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Interior designing is one of the fastest thriving industries today simply because it concerns everyone. Shelter is one of the fundamental needs of humans, and with the evolution and civilization we experience, aesthetics is now a significant consideration of housing. People care about their living room, lighting, and mood of their interior. People are concerned about the wallpapers of their interiors, whether or not the designs set their mood. That's why you'll be able to impress any client if you rely on the appropriate interior design quotation sample.

How the interior surrounding of a home looks like is of great importance to people’s instinct that it can alter or define what they feel about the interior design of a building. It is no surprise that many professionals provide interior design services. If you consult in this field, besides your ability to design the interior of a building to conform to your client's taste, be ready to come up with a solid quotation template that will always win the approval of a prospective client. 

Interior Design Quotation Template
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Why use a interior design quotation template 

An interior design quotation sample is a useful tool in getting customers and winning top projects in a competitive market. The document can act as a contract agreement that specifies the details about charges, services, and other offerings of a freelancer designer or consultant.

Most times, businesses and organizations request interior design quotation samples from different consultants and then review the offerings of the parties involved before approving one designer to handle the job. Hence, the need to ensure you draft a detailed quote but with just enough information to give you approval.

Besides, your interior design quotation sample should contain relevant information that deals with every aspect of the project. 

Read on to discover what you need to draft a solid interior design quotation sample. Before you write anything at all, you must carry out some underlying research and ask questions about the project for which you need to prepare an interior design quotation sample.

You should be familiar with the structure and details of the project. Check the guide below on how to complete your quote writing.

1. Personal information in the interior design quotation template

A quote is an official document and must be on a formal letterhead template of your business that carries your business name, address, email, and contact. It should also carry the information of the person to whom it is addressed. 

2. Design services in the interior design quotation template

Make a list of your design services like window design, wallpaper decoration listening, among others. Add visual images, conceptual framework, and interior decorations as additional documents if you have to illustrate what you can offer.

3. Service rates in the interior design quotation template

When listing your services, add a column to state your rate for each service. Ensure you break down every cost so that your client can understand your pricing model. In addition, add material requirements and their cost to the interior design quotation sample. Include tax rates if applicable and the payment timeline. 

4. Terms and conditions in the interior design quotation template

Every client wants to know about your terms and conditions before committing their interior design projects into your hands. State your terms about payment and mention if your service involves a discount offer. 

Interior Design Quotation Template Sample
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Final words

Avoid re-inventing the wheel by copying and pasting vague descriptions of another proposal somewhere. A winning interior design quotation sample is unique, and it provides a client with just enough information to give you approval on a design project.

One of the selling points of your quote is its nice structure and design. You wouldn't want to submit a crappy document with no element of design that demonstrates to a prospect about your design abilities.