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Ghostwriting Agreement TemplateGhostwriting Agreement TemplateGhostwriting Agreement Template

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Freelance ghostwriters who specialize in fiction are in greater demand than ever. Based on this, you should definitely consider joining the industry too. It takes work to be successful in this industry, though. For example, you have to be ready to sit down and do some backbreaking writing work to excel. With that settled, the next task is to equip yourself with all the relevant tools. A ghostwriting agreement is mandatory to avoid setting yourself up for failure in a field with a high rate of unsuccessful ghostwriters. You need the following for a good agreement.

Define Clients Needs Clearly

Essentially, freelance clients narrate their needs to the ghostwriters properly and in detail. Your task, as the freelance ghostwriter, is to understand the instructions clearly. The ghostwriting agreement offers you a chance to show clients that you have grasped their instructions fully. For example, do your clients need web content, blog posts, newsletters, article marketing, or press releases? Ask them as many questions as it takes to get answers that help you to grasp their needs. Then, write what you understand on the agreement for them to sign.

Pricing and Rates

Secondly, freelance clients are likely to hire you based on numerous factors. Pricing and rates you charge for your ghostwriting services play a crucial role here. Therefore, make sure that you list your pricing and rates clearly in your ghostwriting agreement. Ambiguity is not recommended, where issues regarding pricing are concerned. More crucially, it is worth mentioning that pricing goes hand-in-gloves with the value that your services provide. For this reason, you should give more prominence to the value clients get from your services. Learn how to focus more on value rather than price.

Samples and Portfolios

Another issue of concern is that of samples and portfolios. Again, this depends on the freelance niche that you work in. For some projects, clients could ask for proof of your ability. Often, this tends to be in the form of samples. In ghostwriting, the samples are of your previous writings even though the works are no longer in your name. As a freelance ghostwriter, you have several options here. First, you should have a blog under your name where you could direct all clients to check your work.  Other options available to you here include:

  • Providing excerpts from previous works
  • Write and be ready with samples you do not intend to sell
  • Talk to all prospective clients in generalities without mentioning the work of your previous clients
  • Maintaining a catalog of client testimonies

Including a Permissions Clause in Your Agreement

It is important to be wise and move with the times, which you could do by inserting a permissions clause in your ghostwriting agreement. Here, the permissions clause gives you the freedom to include any work for which you have been contracted partially or fully in your professional portfolio. By doing this, you would be increasing your range of samples and portfolios that clients need to gauge whether you are truly a writer worth hiring. However, you would need to explain and agree on this clause with your clients.

Now that you have this information, you should not hesitate to prepare and sign a ghostwriting contract. Fundamentally, none of the works you write or create would ever appear in your real name. Typically, you have overall the copyrights to your freelance clients. However, this does not mean you have no rights as a ghostwriter. A good agreement protects your rights, which include pricing and rates. Nothing is more rewarding to ghostwriters as pay. Therefore, protect your talent and service with a well-drafted ghostwriting agreement.



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