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Do you spend a lot of time on non-productive tasks? If yes, you may need to invest in a good log hours app. With such an app, you may never have to worry about being unproductive, which can be a major deterrent in progressing in your freelancing career. For the most part, you only have to develop a habit of working smarter rather than harder to overcome this problem. The app makes you more smarter, which then benefits the consultancy.

Log Hours App
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Below are a few ways the log hours app can be immensely helpful to your freelancing business.

1. Stop working overtime with the log hours app

Overtime is good but not healthy. It’s fine to work overtime only when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you should plan your day well. Good freelancers plan their schedule well. Failure to schedule all your activities well – possibly at the start of the day – could force you into working overtime, which could then affect your health negatively. It’s impossible to be productive when you’re struggling with poor health. Your freelancing business suffers when you’re unwell.

Use the log hours app for planning your time well instead of working overtime.

2. Take a nap when using the log hours app

Depending on the nature of your freelance work, you may need to spare some time for a nap every day. It’s fine to be a polyphasic sleeper, which is normal with almost 85 percent of all mammals. Some of the leading companies in the world have a pro-napping policy. Their employees are more productive because of this policy. Your consultancy benefits greatly when you also follow suit.

3. Delegate responsibility with the log hours app

There are times when your brain needs a bit of a rest. The body too needs rest if you’re to continue operating at optimal levels. Therefore, you should never be afraid of delegating responsibility. Some projects require only 1-2 freelancers. Other projects would never get off the ground without involving a large team of consultants. You run the risk of burning out by doing everything yourself too. Learn to avoid burnouts.

4. Avoid being a perfectionist with the log hours app

Some freelancers are perfectionists. They have no problem being all that and more. Don’t fret if you struggle being a perfectionist. Perfectionism can trip you and make you less productive. Many freelancers end up spending more time focused on getting everything right to the detriment of everything else that the business needs. The log hours app should help you be more pragmatic rather than stressing yourself trying to be a perfectionist.

5. Embrace automation and ignore repetitive tasks with the log hours app

Many freelancers waste plenty of time on repetitive tasks that don’t contribute to the bottom line. Automation is the best solution in situations where the repetitive tasks are making you less productive and inefficient. Once more, the app is your most important tool. It provides you with tons of information. In freelancing – just as it’s the case with everything else that entrepreneurs do – time is money. Automate some tasks to save time.

Log Hours App Dashboard
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6. Use data as the basis for your decisions with the log hours app

There are moments when inefficiency is nothing other than the result of the decisions you make. Base your decisions on the data that the app provide and you will notice a significant increase in your productivity and efficiency. Do not rely on guesswork. Optimize your life as a way of not only growing but also maximizing your potential as a freelancer. Use data from the app to know the hours when you are most productive then make necessary changes.

Stop struggling with inefficiency in your freelancing business.

Find an excellent and highly reputable log hours app to use instead.

Are you part of an organization? Your organization can benefit too from the log hours app

The log hours app has tremendous benefits to your organization. It’s just like any other time tracker but with a few major differences. It opens the door for great things to come into your business too. Time tracking can be a revelation to your business. It highlights the time you – or any of your employees and teams – fritter away in non-productive tasks. It offers you a chance for re-evaluating everything and focusing on what’s important alone.

Log Hours App Workflow
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1. The log hours app is better than timesheets

For the most part, timesheets bring in a new kind of mentality to the business. Many of your workers would not be ready or too willing to fill in the timesheets. The focus should be on encouraging them to do that. They have to understand the risks and rewards of not filling vs. filling the timesheets. Where this continues to be a struggle, the log hours app can be a better alternative.

The app appreciates one simple fact: lost time costs money. There can be no substitute for time spent on non-productive activities. Employees have to understand that the job you employ them to do requires proper concentration. Without that, nothing else would matter. You can train employees to be more dedicated and committed to their jobs. One way of doing this is by installing time tracking apps to log hours.

2. The log hours app improves your management skills

Are you aiming to be the best manager and leader of your team? Then you should be ready to sit down with anyone who is not putting in the effort. Normally, sitting down with them would involve praising them for work done properly and to the customer’s satisfaction. However, you would also need to be ready to work with them on their shortcomings, which is where the log hours app comes in by providing a foundation for your claims and criticisms.

Use the app as one of the ways of giving your team the feedback they need to be better.

3. The log hours app restricts workers to their core functions

Every minute your workers spend on their actual job descriptions has a positive effect on your business. Each minute is valuable to the company. The log hours app seeks to save you money. Time spent on non-core functions costs the company a lot of money. The company cannot afford to grow in any way if it continues losing money. For these reasons, it’s better to install the app and monitor employees’ use of time.

Log Hours App TImesheet
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4. Use the log hours app to motivate and teach

In the United States, failure to track workers or log hours cost the economy $7.4 billion daily. Explain this fact to your employees. Give examples they can relate to, so they understand what that figure means for the company for whom they work. Explain the benefits they – and the company – eventually stand to derive from the app. It’s better to be open about any changes you wish to introduce than expecting them to adhere to adjustments they know nothing about.

Before introducing the log hours app to your team, prepare guidelines on how you expect it to be used. Be ready to change the system and the culture in the office too. You can take several measures to change the culture for the better. These include making the workplace good for everybody; removing brilliant jerks; building resilience with teams; being more open; and embracing technology, which is where the app falls.

Your employees might struggle in setting up the app. Have a system in place to help them with that or any other issue they may encounter with the app. Share reports from the app with the entire office. Address problems the app identifies early enough and more efficiently as well. Follow-up the issues emerging from the tracking with all the concerned parties and ask the workers for feedback too.

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