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For the success of an organization or business, there needs to be efficient project management and time-tracking processes in place. After all, time is one of the most important resources for any business in any field. It only makes sense to track it and know where it goes. That’s where timesheets come in. 

These are indispensable tools for accurate and effective time tracking. They also streamline the process of calculating payroll and employee costs, eliminating the need to calculate hours and pay manually. With this, businesses can optimize certain parts of their operations with ease. Find out more about these timesheets in this article.

Understanding Timesheet Templates

Timesheets are amazing tools for any business. But before we go into its types, functions, and others, let’s first dive into what they are and how businesses can benefit from them.

What is a Timesheet Template?

A Timesheet Template is a practical tool used in project management to track time spent on various tasks by employees. It comes in different versions including daily employee timesheet template, weekly timesheet template, and monthly timesheet template, among others. With these, companies can accurately calculate payroll and manage employee costs. 

Timesheet templates are also useful in team communication as they support comprehensive time analysis allowing managers to adjust project schedules, and resources and estimate future costs better. 

Why are Timesheet Templates Important for Agencies?

Timesheet templates play a vital role in agencies for a good number of reasons. Primarily, they simplify the process of time tracking. This allows companies to get a detailed and accurate time analysis for calculating hours and pay. It also helps keep projects within the budget.

Another benefit is that timesheets provide versatility while handling diverse teams. They not only harmonize team communication software by providing transparency about each member’s workload but also assist in calculating payroll efficiently.

Types of Blank Timesheet Templates

There are various kinds of blank timesheet templates. Each one serves a different purpose and is catered to various organizational needs. This includes the following:

Blank timesheet templates can be categorized into daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly timesheet templates. These templates are convenient for different purposes including tracking time, project management, and calculating payroll. The daily timesheet templates can be further divided into daily employee timesheet templates and daily supervisor timesheet template

For instance, the weekly timesheet template helps to monitor weekly work hours and calculate weekly pay manually. If you need to manage multiple projects at once, you might prefer the project timesheet template, which is often utilized in project management software and team communication software. Additionally, time card templates are perfect for monitoring employee costs and time tracking.

Weekly Timesheet Templates

Weekly timesheet templates are one of the most detailed blank timesheet templates. Usually, tasks are tracked by the day with these. However, they’re highly useful if you’re calculating pay on a weekly basis. They also allow you to see an overview of the week’s activities at a glance.

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Templates

Bi-weekly timesheet templates are much simpler and are not as detailed as weeklies. However, they do provide the same at-a-glance kind of information helpful for managers who don’t have the time to delve into every tiny detail of their employees’ workday. This format is also helpful for those calculating pay on a bi-weekly basis.

Monthly Timesheet Templates

Monthly timesheet templates, often packaged in project management software, are essential tools to track employee hours and calculate payroll. They also facilitate time analysis for better resource allocation, ensuring that the team's productivity isn't compromised.

Project Timesheet Templates

Project timesheet templates are often integrated into project management software and team communication software. They’re great templates to use if you have multiple projects on hand as they keep hours and tasks organized per project. This will allow you to have a clear overview of the progress per project as well as the hours your employees are spending on each one.

Top Free Printable Blank Timesheet Templates

Printable blank templates can assist with project management software, time analysis, and the manual calculation of payroll and employee costs. The best part is that you don’t have to create them from scratch to enjoy their benefits. There are plenty of free resources that provide great free printable blank timesheet templates. Here are some of the best ones. 

Vertex42's Free Timesheet Templates

Vertex42's free timesheet templates are ideal for project management, allowing for efficient time tracking and offering a wide variety of timesheet formats. The templates range from daily employee timesheet templates to weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly timesheet templates. With their precision, businesses can easily calculate payroll and even conduct simple but quick time analysis.

Smartsheet's Printable Timesheet Templates

Smartsheet offers a variety of time card templates designed to make manual time tracking easy. These include daily employee and supervisor templates, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly timesheet templates. These are ideal for effective project management and team communication thanks to their customization capabilities.

Apart from tracking, these templates also make it easy to analyze time spent on different tasks, calculate payroll, and monitor employee costs. Project timesheet templates also help ascertain task durations and aid project management software in scheduling and allocating resources.'s Blank Timesheet Templates provides an array of efficient time card templates for various periods such as daily employee timesheet templates, weekly timesheet templates, and monthly timesheet templates. These templates simplify the process of time tracking and make project management hassle-free. These timesheets are also useful in time analysis, which further helps in calculating payroll and optimizing productivity.

Excel Template's Free Timesheet Templates

ExcelTemplate offers a wide range of timesheet templates that aid in efficient and accurate time tracking. From daily employee timesheet templates to monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, biweekly, and project timesheet templates, they have all your needs covered. Aside from simplifying time analysis, these templates also help calculate payroll, determine employee costs, and manually calculate hours and pay.

FormPros' Online Timesheet Templates

FormPros offers a wide array of online timesheet templates, ranging from daily employee timesheet templates to semi-monthly timesheet templates. Their easy-to-use templates make time tracking and project management a breeze and also streamline team communication and the calculation of hours, payroll, and employee costs.

How to Choose the Right Timesheet Template for Your Agency

Choosing the right timesheet template for your agency can significantly impact time tracking, employee costs, and project management software efficiency. Remember, each business is different and you’ll have different needs and specifics for your timesheets. Consider the following details when choosing your timesheet template. 

Consider Your Agency's Needs

First, consider how your agency is operating and what you need to optimize certain processes like time-tracking and payroll. Do you need a detailed account of your employees’ week of work? Would it be more sustainable for you to track hours by project? Think about these aspects to help you determine what kind of timesheet you need. 

Look for Customizability

For a truly effective timesheet, it should have fully customizable features. This allows you to tailor it to the unique needs of your business. It will also allow you to adjust it to your processes and make it a tool that improves these processes rather than holding it back. 

Check for Ease of Use

Your chosen template should make handling tasks much more efficient with its ease of use. If it’s the opposite, your employees might be discouraged from using it and you won’t be able to use it to its full benefits.

Tips for Efficiently Using Timesheet Templates

To effectively use timesheet templates, incorporate time tracking within your project management software. Ensure to regularly update and review time card templates to reflect the correct work hours and prevent manual calculation of hours and pay. Also, promote team communication software to ensure templates like the monthly timesheet template or biweekly timesheet template are filled correctly. 

The Value of Using Timesheet Templates in Your Agency

Using timesheet templates in your agency offers substantial benefits in terms of time tracking and project management software. These templates can simplify the process of calculating hours and pay manually, and give a clear overview of employee costs. Moreover, using a project timesheet template aids in time analysis, helping agencies identify areas of inefficiency and improve team communication software. So choose your templates wisely and make the best of them.

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