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What do clients think about your graphic design skills? Are they willing to pay whatever you charge? Most of them are happy to pay your rates. After all, they know that you can provide the services they need. That would only be possible if you know what clients expect from you. More importantly, it’s upon you to learn how to manage your client’s expectation. All freelance graphic designers must learn this lesson not only when writing graphic design brief but when writing graphic design contracts as well.

A good starting point is the graphic design creative brief. The brief provides you with insights regarding what each client expects from you. It's a little different than a graphic design proposal pdf. We'll explain more below.

How does the graphic design creative brief help manage client’s expectation?

Graphic Design Creative Brief Template
Image Credits: archaeologytimes.com

1. Sets clear deliverables in your graphic design creative brief

What can you do? All your clients need detailed answers to this question. They need reassurance that you’re the best freelance graphic designer for them. Take your time to convince clients about your capabilities. Set clear deliverables, so clients are not confused on what to expect from you. Accompany the list of deliverables with realistic deadlines too. Review the deliverables with each client, so the two of you are on the same page about the graphic design contract.

2. Demonstrate authenticity in your graphic design creative brief

One purpose that the graphic design creative brief serves is enhancing or projecting authenticity on the part of the consultant. The best graphic designer consultants are some of the most authentic professionals’ clients will ever meet. Do not fill the template with fluffy stuff. Contrary to what you may think, it’s actually quite easy to appear or present yourself as an authentic graphic designer. You only have to practice the following:

  • Avoid overpromising
  • Talk to clients about what you’re ready to do for them
  • Let clients know what you would like to achieve from the freelancer-client relationship
  • Display transparency regarding the obstacles and challenges you’re likely to face

Clients respect freelancers who open up about various challenges in graphic design projects.

3. Know them with the graphic design creative brief

It may be difficult to spare enough time for getting to know your clients better. One challenge you’re likely to encounter in pursuit of knowing your client (KYC) is tight deadlines. Know them at the human level. Your freelance graphic design customers are more than mere statistics. They are humans with struggles, hopes, and aspirations. Know your clients to stand a higher chance of hiring the best of them.

4. Willingness to get new clients with the graphic design creative brief

Some clients can approach you with insanely unrealistic expectations. As desperate as you may be for the projects – and the attendant financial gains – it’s important to let clients know that you have other options too. Otherwise, you may have to put up with a project that demands more from you despite the unattractive rewards it offers. Do not feel pressurized to say “Yes” to a client whose expectations and requirements you can’t meet satisfactorily.

Graphic Design Creative Brief Template Sample
Image Credits: elektroautos.co

5. Organize a kick-off meeting with the graphic design creative brief

It’s crucial for consultant graphic designers to schedule physical meetings with their clients. Granted, such meetings may not be possible when dealing with clients who are on the other side of your globe. Nevertheless, in such cases, you could always ask for an online meeting. Use avenues such as Skype. Look for tools that support video conferencing too. The graphic design creative brief should have more information – even if it’s just a mention – in this meeting.

The graphic design creative brief is one of your most important tools. It sets you apart from fellow freelancer graphic designers. It displays your professionalism for all clients to see. Maybe with the improved appearance as an expert, it'll help you land a graphic designer retainer contract. Use it for marketing your skills too. Use it for learning what clients expect from your graphic design skills as well. Most importantly, study it closely so that you know how to manage your clients and their expectations.

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