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Photography Contract Template

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Photography Contract TemplatePhotography Contract Template

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Freelance photographers have to learn to protect themselves while making money and doing what they love; that is, clicking the camera away! One way of protecting yourself is by studying the photography contract sample and learning how to write one. The sample can be the difference between profits and massive losses. It can determine the direction the rest of your freelancing career in photography takes. Making good money without a contract is hard.

Most freelance photographers imagine that once they get hired, that’s the end of it. Like the next thing will be to design a freelance invoice, and they’re ready to earn. Well, that should be the case. However, you can’t just trust your client without an agreement. They’re human, and so, they need something to keep them on their toes, just like you need some pressure to meet your deadlines.

While you trust that your client will pay you on time, and do their part as expected, they may just turn you down when you least expect. You’ve not met them before, and so, how can you trust them without a contract? Therefore, as a photography freelancer, you aren’t safe working without a binding agreement. Both you and the client need to define your responsibilities and your boundaries. Again, as a freelancer, you need to let your client know the limit of your services, to avoid handling tasks that the client isn’t going to pay for. 

Freelance photographers who fail to do this end up working on some tasks for free, and since as a freelancer you wouldn’t want to lose the project, you’ll just have to do it. For any freelancer, that’s discouraging, and especially after working so hard. So, protect your hard earned money by spelling out your roles and responsibilities clearly in the photography contract. You can write one from the scratch, but it’s advisable to read through a photography contract sample to get the format and the flow. 

A photography contract sample guides you on what your contract needs to look like. From the structure to the content. Most of these samples are done by experts, and, therefore, you won’t miss out on the most important details. Some of them belong to top freelance photographers who’ve made it in the freelance world. However, not all are of high quality, and so, before you settle on a specific photography contract sample, make sure it’s of high quality. If you’re not able to tell, seek help from an expert to help you choose from the available photography contract examples.

Now that you have a photography contract sample, where do you start from? Well, it’s simple. Just read through it and pick the necessary points. To make your work easier, use a photography contract PDF template to get the format of the contract. Most templates have the right format and structure to use for your contract. So, once you get the format right, you should get started. 

However, before you start working on your photography contract PDF, you need to know how both you and your client can benefit from the contract. Most photography examples contain these details, but they’re not 100%. Therefore, knowing what the photography contract PDF can bring to your attention and that of the client helps you to include it all. 

Here’s what the photography contract sample can bring to your attention and that of the client.

Photography Contract Template
Image Credits:

1. A photography contract template shows understanding of your limits

The best freelance photographers understand their limits. You’re only supposed to handle the tasks you were hired to do. Failure to define your limits may cause you to offer services that the client isn’t going to pay for or make you ineffective.

Today, more than ever before, it has become important for freelancers to know what they can and can’t do. This is because it can be too tempting to take whatever project or gig that comes along! While that could guarantee you money, you will suffer in the long-term. Why? Clients will notice that you’re not quite as effective in some niches. All your shortcomings will emerge thus killing a source of income.

Of course, losing the job is the last thing you’d want to happen to you as a freelancer. You know how hard it can be to win a freelance project, and so, you should take care of the one you have. Take time to go through the photography contract sample template to see how well you can define your roles and your limits.

At most, you can only do three things well in any field of photography and life in general! So, don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Be specific and realistic.

2. Talk about invoicing in your photography agreement template

Of what use is the photography contract sample if you can’t use it to talk about money? Well, your client knows they’re supposed to pay you after completing the work, but you must be having your terms of payment as a freelance photographer. Any talk regarding money has to highlight invoicing issues and concerns. Like, when do you want to be paid, and how much are you charging for your services?

You need as much income as you can get through your freelancing skills. Invoicing helps you to keep track of all that income. For this reason, it’s an important aspect or element when negotiating the photography contract PDF with any of your photography clients. 

Therefore, define your terms of payment clearly in the photography contract template. Borrow information from the photography contract sample, if you aren’t sure how to go about this, or if you need additional information on the same.

While still on this issue, freelance photographers should be careful to make complete invoices only. That’s the only way you can be sure you’ll get your payment and at the right time. Make sure it contains everything that’s required for the payment to be completed.

3. Talk about copyright issues in your photography contract template

Do not leave issues regarding copyright hanging! Otherwise, the photography contract sample will not be of any use to you. Freelance photographers can fall into the temptation of seeking to impress their clients. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that! However, it’s important to protect yourself and – more critically – your work.

For this reason, the photography contract PDF should stipulate that you intend to retain the copyright for any work a freelance client commissioned you to do. Most photography contract sample contain this part, but in case the one you’re using doesn’t have it, be sure to include. There are serious consequences that come with omitting the copyright part in your freelance photography contract. So, make sure you talk about copyright issues in the contract.

Failure to retain copyright allows clients to use the photos in more ways than they told you, and you know how costly it can be. So, say something before it’s too late into the day.

In addition to the aforementioned, you also need to protect yourself with the appropriate clauses. In photography, the more clauses you include in your photography contract examples with clients the more protection you accord yourself. As you probably know by now, freelance photographers are at risk of losing everything they make. Because of this, they have to learn to include the following clauses in their contracts:

  • Exclusivity clauses
  • Dinner clauses
  • Force majeure
  • Lab errors
  • Substitution policy

In most cases, you’ll find this information well-outlined in the photography contract sample. All you need to do is to go through this part careful and pick out what’s useful for your photography contract.

Take a look at the sample below.

Photography Contract Template Sample
Image Credits:

4. Giving your clients your all when drafting the photography contract template

The clauses serve a crucial purpose, as already stated. They are not only beneficial to the freelance photographers but also protect clients. Remember, the agreement isn’t one-sided. Both of you need to agree, and that means the photography contract is meant to protect the two of you. The more you protect yourself and the clients’ interests, the easier it is for you to offer excellent services to your clients.

Many clients approach freelance photographers with a higher dose of apprehension. Some do so because of previous experiences while for others the apprehension is the result of stories they have heard. Therefore, you’ve got to prove to them that what they’ve heard or know about you is actually true. You can only achieve this by offering quality services based on what you promised in the photography contract template. Give them assurance that you’ll deliver as stated in the contract. Go through the photography contract sample carefully to get this right.

The photography contract sample puts your clients’ fears at ease.

5. Include additional services in the photography agreement template

Do you offer extra services as a freelance photographer? If yes, your clients should know about them and how much they cost. In most cases, your client may wish to obtain these services but they’re not aware they should pay extra for them. Sometimes the client may just add work to the project without reassessing the payment amount. Taking additional tasks without pay is a waste of time, and so, you need to safeguard your scope of work. Of course, trying to explain this to your client after they’ve allocated you the tasks is hard. That’s why you need to spell this out clearly in your photography contract pdf. 

Most photography contract examples contain this section. So, go through it carefully to get the flow. Given that you’ve worked on many freelance photography projects before, you know those extra services that a client may request for. So, be sure to include them. However, if you’re a newbie in freelance photography and it’s your first project, you may have to borrow ideas from a photography contract sample or seek help from an expert. Even so, don’t think it’s a difficult task. With time, you’ll find your way. 

6. Include a timeline in your photography contract template

Are you comfortable working with tight deadlines? Can you deliver tasks on time? Your client would like to know this, and that’s why your photography contract PDF should talk about it. Most freelancers end up brushing shoulders with their clients simply because they deliver late. While in some circumstances that’s allowed, the truth is, your client may not always accept late delivery. That’s why as a freelance photographer, you need to define the amount of time you need to complete each task.

Most freelancers want to impress their clients by showing how fast they can complete the tasks. At the end of the day, they either deliver substandard work because they did things in a hurry or fail to meet set deadlines. Of course, this interferes with the relationship between you and the client, who may decide to end the project. You don’t want that, right? Therefore, talk about deadlines that you can meet, and do your best to achieve them. A photography contract sample should guide you on this. 

Try to work with achievable milestones. Keep in mind that your client isn’t interested in how fast you can complete the task, but how accurate and timely you are. They say, “better slow but sure.” But even then, don’t drag so much. Just complete the task as fast as you can and pick the next one. 

7. Termination of a photography contract template

Like any other agreement, some unforeseen circumstances may cause either of you to discontinue the services. Since it’s an agreement, you just don’t walk out of it anytime you want. Remember, in case of termination, either you or the client will be affected, depending on who is canceling it. A breach of contract can be costly, and so, you need to spell out the terms of termination to protect both parties. As a freelance photographer, you need to leave room in the contract that gives both of you an exit that’s not costly. 

For instance, you can specify the amount of money and the tasks the client should pay for in case they decide to discontinue the services. On your part, it will protect you from losing what you’ve already earned, and on the part of the client, they’ll not have to spend more than their budget. Most photography contract examples contain a termination clause. Therefore, go through it and borrow ideas from it. 

As you do this, make sure you don’t complicate things. Some freelancers create tough terms that may end up scaring the client. Remember, none of you is planning for a termination. It’s something that may just happen, and so, the terms should be fair to both of you.

8. Terms of delayed payments covered in the photography contract template

After working so hard on your client’s project, the last thing you’d expect is a delayed payment from them. While you may have invoiced your client on time, they may just end up paying you later than you expected. Of course, it would be a disappointment but you may not have the courage to face them about it. Therefore, to be on the safe side, make sure you include terms of delayed payments in your contract. Do you charge interest or a fee on late payments? Don’t shy away from mentioning this in your contract. You have the right to take such actions in case of delayed payment, but your client should know about this before you start working on the project. 

Most photography contract examples contain this clause. So, you can borrow ides from here. Even then, don’t put high fees or interests. Be human enough to understand your client. 

As demonstrated here, clients need to know that the freelance photographer is a trustworthy professional. Getting everything – including your promises and vows to clients – down on paper is the best way of reassuring them that you’re the real deal!

It’s unfair for the freelance photographers to expect clients to trust their word only. Prepare the photography contract PDF, sign it together with clients, and win their trust! It’s much better this way.



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Photography Contract Template

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