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As a freelance photographer, you would already have heard of the importance of entering into a contract with your clients before starting to work with them. If you are an event photographer, you will be approached by several clients who need you to provide similar services. Since you will be providing the same kind of event photography services to your clients, you should have a draft event photography contract in place. 

A draft event photography contract is the template of a contract that can be tailored to suit the needs of different clients. You can make changes to the same template every time you need to sign a contract. This saves freelancers a lot of time since they do not have to make a contract from scratch every time they need to sign a contract.

You can use your draft contract as a starting point to enter into negotiations with your client. Once you and your client have finalized the details of the contract, you can make the appropriate changes to the draft and sign it.

Event Photography Contract Template
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Here is a list of reasons why freelancers should sign a contract with their clients. 

1. An event photography contract template makes it easier to receive payment 

As a freelance business owner, you will inevitably face situations in which the client is not paying on time or is not paying you according to the terms that had been agreed. A client may refuse to pay certain parts of your fees or keep delaying payment. In such situations, it is beneficial to have a contract in place.

A contract is proof of the terms of payment that had been agreed and It is evidence that a contractual, commercial relationship existed between you and your client and it can be used as leverage to make your client pay you the correct amount that is due and pay it on time. 

Since the event photography contract is a written document, a client cannot refute the terms that have been laid down in the contract and signed by them. Hence, having a contract in place makes it easier for you to demand payment when the time comes. 

2. An event photography contract provides clarity 

As a freelancer, you will be working with clients who have different needs and expectations. It is likely that you would do work for a client, but they will not be satisfied and claim that they expected something entirely different. To avoid such situations, it is essential that you have a contract in place. 

An event photography contract is a written document that clarifies your scope of work, the deadline in which you have to submit the work, and kind of work that needs to be paid more for. Hence, you and your client are on the same page about what needs to be done from the start. If there is any confusion at a later date, you can easily refer to the contract again and solve any dispute.

Event Photography Contract Template Sample
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3. Define your relationship with your event photography contract example

As a freelancer, you are not an employee of your client. Freelancers enjoy a certain degree of independence and agency when it comes to their work. Being a freelancer means that you are free to meet the requirements and expectations of your client on your own terms and the terms that have been mutually agreed upon. This relationship is reflected in the language of an event photography contract. 

Essential clauses to include in your event photography contract sample

Before you make your event photography contract template, you should make a list of the essential clauses that you need in your contract. Every contract needs to have standard clauses that make your contract legally enforceable and provide for terms that are standard in the market. 

Apart from the standard clauses, you need to ensure that your template contains clauses such as the scope of work, terms of payment, the timelines to be followed, circumstances in which the contract is deemed to be breached, renewability of the contract, and termination of the contract. 


Having an event photography contract template in place can save a lot of time and effort in the long run. It can also important to ensure that you sign a contract every time you start work with your client, which can be beneficial in a variety of ways, as discussed. 


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