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Hair Brand Ambassador Contract Template

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Hair Brand Ambassador Contract Template

Are you blessed with strong and healthy hair and have been approached by well-known hair-care companies to promote hair extensions or hair care products? Are these companies offering you high-income opportunities as a freelancer? If you say yes to both these questions, you should be enjoying a great lifestyle along with a steady source of income. 

However, you might be refusing these offers because you feel that you might not get paid as you are unsure of how to create a contract. Why should a contract stop you from being a successful hair brand ambassador? You could download a hair brand ambassador contract template online and modify it according to your needs. There are a lot of templates you can find on Google. 

Though finding a template is easy, you might still not be confident to use it because you might be omitting some important information and end up with an unfavorable contract

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We are going to provide you with tips which will ensure that your rights are protected by the contract.

Tips for drafting a hair brand ambassador contract template

When preparing a freelancing hair brand ambassador contract, the following tips need to be kept in mind: 

1. Who are you promoting?

You will be the brand ambassador for a specific company and this should be mentioned in your hair brand ambassador contract template. 

2. Services provided by you

You will be providing product reviews for the company and then publishing them after getting approval from the company. There are certain restrictions regarding the products like selling them on unauthorized websites or gifting them. You have to declare you will not act in any way to damage the reputation of the company in your hair brand ambassador contract template.

3. Protection of trademark

You cannot use the Company's trademark without prior consent and this needs to be stated in the hair brand ambassador contract template. As a freelance professional, you will provide assurance to the company when you include this clause.

4. Your legal status

The hair brand ambassador contract template should state clearly that you are an independent contractor and not an employee, franchisee or partner. As a consultant, you are not on the payroll of the client.  This also implies that you cannot act as a representative of the company in case of any contract. 

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5. Terms and conditions

This section of the hair brand ambassador contract template will include the provisions for any amendments that you and the client want to make in future. You can terminate the freelance contract giving a 30-day notice if you disagree with any clause in the contract should be mentioned. 

6. Payment of taxes

As a freelancer, you will be responsible for payment of your professional taxes and filing the required returns as per law. This needs to be stated in the hair brand ambassador contract template. 

7. Confidential information

As a freelancing professional, you will have access to a lot of confidential information relating to the company. You need to declare that this confidential information will not be shared with a third party.

8. Commissions and other benefits

The commission payable by the client to you including other benefits needs to be included in the hair brand ambassador contract template. Benefits could include free products and other privileges.

Earn more with the right contract

As a freelance hair brand ambassador, you need to ensure that you benefit from having a professional contract. If you perform well and ensure higher sales for the client, then you too should get your commissions and other perks on time. Enjoy life as a successful hair brand ambassador with foolproof contracts from Bonsai!

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Hair Brand Ambassador Contract Template

Create your own

Hair Brand Ambassador Contract Template

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