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Should freelancers seek to know the client’s budget before taking up the project? Yes, they should! It’s fine to ask clients about the budget they have set aside for the project. This way, you know what you’re working with. More importantly, it helps you to plan accordingly since you know what’s on offer. You could counter that or agree to work with the prevailing rates. The logo creative brief can be a crucial document in understanding if the budget is enough.

Logo Creative Brief Template
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What budgetary issues does the logo creative brief clarify?

1. The money that is available with the log creative brief

Freelance clients operate with budgets. Some of them have a bit more leeway and can adjust their budgets upward if you ask them to. Others are not so generous primarily because they have to contend with tight budgets. For this reason, it’s crucial for you to examine what they are asking you to do vis-à-vis the budget to determine if it’s all worth it. Thereafter, you could say “no” or “yes” to the project, so the client can look for another freelancer.

2. Compare the budget with your costs or quote with the log creative brief

Which one should come first between your quote/estimates/costs and the client’s budget? Ideally, you should provide a quote first. Many clients are quite adept at convincing you to charge lower rates. However, it’s important to learn their tricks so that you can stay ahead of them. Prepare a quote and then compare it with the client’s budget. If the budget is something you can work with, let the client know.

3. Overcome the uncomfortable nature of budgetary talks with the log creative brief

It’s true that talks and discussions centering on budgets can be quite uncomfortable to many clients. However, it should not escape your mind that such talks are necessary. The logo creative brief is capable of providing you with the foundation to set these talks off. Freelancers ought to learn how to make themselves – and their clients – comfortable during such discussions. Start by using the logo creative brief to overcome the jitters!

4. Focus on solutions rather than money with the log creative brief

Most clients would not seek the services of a highly experienced consultant when they believe that the rates are over and above what they can afford to pay. Your task is to convince them that they need the solutions you offer. That way, you help them to take their minds away from the finances and onto the solution. By doing this, you would have helped the clients to talk about their budget even when it’s clear that they would rather avoid such discussions.

Logo Creative Brief Template Sample
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5. Provide backup to your estimates with the log creative brief

You should never send quotes or estimates without any backup. Explain why you’re charging these rates. A similar project can attract different costs based on numerous factors. You might want to understand the exact nature of each project before embarking on it. This way, you’re able to provide proper and accurate explanations to the figures you quote to the clients. The result of taking such initiative is the clients begin considering you as a trustworthy freelancer.

Help your freelance clients to know how to develop budgets for each of their projects.

6. Offer several options with the log creative brief

Finally, it’s important for consultants to offer their clients several options. Many clients feel limited – and frustrated – when forced to consider one price or package. Come up with different packages or rates, so clients get a chance to choose what works well for them. Explain each rate or package clearly, so that the client knows what to expect. In most cases, they would have to drop some of their demands in case they choose a low rate.

Therefore, use the logo creative brief to talk about the budget with your freelance clients.


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