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Gardening Invoice

Gardening involves the practice of cultivating plants, shrubs, trees, and their management for beautification purposes. Many consider gardening to be a relaxing activity. But for you as a professional, you want to get paid for the gardening service you render even as you enjoy the activity, hence the need for a gardening invoice template that you can always edit and send to a client to save time.

A gardening invoice is prepared to inform the client of due payment for receiving a gardening service. It also states the actual amount due for a service, the type of service performed, and the payment terms of the bill. Below are details that must be included in a professional gardening invoice. 

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Gardening invoice basics

Read on to uncover essential information you must not leave out from your gardening invoice.

1. Personal & client Information

Boldly state business name like “John Erik Gardening Services.” Write the “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” of your gardening business on the invoice. Put the phone number your client can reach you with and your name as a representative of the business.

It should be followed with client information and let the document state that it is a gardening invoice. 

2. Service description

The language used for your invoice should inform your client of the specific service performed and the necessary fees that follow. The description should be simple and organized to enhance easy comprehension and response from clients. 

3. Documentation

The gardening invoice has to be kept safely for record purposes. Therefore, choose a preferred numbering system to track and manage all invoices sent to customers. Also include official dates of project completion, time of sending the document, and the due date of payment. 

4. Itemize gardening material & quantity

Create a two-column table that will have "Material," on one side and "Quantity" on the other side. Please list all the materials used for gardening on the material column as we as their quantities.

5. Material cost & labor cost

Multiply the material unit cost and their quantities to get the total cost of materials. Don’t forget your labor cost; if you charge per hour, do well to include the fees per hour for clarity purpose.

6. Summarize the cost of the gardening job

Provide the sum of materials and labor in the gardening invoice. Don't forget to add taxes (if there are any). Freelancers and individual consultants in the US with total charges over $600 in a year are expected to pay tax.

If applicable, add your tax ID to request the necessary tax document from your client. 

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Why use a professional gardening invoice?

  • A professional invoice help keep track of your finance
  • Organize payments and account receivables
  • Proper record-keeping for every client
  • Keep useful tax information and document
  • Avoid missed payments and due dates
  • Organize payment schedule and bookkeeping 
  • Monitor outstanding debts and client’s payment record

Final words

A good relationship with the client would make invoicing stress-free. A working relationship will also enhance fast responses in payment and effecting changes to a gardening invoice (if need be).  It would be helpful if freelancers are flexible with their services and terms of payment.

However, a client's request for multiple alterations that would infringe on the actual expenses accrued in completing a gardening job should not be allowed.  For fast responses, invoices should be created and sent on time to clients when service received is still fresh on their minds. 

Create your own
Gardening Invoice

Create your own

Gardening Invoice

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