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Proofreading Contract TemplateProofreading Contract TemplateProofreading Contract Template

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Proofreaders have to invest considerable amounts of time and directed efforts into their jobs, making proofreading one of the most strenuous careers in the writing/editing sphere. It is all about the attention one pays to details and having a keen eye for irregularities.

Freelancers specializing in proofreading must ensure they have vast editorial experience achieving rewarding results in the industry. Besides, freelancers should have a passion for the respective language and should never stop learning various fundamentals that will possibly improve proofreading skills.

But the good part for professionals is that proofreading, despite the tough job it is, is an essential and highly in-demand skill. Nothing beats the fact that without proper proofreading/editing, even the most artistic of written content is not print-ready.

Freelancers should understand the following essentials before signing the proofreading contract.

1. Understand the client experience with your proofreading contract template

Freelancers should be aware of companies hiring proofreaders and the underlying models employed while selecting such editors. While the hiring firms may vary, most are based on projects that deal with long manuscripts while others provide a single service involving essays.  Nevertheless, freelancers should know that such companies require skillful individuals in grammar corrections such as sentence structures, punctuating spelling mistakes, language clarity, accuracy, and verb tenses.

Therefore, a freelancer should master in-depth language fundamentals and be familiar with programs that can support the service.

If you are looking to start a proofreading career, then future is a good place for sure. Knowing your profession's worth in the market however is not enough for a good start. Starters should be updated about all the market dynamics and how one can break into it.

2. Delivery time in the proofreading contract sample

Freelancers need to offer the most effective turnaround time to their clients without affecting the quality of work. Contractors are likely to hire freelancers with the ability to gasp weaknesses in the documents provided for proofreading. As such, beginners need to practice high-level upfront understanding of the terms and conditions involved in the proofreading contract. These terms apply to both the clients and freelancers, thus bringing a sense of responsibility and accountability to all aspects of the contract.

Moreover, know-how of business matters is a must as well for a successful proofreading career. You see, no matter how good of a proofreader you are, you need to be equally proficient at managing finances, legalities and official affairs to maintain your professional prosperity. This is where Bonsai comes in with its excellent service of providing guidance in documentation that keeps your business running smoothly. For proofreaders, we have a range of expertly drafted proofreading contract templates.

3. Client goals in the proofreading contract template

Freelancers must learn about the contractor and the appropriate proofreading contract template to apply. Such could increase the chances of winning potential agencies. Before accepting the contract, freelancers should ensure they understand the expectations and experiences of their clients. Some companies may have strict measures regarding the cancellation of contracts, payments, and turnaround time for the projects. These significant determiners will impact the success of the agreement in varying degrees. 

As such, freelancers should compare their preferences with the contractor’s terms and conditions to ensure they work with the right company. If the company is willing to negotiate the basis of the contract, freelancers should demonstrate professional skills that could enable the contractor to hire them.

Proofreading agreement templates are the very infrastructure upon which professional projects work and also serve as security measures against exploitation of service providers. With a good contract in place, you can solve potential disputes before the project even starts, and you also have a lot of protection if anything still goes wrong.

A proofreading contract agreement will protect freelancers, and the contractor from various regulations regarding the project tackled. However, the proofreader must carefully read the contract and orders and ask for clarification if the obligations are unclear. Upon confirming the proofreading contract agreement, both parties are subject to the defined consequences of violations of any terms and conditions. 

Freelancers should understand that that the agreements are not created equally as some companies may have different expectations regardless of the similarity of the project.

4. Proofreading contract template clauses

There is a vast range of clauses that you might want in your proofreading contract template. We mention a few of them here. For a more detailed introduction, read this blog post.

Understanding all the appropriate clauses of the proofreading contract template will give confidence to the freelancer and help create a positive relationship with the contractor. Therefore, freelancers can quickly clarify the expectations of the client and work professionally towards achieving them.

Financial clauses are the most important. You specify your rates, payment schedule and method in these which safeguard you against any payment issues. Work duties also are predefined in a proofreading agreement template so no client asks you to work otherwise and do proofing/editing that was not a part of the original agreement. Ownership/Copyright clauses identify what legal rights you have over your work after the project has ended. These are pretty important if you intend to re-use past works in some way, such as in your public portfolios as samples.

5. Payment agreement in your proofreading contract example

Payment quotations should be provided transparently. The freelancer should discuss and negotiate the best terms of payment with the contractor after significantly evaluating the project. The proofreading contract agreement should address issues related to late payments as well as the job completion date. Freelancers should beware of non-negotiable funds, booking funds and appropriate payment method for the project upon accepting the contract. All legal policies besides payments should also be considered to ensure both parties become accountable in the process.

Now what remains is a contract draft for your prospective clients. Leave that to Bonsai, and we won't disappoint.

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Proofreading Contract Template

Bonsai has helped create 151,954 contracts and counting

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Proofreading Contract Template

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