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If your freelance client has a fashion design project in their head and would like to have it implemented, the first and most important step is for you to put it together in the form of a fashion design brief example. The key reference is the fashion design brief. You may not have created such a document before, but using a fashion design brief example, you can put your client's ideas on paper so you can turn it into business.

Fashion Design Brief Template
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Let’s look at some of the components that your fashion design brief example should have.

1. The fashion design brief information about the client

Information about the Client Company or business remains indispensable. Without solid background information about the client, a freelance designer may end up fumbling with things and ultimately fail to produce the most suitable fashion design brief. Therefore, when you prepare a fashion design brief example, don't forget to stress on the need to capture the client’s business details.

2. Product segment in the fashion design brief example

In the fashion industry, we already have some product segments within which to work. In the fashion design brief, the freelancer should vividly indicate whether the design is for official, casual, sports, men, women or children use. If a fashion design brief example is to be used, countercheck whether a product segment is provided.

3. Target season in the fashion design brief example

On fashion matters, the season is important as it has some bearing on the final product. The season can influence the look, material, and the body coverage of the product to be designed. Come to think of it, if a product, say a dress, is going to be used in winter, the material used might have to be heavier and warmer. The opposite is true for summer dresses, right? We also have Christmas and Easter, among others as seasons that are likely to influence the fashion design of a product - make sure to capture such details in the fashion design brief example you put together.

4. Product inspiration in the fashion design brief example

Almost every fashion design brief underlines the importance of the inspiration behind the design. For the designer, it makes the whole process a lot easier by, at least, finding some reference point. As for the client, it makes it possible for them to see some features they might like but aren’t able to explain in text. For example, one would send a picture of a dress and point out a collar as an element he or she likes.

Fashion Design Brief Template Sample
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5. What image is the fashion design brief expected to portray?

Freelancing as a fashion designer isn't one light feat. It requires great creativity and the ability to think outside the box most times, if not at all times. With this understanding, what a useful fashion design brief example should capture is how the client would like to portray the product to the target audience.

  • Should it be presented as an expensive brand?
  • Do they want the product to be shouting and easily recognizable?
  • What colors do they want to use to help them distinguish it from the competition?
  • Does the client have a predefined way in which they want the elements captured in the copy, font, and images?
Fashion Design Brief Template Example
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6. Be fearless in your fashion design brief example

Fear is the enemy that keeps you in one place and away from the level of success that your freelancing design skills demand. Fear is restrictive. It limits you. Freelancers, especially the new ones, face a few common fears. The best freelancers know how to overcome these crippling fears. Your design brief sample should contain no hint of fear. It should be free of fears. It should demonstrate the confidence that you have on your abilities.

Clients are likely to feed off your fearlessness. Therefore, let it shine brightly for all to see!

7. Market your passion in the fashion design brief example

Passion can be sufficient in convincing customers to place an order with your freelancing design business. Be as passionate about your business as possible. Demonstrate an equal amount of passion towards the client’s project and design needs. The most successful freelancers have found ways of merging their passion with freelancing skills. They would be a perfect example for you to follow in your freelancing journey too.

Your passion is attractive in such highly competitive freelance niches.

8. Persevere with your fashion design brief even when you hear "no" a lot

What is your goal? Is it to get new clients within the next 48 hours? Then, the best advice would be any that encourages you not to give up! Giving up would kill your dream before it even gets a fair chance at taking off! Perseverance is highly advisable in such situations. The many clients who reject your pitch are only drawing you a step closer to the first one who wouldn’t be afraid to give you a chance. Use your design brief sample to project positivity and perseverance!

Fashion Design Brief Template PDF
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9. Demonstrate your creativity in the fashion design brief example

What freelancing skills or service do you offer? How unique is it from what countless other freelance designers offer? What sets you apart from the rest? The design brief sample offers you a small yet highly powerful window to tell all your prospective clients about traits and components that make you a perfect fit for their projects. Use this opportunity to be as creative as possible. Creativity should shine bright in your communication and design samples.

10. Brainstorming with clients in the fashion design brief

The brief allows freelancers to establish a connection with clients. That connection offers the two parties a chance to brainstorm and reach an agreement on many of – if not all – the aspects of the design project. Talk about the purpose of the project. What’s the client’s intentions with the designs? Where and how does the client intend to use the designs? Get answers to these questions with the client’s input, and you will have a loyal client.

Learn brainstorming techniques to increase the chances of getting clients with a design brief.

11. Lays the groundwork in the fashion design brief example

First, you have to understand that it’s not possible to manage any project from your freelance clients without adequate preparation. As the consultant, it’s upon you to prepare properly and effectively. Lay the groundwork. Use the design brief to lay the groundwork regarding the work you’re about to embark on. Identify the stakeholders and beneficiaries. List the expected benefits to all concerned parties too.

12. Clarifying project requirements in the fashion design brief example

Failure is guaranteed whenever you embark on any project without seeking more clarifications from the clients. Highlight this issue through the design brief. The requirements or instructions should never be hazy. They should be easy to understand too for you – as the consultant – and any member of your team with whom you shall work. Ambiguous project scopes are dangerous to your business.

Learn all that you can from the clients before capturing their thoughts in your design brief.

13. Effective communication in the fashion design brief

A design brief is also a powerful tool for communicating with clients. Communication is essential in all aspects of project management. Consistent communication is essential for the success of your consultancy business. Communication should permeate every stage of the project. Do not limit it at specific stages alone. Clients have to be kept aware of all that’s happening. Use the design brief to communicate effectively and consistently with the clients.

14. Enhanced productivity in the fashion design brief example

Many design freelancers would be too quick to state that they go through moments of struggles. One of their major struggles has to do with productivity or lack thereof. Many freelancers work harder and longer. Few of them work better. To many of them, the major issue often remains the absence of a design brief example. A good one promotes a culture of productivity. It also promotes a culture of openness between designers and clients.

Fashion Design Brief Template Sample PDF
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15. The fashion design brief example is perfect for designers and clients

You may not be aware of the importance of a good design brief example to your clients. For the most part, all designers appreciate the critical nature of the design brief in operating the freelance business. However, it’s worth pointing out that the brief’s benefits do not stop with the designer. Most clients also enjoy numerous benefits from it. The brief gives clients and designers a chance to feel happy and impressed with the work that’s been done.

16. The fashion design brief example provides a roadmap

Clients know what they like the final product (or design in this case) to look like. They have an image of that in their mind. Some have a sample from the past, which they rely on to judge whether the new design is up to scratch. The designer could be in the dark in this regard. Because of this, the design brief example is a wonderful tool for providing the freelance designer with a roadmap of what the client expects to see at the end.

17. The fashion design brief example improves communication

Marketing is all about proper and effective communication. It offers design consultants an opportunity to pass the right message over to clients. The message seeks to convince clients to order any design or other related services they need from the designer in question. The design brief helps you to improve this aspect of marketing and running your consultancy. However, try to be authentic and offer value to your clients through the design brief template.

18. Improve writing skills in your fashion design brief

Designers are mostly interested in designing stuff for their clients. Many of them show no passion whatsoever towards writing. Many of them would rather delegate the writing to expert writers. However, the design brief template encourages consultant designers to be as focused on writing as they are on designing. Use the template to learn to write excellent marketing copies for promoting your brand and increasing awareness among your customer base.

19. Be disruptive in your fashion design brief

Modern freelance design businesses have embraced disruption. Welcome disruptive innovation with open arms. Disruption is the future of all businesses and industries – including freelance design. Let your love for disruptive technology that usher in permanent changes shines through in the design brief. Let it all out so that your clients can see that you’re not afraid of changes or taking the sort of risks that could bring more benefits to everyone.

A disruptive consultant is never afraid of appearing controversial. Disruption is not synonymous to recklessness.

20. Be confident in your fashion design brief

Good marketers are some of the most confident individuals you will ever meet. The best marketers believe in the product or service they sell. Their confidence rises to the fore every time you hear them speak or read anything from them. You should take a similar approach while marketing your freelance design business. The design brief template offers you a chance to do just that. Use it well to let everybody know that you know what you’re talking about!

Fashion Design Brief Template Example PDF
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21. Pull publicity stunts in your fashion design brief

Can you pull a publicity stunt using the design brief template? Well, the truth is you can do just about anything you want with this one-page document. Here, you get the chance to put your creativity to the test. The template offers you a chance of being as creative as a way of marketing your business. Some of the best marketing gimmicks are short but quite impactful. Use this document to pass the shortest yet most memorable marketing stunt.

22. Deliver what you promise in your fashion design brief example

Nothing works better for your freelance design operations than being a person of your word. It’s good to develop the habit of delivering what you promised your clients. The design brief template offers you a platform for making promises. Do not leave it at that. Instead, do whatever you can to ensure that clients leave impressed at the fact that you are ready to walk the walk too. They will be more inclined to return to you for future design projects.

The brief should answer the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘how,’ ‘where,’ and ‘why’ questions properly.

At the end of the day, you've got to put in work. Nothing good comes easy is an old saying that remains true to this very day. Some research here and there, some brainstorming with the design, some back and forth in trying to come up with ideas, and recommendations to reach the most preferred result are all activities associated with the design process.

For that reason, therefore, any information likely to help deliver the best should be included at the very beginning.

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