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Whether it is corporate events or special occasions like weddings and birthdays, everyone needs photographs to capture their sweet memories, record all the happenings, make a sale, or just to tell a story. A photography service agreement realizes the terms and conditions decided upon by the photographer and the organization or individual hiring the photographer. Having a photography service agreement is the best way to start things off on a professional note and to ensure parity among the stakeholders.

Photography Service Agreement Template
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Types of photography service agreements

Essentially, the scope of any photography service agreement is the same: ensuring that the photographer gets duly compensated and determining who owns the rights to the images. However, the ambit of the photography service agreement may change on the basis of the niche of the photographer and the type of project.

Typically, the various kinds of professional photographers include:

  • Wedding photographers
  • Event photographers
  • Product photographers
  • Fashion or Lifestyle photographers
  • Travel photographers
  • Photojournalists
  • Sports photographers
  • Stock photographers
  • Real Estate photographers and more

Importance of a photography service agreement template

A photography service agreement is not just ‘nice to have’; it is, in fact, a necessity. It offers the following advantages:

  • It manages customer expectations and makes it easier for you to negotiate terms with them. Further, it summarizes the services expected from you.
  • Given the contractual nature of the photography service agreement, it protects you by categorizing you as a service provider. At the same time, it also protects the employer.
  • Written agreements help establish trust.
  • Since it acts as a point of reference, it reduces the risk and liabilities as it clearly stipulates the responsibilities of the parties involved.
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Parts of a photography service agreement template

A photography service agreement must contain the following elements:

1. Introduction in your photography service agreement

The photography service agreement should start by highlighting the names of the parties involved, the date on which the agreement comes into effect, and background if any. It should also elucidate the intention and purpose of getting into an agreement.

2. Services to be performed in your photography service agreement sample

Every photography service agreement must clearly outline the explanation of the services that you have to render to your clients. Normally, this clause contains details pertaining to your arrival and departure, the kind of equipment that needs to be used, the nature and type of final deliverables (digital or print formats), duration of the project, and any other special services that may be required.

Ensure that there is an ‘Additional Services’ clause in the agreement as it protects you and your employer. In case the employer is not happy with the photos delivered, you will have to rework on the project. At the same time, if you are requested to reshoot the campaign due to a change in ideas, the company or individual will have to pay you accordingly.

3. Compensation in your photography service agreement

Next comes the most important part of a photography service agreement - remunerations. It should include the fees that the employer must pay to you, tax component (if any), and travel reimbursements associated with the project.

Some photographers demand advance partial payments, and if you intend to do the same, it must be written in this section of the photography service agreement. If you want to know more about what you need to learn and practice to be successful in the photography industry, read our guide on how to get into photography.

4. Copyrights clause in the photography service agreement template

Image rights or copyrights are an essential part of any photography service agreement. Matters relating to ownership of the images, crediting the photographer, publicizing the photos are all written here. Ideally, a photographer waives off all rights to seeking payments on the usage of these photos in this clause. However, you may request the employer to include your name and also grant you permission to use the images in your portfolio.

You may customize the photography service agreement depending on your unique requirements and establish clear guidelines that will prevent any future conflicts. Use Bonsai to design and Digi-sign your agreements and get started in no time!

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