

If you are still wondering what should be added to your translation invoice template, see the list of features that must not miss in your ideal invoice template.

  1. Include your name, contact number, email address, and mailing address.
  2. Add the details of your client or recipient - name, email address, website, and mailing address.
  3. Add a business logo if you have and let the document carry your color if you have downloaded a generic translation invoice template online.
  4. Add your business number and tax identification number if your jurisdiction of operation requires your invoice to appear legal. Doing this will also make your invoice valid, as well as avoiding queries at your client’s office.
  5. Include the current date you sent the invoice and the due date. Choose your preferred numbering system to track the invoice.
  6. Ensure you itemize the services performed if more than one and put the charge of each service against it. A break down of services and fees may denote transparency to your client. It may not be detailed, but clear enough like "French translation," "Script translation," etc.
  7. State your payment terms clearly. Include the due date for payment, maybe 15 days or 30 days from invoice receipt.
  8. You may like to include a penalty for late payment and a discount of 1% or more for early response.
  9. Put the total amount due and bolden it for easy recognition.
  10. If you are sending it to another country, add preferred currency, and preferred mode of payment.
  11. Add a “thank you” note or any other comment you feel necessary as you customize your translation invoice template.
translation invoice template sample
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Final words

It is important translation freelancers take time to customize their invoices to represent them properly before clients. A well-crafted translation invoice template for sending invoices would enhance better payment response from clients and avoid issues that may need clarifications.

Besides, freelancers and consultants need to find out from their clients the recipient of an invoice (bill to a party) before sending them. Some times, the "bill to party" or the recipient may be different from the party that receives and pay for the invoice.



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