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Nothing is as pleasant as receiving money from a freelance client after doing some work. The payment proves that you did a good job. Otherwise, the client wouldn't have paid. However, you would struggle being paid if you don't prepare and send an invoice professionally. The good news is that you no longer have to wonder how to do it because you can rely on freelance invoice template for ideas. The template is a resourceful tool that all freelancers must have.
So, how does the template make you appear more professional?

  • Eliminates Errors

Nothing screams unprofessionalism more than sending an invoice full of errors. According to eInvoicing basics up to 40% of paper based invoices have some errors. Some of the errors are capable of destroying your fledgling career as a freelancer. As long as you're keen, you will not commit these costly mistakes. For example, failure to include terms on the invoice can be damaging for your business. The template already features the terms, thus reducing your chances of failing to include them.

  • Stick to Company Policies

It's common for a new freelancer to begin working without the right policies in place. Policies are good for your business. They are also good for your clients. It's common knowledge that customers don't want surprises, especially when it comes through invoices. The only surprise they would not mind is a discount. Therefore, using the freelance invoice template informs clients about your policies, thus eliminating the unwanted surprises.

  • Helps You to Charge Correctly

When it comes to invoices sent out to your freelancing clients, one thing you should avoid doing is undercharging for services offered. Make your prices close to what's prevalent in the market right now. Quoting low simply to attract more clients to your business is a mistake. If you continue undercharging, there would be nobody else to blame but yourself when your business appears only capable of attracting cheap clients, some of whom take off without paying.

  • Includes all Services Offered and their Charges

The freelance invoice template is a great resource for anybody who wants to be as professional as possible in the eyes of his clients. The template ensures that you include all the services you have offered and their respective charges. This way, clients have no problem understanding the invoice and sending the payment on time. This is a great way for both of you to monitor what has already been done and paid for, thus keeping a proper record of completed tasks and payments.

  • Displays Acceptable Methods of Payment

Some clients might send you payment using methods that you don't accept. Some of the methods might not even exist in your country. After all, freelancing allows you to work with clients from all corners of the world. The freelance invoice template ensures that the client only uses methods you accept to send payments. The clients can't say they made a mistake, because the acceptable methods of payments are clearly displayed. Common methods are PayPal, AlertPay and Skrill.

  • Indicates Due Dates for All Payments

A good template should have a section that allows you to indicate when the payments are due. The client should not feel confused. The invoice should be clear on this matter. Otherwise, clients might remain with the invoice for long without settling the debt they owe you simply because you failed to tell them clearly when the payment is due. Each invoice must have a due date. Indicating the due date gives you the security needed.
Therefore, as long as you get the right freelance invoice template, your clients will see you as a true professional. You must prove your professionalism. Don't forget to include your contact details. In fact, get software that includes your contact details automatically on the invoice to avoid making mistakes. The template should also number the invoices automatically for future reference in case problems arise.