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Lead Generation Contract

Signing a lead generation contract before asking some important questions is a bad way of running your business. First, you have to sit down with the vendor and clarify a few issues. According to the US News, knowing what to expect before signing a contract is a good business practice. The words on the contract are special. They are significant; hence, the importance of reading and understanding them well. If the words appear confusing, seek clarification from the vendor or your attorney.
So, what questions should you ask the vendor?

Ask him the source of his leads
First, let him tell you where he's getting the leads. This question is important as it informs you whether the vendor is obtaining the leads illegally. Some illegal ways of lead generation include buying them from third party sources. Some vendors have a tendency of engaging with their own audiences and asking for leads from such sources. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if you don't care about the source of the leads. However, failure to seek this information might expose you to two possibilities, as shown below:

  • Diminished quality assurance
  • Inflated costs

Ask him how he will set the program
Next, ask the vendor to explain how he intends to set the program. Avoid making assumptions. Seek clarifications from the vendor all the time. Ask the vendor to clarify whether he's able to promote multiple assets. Let the vendor explain whether he will allow you to change assets right in the middle of the lead generation campaign. Ask questions and obtain answers. According to an article published in, misunderstandings are capable of nullifying the power and responsibility that a contract confers upon the parties involved.

Ask him to be clear on the amount of time he needs
The vendor should explain on the lead generation contract the time he needs to deliver the promises he made. The contract should specify the measures worth taking in case the vendor is unable to fulfil his promises. In many cases, it would be fine to pay the vendor pro-rated portions or consider extending the program. Before you assent to the contract, take time to consider the ramifications of extending the contract or paying the pro-rated portion. A pro-rated portion, according to, is paid for some of the hours worked.
Paying close attention to each section of the contract is highly advisable. It helps you avoid too many problems that might arise later especially when the lead generation vendor fails to fulfil his side of the bargain. Learn to ask questions and demand answers before putting pen to paper and signing the lead generation contract. Ask the vendor to give you plenty of time to go through the contract and make sure that you understand all that it says. Never rush through the contract lest you end up losing more than you bargained for.
Therefore, use this guideline to identify the questions you ought to ask the vendor before signing any lead generation contract with him. Processes that are crucial for the lead generation program to be effective must be clearly listed and responsibility assigned to each of them by the vendor the contract ought to be clear on the duties, responsibilities and rights of each signatory to the agreement. As long as you do this task carefully, you will avoid most of the headaches that other people have experienced after signing lead generation contracts.

Create a free
Lead Generation Contract