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Table of contents

Although artists are more interested in the more creative side of things in life. Rather than dealing with administrative tasks. Even if you're in the art industry, you must have a reliable method for collecting payments from customers. Although you can outsource this for someone to do your invoices for you. It is much more cost-effective to create your own artist invoice template. We will detail the options available for doing this later in the article. Having templates that are attractive and well crafted, will make your business stand out. As well as making the billing process run more smoothly.

Artist invoice templates

Having an invoice template on file can save you a lot of time. It makes it simple to produce, alter, and customize your invoices. Once you have created an artist invoice template. You only need to insert the sale information into a readymade invoice template. The structure and necessary fields have already been made for you. This saves you the time and stress of having to create one from scratch each time. So what are the different ways to create an art invoice template?

Free artist invoice template

There are a variety of different formats available to you for creating a free invoice template. They can be created in straightforward programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel or Google docs.

There are many business owners and freelancers who choose this cheap option, to save money. If you only need to create a few, quick invoices, Google sheets can be useful. However using invoicing software has several benefits. If you're seeking a more expert, professional, and customizable option.

Professional Invoice templates

If you're looking to send professional invoices. Then the free software such as Microsoft Word or excel probably wont cut it. However, there is invoicing software available to help you create a more customizable artist invoice template. Using an invoice template software can help:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Help personalize your invoice templates
  • Increase the professional outlook on your business
  • Help you organize payments
  • Speed up the invoicing process and get paid promptly

Note: Are you struggling with where to start? take note. Bonsai is the leading invoice software on the market. It will guide you through the entire process. This product is perfect for creating a freelance artist invoice. Start your free 14-day trial now.

How to create an artist invoice template

Since invoices are considered legal documents. It is important to have the most appropriate and correct information on them. Here is a list of important items that should be included when creating your artist invoices:

  • A unique invoice number - this is an individual number assigned to each client's invoice. It will be useful for your record-keeping. the date of the invoice should also be included.
  • Your company's details - (company name, phone number, company logo, email, and mailing address).
  • The client's information - (their address, telephone number, email)
  • Service list provided - An itemized list of the services you have offered (paintings, freelance artist work, etc).
  • Total cost for completing the work carried out - including the hourly rate for each service given. The total for each piece of art sold, or your hourly rate.
  • Gross subtotal- (before adding discounts, service fees, and taxes)
  • The total net amount owed - (including taxes)
  • Payment due date and payment terms

Invoicing tips

It's crucial to include as much information as you can on the invoice. Each invoice must contain an accurate listing of the services provided and the related charges. Having a ready-made template helps you focus more on the detailed description rather than creating invoices. Here are some of the details you may want to include:

Works carried out

As you may be undertaking different types of work. Such as selling creations or working at an hourly rate. It is important to write detail of what it is you have sold and not just the price.

Total balance added

After providing a thorough summary of the work you've done. To each of them, the appropriate rates must be applied. You can set different prices for certain services. Applying the correct rates to each will help with the outstanding debts.

Other expenses

Remember to include all additional expenses that you may not think of straight away. This may include expenses such as materials for the job. You should also include taxes and transaction costs if any.

Payment terms

List all of the criteria and payment terms that were previously agreed upon. Give your customers as many acceptable payment methods as you can. Giving them plenty of options will help speed up the payment process.

Delivery of invoice

It is important to ask your client how they would prefer you to deliver the invoice to them. Some clients will prefer the more traditional paper copy. However, some clients may find it easier and more useful to receive electronic invoices. It would be a good idea to have both of these available.

Bonsai invoicing software

If you're looking to send professional invoices, Bonsai is the leading software in invoice creation. Using this software will help add a personal touch and help create the perfect invoice for your art business.

Bonsai has a number of great features that can help you with your business. Whether it be setting up a recurring invoice, analyzing your monthly and annual income, or automating late fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do you write an invoice for art?

All you need to do is create a document with a unique invoice number, business name and address, date of the invoice, description of the job, payment information, and price or total for the services that must be paid. Or you could try Bonsai's free invoice template to customize and send invoices without having to design it.

What should an art invoice look like?

An art invoice should look professional. Your business's brand and image is reflected from your invoices. Have your invoices include the client's business info, your company information, scope of work and cost of the services.

How do freelance artists make invoices?

Freelance artists can make invoices manually with Google docs, Microsoft excel or Canva but Bonsai's free invoice templates is the easiest option. Fill it with all the relevant details such as: client info, your company details, pricing and scope of work.