Run your projects smoothly

Assign tasks to your team, prioritize your week and see exactly how your projects are progressing. 

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Deliver work on time with fully integrated project management

Kanban & list views

Get a clear view of how tasks are progressing with the board and list views.

Integrated timers

Start new timers from your task list or assign new tasks to multiple hours you’ve billed.


Invite collaborators to your projects to assign tasks and add comments for each other.

Stay focused on priorities

Assign deadlines, track specific tasks, set priorities, make specific tasks recurring and keep your team working efficiently.

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Manage your resources & team capacity

Let your team capture time spent on tasks assigned to them. Get instant timesheets showing you where work was spent.

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Track your budget & profitability

Working with multiple people on a project? Add a collaborator to manage tasks and track time.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I use Bonsai Task Management to track project progress?

Task Management allows you to segment your project into a set of reusable task templates that you can bill time against, track milestones against, or invite collaborators on whenever necessary. Our task management software can help you stay organized, bill quicker and ultimately, recognize more revenue!