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Is it possible for freelance logo designers to grow their businesses in less than an hour?  And what if that one hour was enough to put you on top of your peers in the industry?  That seems insane! Such businesses take time – months and years – to grow to a level where the consultant feels confident with the number of clients, sales, revenues, and profits. That said, you can do a lot for this kind of business if you have the right strategy.

But it’s not just the details of the strategy, but also the approach you take when laying down that strategy, otherwise you will make no difference for your consultancy. Everything will either rise or fall on your strategy. A good strategy depends on the kind of foundation you built for the business. The foundation will solely depend on the impression you make when you first make contact with your clients. This first interaction with your consultancy, will determine whether or not the client hires you or skips your services.

The logo design brief can help you to lay a stunning foundation for the consultancy. A logo design brief is a detailed document detailing well enough information for designers to create a particular design. The main aim is for gaining the desired results. Essentially, this document details all the objectives of the design.

Logo Design Brief Template
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1. Present your case in your logo design brief

The logo design brief may not seem like much. After all, isn’t it only 1-2 pages long? However, its briefness offers you a chance to make a huge impression on your clients. Writing an effective logo design brief becomes very simple once you understand what your target is. Understanding what catches your client’s attention will help you know which information is needed to be included.

Most freelance clients don’t have too much time to spare poring through volumes of documents. Here, you have a short window that can open the world of logo design projects to you. Use the document well.

Ensure your choice of words captivate the client by not only being direct to the point but ensuring your first impression carries as much weight as necessary. Every word you put down should speak volumes about what value you can bring to the clients company. It helps to have done a background check on the client in question so that you can be as relevant as possible.

Make it your goal to present your case and impress clients in 60 seconds, which is probably the time they need to go over the brief.

2. Be open to experimenting in your logo design brief

It’s often tempting to stay true and loyal to what you’re accustomed to. That often works well if you’re running out of time. And there is also the fear of making a mistake with a new client. Some of these fears may be true and it is important to be careful with every client you handle. However, you may want to look into the possibility of trying new stuff too! Consultant logo designers only excel, grow and conquer new fields by embracing new ideas and solutions. Essentially this means thinking outside the box. When it comes to design, you have to go out of your way to create an impression and stand out as the best.

Most importantly, let clients know that you’re prepared to use your creativity to come up with new designs. Find a way of structuring yourself properly so that your creative freedom or license doesn’t disappear. Ensure you present high level key concepts and creative ideas. This is where thorough research comes in handy. Lay a conceptual foundation of the logo design brief according to client’s needs and desire.

3. Marketing your area of specialization in the logo design brief

  • What types of logo designs do you specialize in?
  • Where are your skills better utilized?
  • Why should the client hire you and not the next?
  • What makes you stand out from others in the industry?

These questions should be running through your mind every time you sit down to draft the logo design brief. In other words, this is where you sell who you are what make you different. Most of the times when it comes to writing a logo design brief, what makes you different is what gets you the job.

Do not appear like a jack-of-all-trades. It’s true that some of the best logo designers are not specialists. However, that doesn’t negate the importance of specializing. Many freelance logo design clients will approach you only if they can see proof that you’re capable of providing the exact type of service they need. You have to bring out your best at this point, keeping in mind that you are up against many others.

4. Nail your sales pitch in the logo design brief

Do you know that the logo design brief is still a sales pitch? You constantly sell yourself to the clients who contact your consultancy with different logo design inquiries and projects. Keep working on it by jotting each word with making sales as a priority on your mind. Choose the wording on your design brief carefully – without sounding too salesy – yet making the freelance clients know that you’re talking about your consultancy.

The secret here is to ensure that you come out sounding confident enough to be hired. Confidence means you must know your game, and it starts by understanding the client. When you are well informed of the client's industry and what is required, you will stand out. Sell your skills, passion and creativity in a smart yet intelligent way. The brief window this document offers you is all you need to grow your logo design consultancy by one client at a time! Remember, in this business, you score one client and you will be winning all the way.

Logo Design Brief Template Sample
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5. Provide samples and portfolio in your logo design brief

Will freelance clients take you at your word? Some will, but others will be a bit hesitant. After all, the client does not want to waste time an effort on some amateur. For this reason, it’s important to be ready with samples and portfolio. Now, the purpose of the logo design brief is to help you to understand the client better. The document should also give clients a good idea of the kind of freelance logo designer that you are.

The samples and portfolio will help you make a strong statement, that you are a professional. Plus you get to back what you have written to clients. Keep in mind that the design brief is essentially meant to establish trust between you and the client. It costs you nothing to prepare and send the samples and portfolio. The rewards you stand to gain from such an act are too many to fathom though. With a sample you will have said more than you can possibly write in a brief. It’s basically an automatic win for your business and it can open up greater opportunities too! 

Additionally, invite the clients to free consultation too! Keep talking with them by following a schedule to avoid harassing them! Meaning you must ensure that even as you seek to impress and make a strong professional statement, you don’t want to come out as desperate. Remain composed and professional in every word you choose to use in the logo design brief. Understand other companies in the same space in order to know what would work best. Do not forget to understand each client’s actual needs as well. Capture their goals and objectives on the logo brief design accurately.

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